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Scott & Melissa

We believe every child is destined to be their own individual person and as parents our role is to help them grow into the best versions of themselves. We are so ready to become parents and we trust the right birth mother and child will find us. We're grateful you are taking the time to read our profile and considering us as adoptive parents.

About Us

Relationship Executive
Executive Assistant
Bachelor's Degree in Economics and Accounting
Bachelor's Degree in International Relations
Legally Married

Our Individual Strengths

Surreal Sunset in Indonesia

Scott is adventurous, kind and curious. Friends and family know him best for his wide range of hobbies, his love of music, and his easy-going attitude. Scott is a genuinely kind person with a unique ability to talk to anyone and make them feel welcome and heard. He's also very curious and will take the time to look something up or educate himself if he doesn't know the answer or have an opinion of something right away. Scott has a deep love for animals and will be the first to say hello and play with a dog or cat walking down the street. Scott's caring and positive nature combined with his love for adventure will make him the best Dad.

Melissa shares a similar sense of adventure as Scott. She loves to snowboard and will sometimes join Scott for a surf if the conditions are right. She is thoughtful, organized, and proactive. She is the planner in the family and loves to cook and host. She'll put in the work to plan epic family vacations filled with unique activities and plenty of good food. She has a warm, nurturing demeanor, and acts calm under pressure. She loves being an auntie and cannot wait for the opportunity to be a mother.

Our Leisure Time

Melissa Baking Holiday Cookies

We love to travel both domestically and internationally. We love exploring other cultures and understanding how different parts of the world live. Melissa enjoys hiking, camping, dancing and cooking. She's a great chef who loves finding new recipes, sourcing fresh ingredients and sharing meals with friends. Scott is the sous chef in the kitchen and looks most forward to the meals that feature his catch of the day. Melissa recently joined a book club and loves hosting get togethers with girlfriends.

Scott Getting His Blue Belt

Scott recently started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu but spends most of his free time on or in the water. He loves to swim, surf and spearfish. Scott started volunteering with a few organizations this year that focus on land conservation, animal welfare and serving homeless and veteran populations.

We recently joined a boat club and spend time on the weekends exploring local islands, surfing and fishing. We can't wait to share our sense of adventure with a child. We both feel that it will be like experiencing things for the first time again. While we would love if they enjoyed our hobbies, we want to give the child plenty of opportunities to find what they truly love and the support to pursue those hobbies.

What It Means to Become Parents

For us, parenthood means the chance to care for something greater than ourselves. It is the opportunity to shift our perspective and see the world through a new lens. It's one of the biggest challenges someone can take on and it's forever. Becoming parents feels like a new frontier that we cannot wait to explore. We are looking forward to helping guide this little person through life and sharing experiences together as a family. We have seen our family members and friends become parents so we know it's not an easy job but we're ready to put in the work. The long road for us to get here has given us a lot of time to really think about and commit to the lifestyle change of becoming parents. We're ready for the long nights, diaper changes, sleep schedules and the challenges each stage of life will bring. We know it will be hard but we trust it will all be worth it.


Winter Holidays in Idaho
Winter Holidays in Idaho
Summer Storm in Nova Scotia
Summer Storm in Nova Scotia
Traveling in Europe
Traveling in Europe
Beach Time
Beach Time
Surfing at a Our Local Beach
Surfing at a Our Local Beach
A Wedding in Switzerland
A Wedding in Switzerland
Concert in the Desert
Concert in the Desert
At a Friend's Wedding in Mexico
At a Friend's Wedding in Mexico
Family Portrait
Family Portrait
Sightseeing in Paris
Sightseeing in Paris
Walking Our Dog, Sky Bird (aka Birdie)
Walking Our Dog, Sky Bird (aka Birdie)
Sunset in the High Desert
Sunset in the High Desert
1 / 12
Winter Holidays in Idaho
Winter Holidays in Idaho
2 / 12
Summer Storm in Nova Scotia
Summer Storm in Nova Scotia
3 / 12
Traveling in Europe
Traveling in Europe
4 / 12
Beach Time
Beach Time
5 / 12
Surfing at a Our Local Beach
Surfing at a Our Local Beach
6 / 12
A Wedding in Switzerland
A Wedding in Switzerland
7 / 12
Concert in the Desert
Concert in the Desert
8 / 12
At a Friend's Wedding in Mexico
At a Friend's Wedding in Mexico
9 / 12
Family Portrait
Family Portrait
10 / 12
Sightseeing in Paris
Sightseeing in Paris
11 / 12
Walking Our Dog, Sky Bird (aka Birdie)
Walking Our Dog, Sky Bird (aka Birdie)
12 / 12
Sunset in the High Desert
Sunset in the High Desert

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We live in a beachside community in Southern California. We purchased our home in 2020 and have enjoyed remodel projects to make the space our own and prepare for a family. Our bedroom is located on the main living floor along with the room we plan to make the nursery/child's room. We have two more guest rooms downstairs which are great for when family and friends come to visit.

We take our dog for daily walks around the neighborhood and will often stop to talk to neighbors and friends that live nearby.

Our house is located within walking distance to the elementary, middle, and high schools so you will see a lot of children walking and biking around with friends.

There is a great downtown and park area that we love to bike to and meet up with friends. There are also a few hiking and mountain biking trails that you can access directly from our house which makes staying active and getting outside easy.

Our Extended Families

With Scott's Family

We both grew up in California – Scott in Southern California and Melissa in Northern California. Scott is the oldest in his family and is very close with his younger brother who lives a few hours away and is expecting his first child this Spring. We are close in age with his brother and wife and the four of us love spending time together. It's our dream to raise our kids together. Scott was born in Canada but moved to California when he was six years old. His parents recently moved back to Canada which has created a great opportunity for us all to spend more time with his aunts, uncles and all the cousins. We look forward to our visits to Canada every summer, and Scott's parents look forward to escaping the cold by visiting us in California in the winter.

With Melissa's Family

Melissa is the youngest in her family. Her older brother and sister have children of their own who we love spending time with. Melissa's family has a home in Idaho where the family gathers for the holidays. We're a very active and outdoorsy group so time together is filled with lots of hiking, biking, skiing/snowboarding, and dance parties after dinner. We feel fortunate for the support and open-mindedness our families have shown us over the years of our fertility struggles. Their confidence in us as parents has given us a lot of strength to pursue adoption and we're grateful for the love they have already shown for this child.

From Us to You

Thank you for taking the time to consider us as adoptive parents. We know this is an incredibly difficult decision and likely a very stressful time, and we hope that reading our profile eases some worry that things will be okay. This is our first adoption and we're approaching it with open hearts and minds. We're here for you, and we want you to know that if you choose us to be the adoptive parents for your baby, we will do everything we can to raise a happy, healthy child who will feel loved and supported.

We have been married for six years and have been trying to have a baby for the last four. We were so excited when we decided to try to conceive, but that excitement slowly turned into worry when we were unable to do so naturally. We have gone through multiple rounds of fertility treatments and never became pregnant. Our doctor told us at this point we shouldn't expect a different result. Last year we gave ourselves a much needed break from fertility treatments and we took the time to think hard about what we wanted our life to look like. We put every option on the table and independently came to the realization that adoption is the right path for us. We recognized we have the capacity to love an adopted child like our own and that is something special. Adoption has reignited our excitement to start a family and we trust the right birth mother and child will eventually find us.

We have very generous maternity and paternity leave benefits through our employers that will give us months to bond with the baby. Melissa's work offers a unique child care program onsite which will make the eventual return to work an easy transition for the family. We will give this child every opportunity we can in life. We will expose them to new experiences, introduce them to sports and play them every type of music. Our time as a family will be filled with trips to the beach and exploring the parks and mountains around our home. We will allow them to travel and see the world so they can learn about cultures other than their own. We will allow them to experience as much as possible but we won't force them to do anything they're not interested in.

Our goal for this child is to be confident in who they are and kind to those around them. We plan to share their adoption story with them early so they grow up feeling like it is something they have always known.

We are first time parents and we're welcoming this next chapter with open arms. We are happy to follow your lead on whatever type of communication you feel you need. We want what's best for you and the child and we would look forward to sharing updates at whatever cadence you need. We would love to have open communication with you so we can come up with a plan together and be flexible for changes if things come up along the way.

We are honored you've taken the time to read our application. We hope to have the chance to meet you one day and take this next step together as parents.


Scott & Melissa


Jeff Bridges
Paul Mescal
Michael Lewis
Infinite Jest
Candy Bar
Dark Chocolate
Sour Straws
Childhood Memory
Junior Lifeguards
Children's Book
Falling Up - Shel Silverstein
Rainbow Fish
San Francisco
Classic Movie
Rear Window
Day of Week
Chocolate Mousse
Disney Movie
A Bug's Life
Lion King
Dream Car
1988 Land Cruiser
Dream Job
DJ/Music Producer
Movie location scout
Dream Vacation
Family Activity
Flower / Plant
Form of Exercise
Holiday Song
Kacey Musgraves Christmas
Ice Cream
Cookies n cream
Vanity Fair
Memory with Spouse
Honeymoon in Indonesia
Movie Quote
Alright, alright, alright
Musical Group
Daft Punk
Rolling Stones
Cheesecake Factory
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
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