Alexandra's Adoption Story

A few times in our lives, everyone experiences moments in which they feel such strong emotions that the moment is forever engrained in their memories. My journey with adoption contained many of those moments.

Finding out I was pregnant, a feeling of worry washed over me. How would I provide for a child when my husband doesn’t make much money and I’m just a college student? The worry lasted for months, but then I had a moment in which none of that worry seemed to matter anymore: the moment I read our adoptive parents' profile.

My husband and I had scoured about 100 profiles and nothing felt “right,” but when I came upon Keith and Shannon’s, all I could do was cry. In that moment, I felt relief, and I knew that everything would be okay. I knew I would be a good mom for doing the right thing and pursuing adoption, but in that moment, I knew I would be a great mom for placing our daughter with such amazing people. Since giving birth to our daughter, those feelings have only grown stronger.

She has birth parents who provide her with all the love in their hearts, but even more, in Keith and Shannon she has a mom and dad who double that love and provide her the support that every child deserves — the kind of support that I can only hope to provide to my future children.

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