Christina's Adoption Story

I was in a relationship and the father started to change after we became engaged and we eventually grew apart.  Just when I started to move on with my liffe, I found out that I was pregnant.  So, I called my ex and told him.  He didn't believe me and was saying that is wasn't his baby, although it was.  In the early stages of my pregnancy I found out I was going to have twins and knew that I wasn't ready for that.  Then something happened to one fo the twins and the doctor said that I was only going to have one.  I thought about keeping the baby and moving back home, but I wanted a father figure for my child and knew that wouldn't happen so I finally made the decision to adopt him out.  I contacted American Adoptions and they were very helpful in helping me find a family for my baby. 

Throughout the pregnancy Floyd and Carol, the adoptive family I chose, were there to support me.  My mom was also there to support me.  I made the decision to do this because I felt in my heart that this was the right thing to do and knew I could make someone else have a wonderful gift from God, the same way that I was to my mom, a precious gift.

The day came that I had to have the C-Section...  My mom was in the operating room with me and stayed with me after I left the hospital.  The adoptive parents were waiting and I knew they were so excited.  I was excited myself, to be able to give them this gift of love.  The baby was in the hospital for three weeks and the day came when they could finally take him home.  I was very happy for them although I know I will miss him with all my heart and hope one day he will understand why I did this.  This has been the hardest decision of my life, but I know I made the right one.

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