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Blake & Meghan

Thank you for taking the time to view our profile, getting to know us and considering us. We have been looking to add to our family because we feel that we have much more love to give. We understand that this is a difficult decision for you and admire your strength. We promise to provide all of the love and support that any parent could wish for a child.

About Us

Exercise Physiologist
Registered Nurse
Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science
Bachelor's Degree in Nursing
Legally Married

Our Children

Raelynn's Holiday Concert

Raelynn is our 9 year old daughter. Raelynn has the sweetest most caring soul, she is always making sure she is not hurting anyones feelings and including everyone. She is far beyond her short years in maturity. We are not sure how we got so lucky to call her ours. Raelynn has such a happy spirit, she is very goofy, outgoing and talkative. Raelynn loves going to school, animals, painting/crafting, baking and spending time with family and friends. Raelynn is loved by so many.


She takes on the motherly / mentor role wherever she goes, leading the younger kids along and keeping everyone safe. She is a rule follower and so respectful and kind. Raelynn has been extremely excited about adding a child to our family and cannot wait to begin this new chapter. We have no doubts that Raelynn will not only transition seamlessly into the role of being a big sister but will flourish.

How We Met

Our Wedding Photo

We have a very long history. Growing up in a small community, we began school in the same pre-K class and graduated high school together in 2007. All through school we knew each other and socialized with the same groups of friends. It was not until a year after high school that we began dating, after attending a summer course at a local community college.

Our relationship began to develop over that summer, we spent the entire summer together going on dates, taking road trips, and going to the lake. Meghan knew right away that Blake was someone that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with and Blake loved the fact that he and Meghan grew up in the same small town and shared the same values and beliefs and knew that there was a future with Meghan. We have since been inseparable, we were married in 2013 and now have been together for a total of 15 years.

Our Family Traditions

Happy Thanksgiving!

We both grew up in very tight-knit families that spent large amounts of time together. We have lots of family traditions, spending each holiday throughout the year with both sides of our families. We love doing Easter egg hunts at Blake's grandmother's and Meghan's parent's houses. We also enjoy large Thanksgiving meals where all of our extended families gather together. Meghan's side of the family has over 30 people who come together for the Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations. We celebrate birthdays for each member of the family and cherish those little moments.

Meghan's favorite tradition is strawberry picking for Mother's Day. During the Christmas season all of the women and children from both sides of our family gather together and go to see Christmas lights at a local botanical garden, while the men in the family enjoy time in the outdoors during hunting season. Our favorite tradition each year is summer vacations - we typically take two trips to the beach, one with Blake's side of the family and one with Meghan's. We are so lucky and blessed to have so many family members and family traditions that we get to enjoy.


Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!
Our Friends!
Our Friends!
Beach Vacation
Beach Vacation
Raelynn and Our 5 Nephews
Raelynn and Our 5 Nephews
At a Family Gathering!
At a Family Gathering!
Visiting the Pumpkin Patch
Visiting the Pumpkin Patch
At Blake's Sister's Wedding
At Blake's Sister's Wedding
Matching in Blue!
Matching in Blue!
Sunflower Picking
Sunflower Picking
At a Wedding
At a Wedding
Annual Mother's Day Strawberry Picking
Annual Mother's Day Strawberry Picking
At Raelynn's Dance Recital
At Raelynn's Dance Recital
1 / 12
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!
2 / 12
Our Friends!
Our Friends!
3 / 12
Beach Vacation
Beach Vacation
4 / 12
Raelynn and Our 5 Nephews
Raelynn and Our 5 Nephews
5 / 12
At a Family Gathering!
At a Family Gathering!
6 / 12
Visiting the Pumpkin Patch
Visiting the Pumpkin Patch
7 / 12
At Blake's Sister's Wedding
At Blake's Sister's Wedding
8 / 12
Matching in Blue!
Matching in Blue!
9 / 12
Sunflower Picking
Sunflower Picking
10 / 12
At a Wedding
At a Wedding
11 / 12
Annual Mother's Day Strawberry Picking
Annual Mother's Day Strawberry Picking
12 / 12
At Raelynn's Dance Recital
At Raelynn's Dance Recital

Our Extended Families

Meghan's Family

Family is extremely important to both of us. Both of our parents are very present in their grandchildren's lives. We live very close to both of our families and maintain a very close relationship with both sides. We are fortunate enough to have time together frequently and enjoy the weekly (if not daily) visits from both sides.

Blake's Family

Blake's younger sister was recently married and Meghan's older sister is married with five children. Both sides of our families are also very close to each other, we often spend time together at events such as birthday parties, holidays, or other social events. We enjoy playing board games and outdoor activities with Meghan's family and concerts, baking and enjoying meals together with Blake's family. We also go on annual summer vacations with each of our families. Both sides of our family are extremely excited and supportive of our adoption plan. They cannot wait to spoil and love another family member. We are also very lucky that we have many friends that we consider family, who are also supporting us through this journey.

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

Our home is a fun and busy, yet a peaceful place to be. We live at the end of a long private road on 11 acres of land with plenty of yard and woods surrounding our three bedroom home. We have plenty of room for activities in our large living area. We enjoy spending family time together during our weekly movie or game nights, as well as riding bikes on our road. We have 2 four legged children that are great with children and love people.

We love our rural community. We live close by to the local park, library and YMCA gym/pool and our church. Blake and Meghan grew up together in this small town and love that our children will grow up in the same small town. Our daughter even attends the same elementary school that we went to as children, which is only a few miles from our home. We know so many people in our community and usually do not leave home without seeing someone we know. We are so lucky and blessed to be surrounded by a great community. Our location in Virginia is a great place to live because we are within about a 2 hour drive to the beach and mountains.

From Us to You

Thank you for taking the time to getting to know us better by reading our profile. Also, thank you for considering adoption. We understand that this can be a difficult decision and we have nothing but admiration and respect for you. You are courageous and selfless. We hope that learning more about our family will give you peace of mind as you continue to navigate through this difficult process.

As parents we promise to provide any child a loving, compassionate, accepting and nurturing home as well as a big sister. We know that having an older sibling gives the child someone to play with, look up to and learn from. We feel that raising a child is the greatest responsibility and gift that one could have and cherish the opportunity to do what we feel God has called us to do in raising another child. We value respect, diligence, love, communication and Christian values and intend to pass along these values our children. We will do our very best to give a child every opportunity we can and show them unconditional love.

We are very eager and excited to add another child to our family, we have been married for 10 years and have a 9 year old daughter. We chose adoption because we feel we have more love to give to a child and as if someone is missing from our family. After the birth of our daughter we were unable to have another child on our own. We know we will love any child as if it was our own and that our missing piece is out there waiting to find us.

We are very blessed with loving and supportive families. Our families are very close on both sides. We spend large amounts of time with them and they are very involved in our daughter's life. Our families are very supportive of our decision to adopt and are ecstatic to have another child to love, nurture and spoil.

We want you to know that you will always be significant to us, we welcome contact with you throughout the child's life in whatever capacity you desire. We are happy to send emails, pictures, and letters to keep you updated on the child's life and development. We are also open to making arrangements to meet with you in person when and if the time is right for both of us. We would like to maintain a healthy lifelong relationship with you and give you comfort by honoring you in our home, speaking highly of you, and sharing how brave you are and the weight of your decision. This child will always know their adoption story, how much you love them, and you will always be viewed in a positive light in our home.

Thank you again for allowing us the chance to share our family, life and hearts with you. We hope you've seen how much love we have to offer. We look forward to what the future holds for our families.

Blake & Meghan


Goldie Hawn
Romance novels
Candy Bar
Childhood Memory
Hunting with family
Holidays with grandparents
Children's Book
Brown bear brown bear
Classic Movie
The Princess Bride
Dirty Dancing
Day of Week
Chocolate Eclairs
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Beauty and the Beast
Dream Car
Classic Ford Bronco
Large SUV
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Being a mom
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Midwest hunting trip
Tropical island
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Anything outdoors
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Spending time with family
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Holiday mornings
Christmas morning
Memory with Spouse
Wedding day
Our wedding day
The Princess Bride
Movie Munchie
Yogurt & granola
Movie Quote
"I'm in a glass case of emotion"
Movie Type
Musical Group
Montgomery Gentry
Nursery Rhyme
Twinkle Twinkle little star
Olympic Event
Winter events
Quality about my Spouse
Care for others
His patience
Live, Laugh, Love
Local restaurants
Olive Garden
Steak and cheese
Turkey and cheese
The Lord's Prayer
The lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. Psalm 34:18
Shopping Store
Bass Pro Shops
Austin - Blake Shelton
Strawberry Wine - Deana Carter
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Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Julius Peppers
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Carolina Panthers
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Dinner for my family
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Mother's Day strawberry picking
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