Silvija's Adoption Story

I chose adoption because I couldn't take care of another child financially, physically, or emotionally. I have two other children, a 7 year old son and a 2 year old daughter. A child is a lot of work especially if you are a single mother in a situation like I am. I am from Germany and was trying to get a social security number here for four years. It didn't work and I can't get child support or any kind of help because I am not a Citizen. I chose adoption most of all because I want this child to have everything. I don't want her to suffer for food, clothing, my attention or anything. I want my baby to have everything and more. I love my child and I always will. I even named her and her adoptive parents kept the name. That was the happiest day for me when I found out they loved that name also. Will and Karen are wonderful people. They are funny, outgoing, loving and caring. I am glad I met them because I know that my girl is in the best hands she could be. I know that she is gone and some days I am sad, mad and cry a lot. Then on others, I am feeling fine. It is confusing at times. The first day was really hard for me, but I am doing well now. I take it one day at a time. I still get pictures and I talk to Will and Karen when I can. I'll always think about my baby and I'll always love her. Sincerely, Silvija

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