Maria's Adoption Story

I found out I was pregnant with my 2nd child two weeks after my son turned 1 year old. I was a single mom and terrified of the situation. I was living from house to house, with friends and family. I had a very hard first few months of my pregnancy; I was even hospitalized a few times. I couldn’t even support the child I had, how could I support a newborn? I was faced with a few options, and adoption was one of them. I wanted to give my baby a great life, one he deserved. When I was about 7 or 8 months along, I decided to contact American Adoptions. I was paired with Kelli Cox, my Adoption Specialist. She supported me and guided me the whole way through. We then set up phone calls to the adoptive family, Tim and Lynne. I fell in love with them from the beginning. I knew they would be wonderful parents for my baby. I was due to give birth on July 14, 2006, but I actually went into labor a week early. I had Thomas on the 8th of July. That night I met Tim and Lynne for the first time. I was sad, but I knew I made a good decision. It has been almost a year since, and I couldn’t be happier for Thomas. He has wonderful parents and family who love him very much. They are family to me, I love them all very much.

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