Kelly's Adoption Story

It all started one year ago when I found out I was pregnant. I am a mother of two as we speak, and I love my children with all my heart, but bringing in a third child was not fair for this baby. I went through all the emotions on whether this is what needed to be done, so I contacted American Adoptions and Laurie Walker was the first voice I heard to comfort me in my decisions.

She called me when I needed her, was there when I cried and was also my backbone. I owe everything to her; she is a angel. Laurie sent me so many families to review, and I cried as I read the stories; there were so many families in need. And at that point I knew my decision was the right one.

As I am sitting at my kitchen table, one family stuck out: Shannon and Michael. This family is the family any birth mother would want for their child. I will stress it for the rest of my life— they are God-sent. They made me feel so comfortable sitting in the hospital room after Ryan Micheal was born!

We talked about everything: sports, school, their family, my family. In two days, we talked about everything and anything. The look on their faces when they saw the baby for the first time was incredible. Shannon and Micheal had this glow about them. You can't explain it. I know deep down inside that Ryan would have the family any little boy would dream of.

So, this brings me to the day I had to leave. It was so hard to leave my little man; it really was. Shannon grabbed me and held me; we cried together. As I walked out the door, I glanced at Micheal and saw happiness for his new family and sadness for me at the same time. As he held that baby close to his heart, I felt so proud of myself for giving a baby and a couple a family.

Pictures and letters from them have been sent, and everytime I see them, I cry out of happiness for their new family. Ryan was born the day before my birthday, so April 21 will stick in my mind forever, but I will smile knowing that Shannon and Micheal are a family now.

Thank you,



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