Amanda's Birth and Adoption Story

In January of 2007, I found out I was pregnant. I was very upset and wondering how this could happen, I was on the pill and had a 5 month old and 2 yr old already at home already. I knew I could not properly care for another child, because I was basically on my own with the two I already had, they all shared the same father, but we were on an off period. I hid my pregnancy from everyone and really didn’t seek any prenatal care because I didn’t want to believe that I was really pregnant. I couldn’t abort the baby so I started thinking about adoption. I first contacted another agency but they were really slow with contacting me, and since I hadn’t seen a doctor I couldn’t fully fill out all the information so I put it off for awhile.


When I got even closer to when I was due, I started looking again at agencies. By that time the father knew I was pregnant and agreed with me about adoption. I sent in an informational form to American Adoptions and heard back the next day. The day after that I talked to Sarah Anderson and from there everything went great. I finally set up a doctor’s appointment, I started looking more into families to see who was available and who wasn’t out of the one’s I like most. I went into labor unexpectedly only a few weeks after first talking with Sarah so we didn’t have a family picked out or anything. I had my baby girl on Labor Day and she went into the office that day to start looking for a family to get there ASAP. With it being a holiday it was really hard getting a lot done. We had a few failed hopes on families, but Sarah told me to look online at a few different couples the next day, and so I looked and really started getting really good feelings about one particular couple.  So Sarah contacted them and they were ecstatic! They of course left work early and got on the road and to my state as fast as they could. Sarah had a local adoption worker from my state meet me at the hospital to go over the process and made sure I had no questions, and if I wanted to meet the family for lunch with her the next day. Of course I agreed, so when we met the next day I knew that this was all meant to be. They were the sweetest and cutest couple. They were very interested in me, my family, and of course their new daughter. The more we talked during lunch the more I fell in love with them. I am so glad that the other families fell through so that we were connected. After lunch I took them up to meet Lauren, the name they chose for the baby. Seeing them with her that day is indescribable, they had waited so long for a child of their own and now it was here. They also were too cute making sure that they were holding her right, wanting to know how much to feed her, how to swaddle her, and making a list of everything that they would need for her since it was a last minute call and really didn’t have anything ready for a baby.  They were so attached that they didn’t even want to leave her alone at the hospital that night so opted to stay with her instead of at their hotel. That really showed me that they would really care for and raise her right. 


Saying goodbye to Lauren was the hardest thing that I have ever had to do in my life, but it really did make me feel so much better that she was going to have a great life with wonderful parents who will be able to give her so much more than I ever could. The family and I still keep in touch a lot, they have a website that they update every so often with new pictures and updates about Lauren, and we also email each other as well as they have sent me some pictures. I can’t say enough how happy I am about how things worked out in the end. I loved Lauren enough to want so much more for her than I would be able to give her, which is why I chose to place her for adoption. Thank you Sarah and American Adoptions for making this process as easy as possible when going down this route.

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