Naimah's Adoption Story

On the evening of March 22, 2015, I went into labor. At 12:59 a.m., I gave birth to Elijah. It was beyond scary not knowing I was pregnant and seeing his sweet face that looked just like mine. But on those first two nights I prayed for guidance, and I knew he was not mine to parent.

I found the American Adoptions website and got in touch with Emily, and everything moved quickly. I literally saw Tom and Jenn’s profile at the last minute, and I knew in my heart it was them I was looking for. I had decided on Friday, and I needed them to arrive by Saturday because Eli was a fighter and, although he was in the NICU, he would be getting out in days. Once they said yes, I was ecstatic. I could not wait to meet them.

Waiting in the lobby to meet them and for Elijah to meet them was frightening, but the moment I saw their eyes those feelings went away. I was so happy and thankful his parents were there. They were amazing to me then and have continued to be ever since.

With this scholarship, I hope to be able to fully pursue my passions in life through my education in esthetics. I’m excited to learn every part about the field and to service my community by being able to educate other about the benefits or skin care.

I also want and need to further my education to make sweet Eli proud. I want him to look at the position I was in, be able to say thank you and be proud that I was able to make something better of my life all because of my love for him.

All I’m wanting is to do the best I can so that I will never to have to make such a difficult decision based off of what I am unable to provide at that time in my life. I’m applying for the scholarship because I’m currently paying out of pocket what is not covered by student loans and working part time at a salon. I would love to be able to get a little ahead on payments and attend a class trip that I may not be able to attend otherwise. I will try to make every day and every penny count.

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