Nikalit's Adoption Story

I am 22 years old and about seven months ago I was faced with what was and probably will ever be the hardest decision of my life. October 12, 2003, is the day that my life was forever changed. I was faced with an unplanned pregnancy. My boyfriend (Andy) and I had never planned on having children; all I could do was cry and Andy told me that everything would be alright. For four months we went through the motions of expectant parents, but we were not financially or emotionally prepared for a child.

When we decided on adoption we felt that we were finally making the right decision for our unborn child and ourselves. But we soon found out that our families, and different people around us felt quite differently. Instead of support and understanding we were faced with ignorance and disapproval. Too many times I was put in the position where I was defending my decision and myself when I should have been receiving support from the same people I was defending myself from. My mother, her family, and a few of Andy’s personal friends and mine were the only people who seemed to be supporting our decision. Regardless, Andy and I knew that adoption was the best choice we could make for our unborn son and ourselves.

Andy and I talk about our son on a regular basis and feel confident in knowing that he is in a home with two parents who love him and will take excellent care of him. We hope that someday he will be able to understand how much we loved him and wanted him to have everything that we couldn't give him. I believe that adoption is something very special, but is not a decision that everyone can make. I don't think that people understand how many people there are in a country and also others that want nothing more than to be parents. There is some sort of misconception about adoption, not the people adopting as much as the birth parents. I know that not everyone who is faced with an unplanned pregnancy can make the choice to give their child up for adoption, but someday I hope that it becomes more common and others can be more open minded.

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