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"Sometimes, everyone needs someone to talk to – especially women facing an unplanned pregnancy who are unsure of what to do next."

American Adoptions' 24-hour adoption hotline, 1-800-ADOPTION, is available to women who are:

  • considering adoption and need help with their decision
  • unfamiliar with adoption and are looking for honest, unbiased information
  • currently pursuing adoption and just need someone to talk to throughout this process

In no way does calling 1-800-ADOPTION obligate you to pursue adoption – we are here to support you in your time of need and to explain the options available to you.

If you do choose to pursue adoption, you will work with your own Adoption Specialist who will provide you with the following 24-hour adoption support:

Pre-Birth Adoption Support

Post-Birth Adoption Support

  • Facilitate picture and letter updates of your child

  • Access to Michelle Downard, a birth mother herself, available to provide post-adoption support at any time

  • Connect you with an adoption counselor or adoption support group in your area

  • Provide guidance on receiving a birth mother scholarship to further your education

Receive Your Own Personalized Online Account

Another way American Adoptions may offer you adoption support and counseling is through your own online account. You will be given your own confidential login name and password, which allows you to confidentially access your account at any time to:

  • complete information about the exact type of adoptive family you are looking for

  • complete information about yourself, your pregnancy and your background

  • watch videos and read articles about adoption questions and concerns you likely have

  • read our comprehensive manual for women considering adoption

  • and much more

Staying Connected with Your Adoption Specialist

To ensure you receive timely support throughout your adoption, in many cases our agency can help provide you a cell phone, phone and text services, and/or Internet access, if necessary. *

You may reach an Adoption Specialist at any time through: 

  • Phone Calls – You can call us 24/7 to reach an Adoption Specialist, whether it is for something as simple as asking a question or as big as going into labor – we are always available. 

  • Text Messages – If you prefer texting, your Adoption Specialist can reach you this way during your pregnancy.

  • Emails – Your Adoption Specialist is easy to reach by email to provide you continued adoption support.

  • Instant Messaging (IM), Online and Video Chats – If you prefer to stay connected through online adoption communication, we can reach you via services like G-Chat, MSN Messenger, Skype, Google Plus Hangout, etc.

  • Translators – We can even arrange for a translator to assist communicating during adoption. (Podemos arreglar que un traductor esta disponible para ayudarle con la comunicación a traves del proceso de la adopción.)

You may receive adoption support through multiple types of communication throughout the adoption process, based on your personal preferences. And if and when you select an adoptive family, your Adoption Specialist will also help you establish contact with that family by phone, email or even in person.


As you can see, American Adoptions strives to offer you adoption support in a variety of ways throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

Call American Adoptions at 1-800-ADOPTION or click the following to begin receiving support for your adoption.

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