Whether you are an American citizen living overseas, or are resident of Sweden, American Adoptions and our fully qualified staff would be happy to assist you in your adoption journey.

Our agency has worked with couples from Sweden and across the globe. We have provided adoption services to American citizens living overseas, military families stationed outside of the United States and other international couples who have begun their overseas adoption journey with American Adoptions.

If you are currently living in Sweden and wish to adopt a child from the United States, there are specific requirements that must be met to complete your adoption, including a valid home study, proper legal representation and citizenship requirements. For more information on internationally adopting a child from the United States, please visit our International Couples page.

If you are an American family currently living overseas due to a military assignment, please visit our Military Families page for more information on how we can assist you in your adoption journey.

For more information on what requirements must be met in Sweden for intercountry adoptions, please contact your local adoption authority:

The Swedish National Board of Intercountry Adoptions (MIA)
Box 308
101 26 Stockholm
Tel: +46 (8) 54555680
Fax: +46 (8) 650 4110
Web: www.mia.eu
E-mail: info@mia.adopt.se


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