Help with Medical and Legal Expenses

Financial Assistance During Adoption

Finances are often a major factor when a woman is deciding what to do about an unplanned pregnancy. Some women wonder, how will I pay for medical or legal expenses if I choose adoption?

The Answer: Many adoption professionals, like American Adoptions, can offer financial assistance to cover the costs of your medical and legal expenses, as well as assist with living expenses and provide free counseling.

Medical Expenses

Every state has unique laws, but in most states adoptive parents are able to provide financial assistance to you for your medical needs beginning with prenatal doctor visits, through the delivery of the baby and up to six weeks of medical recovery after the baby is born. American Adoptions and/or the adoptive family you select will likely help you seek assistance with medical expenses in one of several ways:

  • If you are currently covered under medical insurance, we’ll help you continue your current medical insurance plan, and the adoptive family may be able to help with your deductible or copay fees.

  • If you are not currently enrolled in medical insurance, our staff will help you to enroll in Medicaid or a comparable state-level program.

  • If you are ineligible for Medicaid or there is too little time in which to enroll you, the adoptive family will help provide financial assistance to pay for your out-of-pocket medical fees. In some instances, our staff may be able to negotiate your bills lower, and in a few rare instances, the adoptive family’s insurance policies might even cover your hospital delivery.

Both courts and adoptive families understand that you may not be able to afford medical bills for pregnancy and delivery, and each of our American Adoptions families sets aside money to help assist with your medical expenses, as we all want you – and the baby – to have a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

Legal Expenses

American Adoptions can provide education and support about the legal process of adoption. Someone will be present to make sure that you understand any adoption paperwork or testimony you complete and their legal implications and will also be present to ensure that you make your adoption decision without any undue influence from anyone else. American Adoptions and the adoptive family you select will also cover all of your legal expenses and set aside the budget to do so.


Even if you are still deciding between parenting and adoption, an Adoption Specialist can talk to you more about the financial assistance that adoption offers, and the financial assistance available to you if you do indeed choose to parent.

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