Bryahnna's Adoption Story

My adoption process was very different then most. I found out that I was pregnant at about 34 weeks. At first my boyfriend and I thought we were going to keep our baby. However we soon realized that we could not support our little girl, or give her the time we wanted for her. So then both of our parents brought up the option of adoption. Adoption had always been talked about in my family because my brother was adopted, and so were my aunts. My boyfriend and I went one the American Adoptions website, and picked out families that we thought we might like for our daughter. We both felt very strongly about one family, which were Chris and Nicole. We then called the agency and were assigned to Laurie Walker who was wonderful through the entire process- She then called Chris and Nicole, and told us how excited they were. We talked on the phone with them, and they were so awesome, we knew they were the ones. We both lived in Florida so we were assigned to Jaima Barnes to finish up the adoption process. She made plans for us to meet on a Wednesday but our little girl did not want to wait. That weekend she was born. Chris and Nicole ended up making it there the day she was born. As soon as we met them, we felt as if we had known them forever. The next two days they were by our sides the entire time. Then Jaima came down the day Faith and I were being discharged, and we signed the papers- It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I miss my little girl everyday, but Chris and Nicole always stay in touch with us. We talk about every week, and they always send pictures. Our adoption process went very well, and I love the two people who are raising my little girl.

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