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Brian & Christine

Thank you for visiting our page. We have tremendous love and respect for the gift of family and we are humbled by the call to adopt. Should you choose us as a family you can be assured that we will provide your child with a life-long warm, nurturing, committed and loving home.

About Us

Senior Strategy Officer
Administrative Assistant
Master's Degree in International Relations
Bachelor's Degree in Education and Human Development
Legally Married

Our Leisure Time

At the Top of Mt. Rainier

We love to travel together and highly enjoy photography. We have taken pictures of stunning waterfalls, snowcapped mountains, pristine evergreen forests, sandy beaches and tropical islands. We enjoy searching for places to visit that have beautiful landscapes, historical value, and places of cultural interest. We are also drawn to places of religious significance such as cathedrals, shrines, and monasteries.

We enjoy taking long walks together daily through the hills and forests of our neighborhood and in nature trails that are close to our home.

Christine loves kayaking, playing tennis, and paddle boarding. She also enjoys gardening, ball room dancing, baking, cooking and continuing to develop her love for the art of hospitality. While not outside, she is often found organizing a game night for friends or hosting a meal for a family event. Christine also likes arts and crafts such as card making, quilling and putting together scrap books.

Brian likes rowing, windsurfing, rollerblading and using his TRX for strength training. During his off time, he also enjoys meditation and drawing. Brian enjoys photography and one of his life -long passions is to become a professional filmmaker. He also plays classical guitar, drums, and has been known to know a thing or two about merengue/salsa dancing.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other

Out on the Town

Christine About Brian: Brian is my best friend, my rock, and the leader of our family. I admire him tremendously. Brian is an attentive, kind, and generous person. What impressed me the most when I first met him was that he had something kind to say about everyone he introduced me to and treated them with tremendous respect and dignity. He has magnanimously cared for his family, my own family, and I know that will extend to the family we build together. I appreciate that he is prayerful, reflective, thoughtful, and also a ton of fun to be with! His devotion to family is unshakable, and I am a clear recipient of his selfless love every day!

Brian About Christine: I feel blessed to have married an intelligent, courageous, self-giving and virtuous woman. With every difficulty and challenge that we have encountered, Christine has always demonstrated fortitude, guided by her strong family and educational formation. Christine's devotion and energy to her family, friends and work colleagues demonstrate the unique sense of love, kindness and an awareness of others that makes her an exceptional spouse. I know she will be a loving, devoted and caring mother to any child that we bring into our family.

Why We Chose Adoption

We have a deep appreciation for the gift of family and would love to have the opportunity to build one together. To date, having our own children has not been possible. Over the past seven years, we have been to various medical experts throughout the country and undergone medical treatment as well as various surgical procedures, to no avail. This has been an emotionally painful experience for both of us as we did not anticipate that forming our own family would be so difficult.

While this has been a very challenging situation, we have not given up on the hope of having a family. We see adoption as a viable and realistic way to grow our family. We understand first-hand the tremendous joy a child brings to a family, based on the close relationships we have enjoyed with our many nieces and nephews. Over many years, we helped them to read, play sports, perform acts of charity and develop their faith. Based on these and other experiences, we would be thrilled to provide a loving and nurturing home to a child.

We have a strong faith and have a large network of family and friends supporting us. We are very excited about the amazing opportunity of being able share all we have and love with a child.


All Dressed Up for a Wedding
All Dressed Up for a Wedding
Bike Ride in D.C.
Bike Ride in D.C.
On the Potomac
On the Potomac
Enjoying the Sun in Napa Valley
Enjoying the Sun in Napa Valley
Christine at a Botanical Garden
Christine at a Botanical Garden
Vacation to the Dominican Republic
Vacation to the Dominican Republic
Game Night With Friends
Game Night With Friends
At Mount Rushmore
At Mount Rushmore
Christine & Her Mom in California
Christine & Her Mom in California
Brian Windsurfing
Brian Windsurfing
Brian Makes a New Friend
Brian Makes a New Friend
The Happiest of Days!
The Happiest of Days!
1 / 12
All Dressed Up for a Wedding
All Dressed Up for a Wedding
2 / 12
Bike Ride in D.C.
Bike Ride in D.C.
3 / 12
On the Potomac
On the Potomac
4 / 12
Enjoying the Sun in Napa Valley
Enjoying the Sun in Napa Valley
5 / 12
Christine at a Botanical Garden
Christine at a Botanical Garden
6 / 12
Vacation to the Dominican Republic
Vacation to the Dominican Republic
7 / 12
Game Night With Friends
Game Night With Friends
8 / 12
At Mount Rushmore
At Mount Rushmore
9 / 12
Christine & Her Mom in California
Christine & Her Mom in California
10 / 12
Brian Windsurfing
Brian Windsurfing
11 / 12
Brian Makes a New Friend
Brian Makes a New Friend
12 / 12
The Happiest of Days!
The Happiest of Days!

Our House and Neighborhood

We Love Our Home & Neighborhood!

We live near a major city on the East Coast and have easy access to a wide variety of activities, while also enjoying the nature and quiet that our area affords. We often go to art galleries, national monuments, and diverse restaurants.

Our neighborhood has a very large number of children and many recreational options nearby including playgrounds, nature centers, basketball and tennis courts, and biking/hiking trails. We live in one of the best school districts in the entire country and there are great options for private schools as well. One of the distinguishing characteristics of our neighborhood is the diverse range of trees and wildlife and the natural setting this affords to raise a family. On any given day there are many children playing sports, riding bikes/scooters, neighbors walking their dogs and taking advantage of the light, spacious skies, and beauty the neighborhood has to offer.

Our home is a three-bedroom classic colonial that is almost 90 years old. We looked very carefully for a home for several years that would be a beautiful place to welcome and raise children. Our favorite room is a large family room with large windows, a fireplace and wood beam cathedral ceilings where we celebrate holidays, family and friends' birthday celebrations, and game nights. We also have a large deck that is covered by ample shade from 90- foot high Oak trees and a lush back yard with space that will allow for children to play.

Our Extended Families

Christine's Family

Christine's family members reside in a variety of cities throughout the United States. We communicate frequently with Christine's family and travel several times a year to spend time with them, and on occasion vacation together. Christine's parents travel to stay at our home several times each year. We also participate in events for nieces and nephews including sporting events, family reunions and special ceremonies such as graduations. Christine's family enjoys gathering around the dinner table with good food and engaging conversation. Her family loves traditional dinners around Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. As they are a large family, they are thrilled to welcome a new child into the family.

Brian's Family

Brian's family lives close to our home. We see each other for birthdays, holidays, and generally at least once a month for family dinners. One of our family traditions is a large Christmas Eve celebration where Brian dresses up like Santa Claus to distribute gifts to his youngest nephews. At events with his Colombian family, there are often a lot of people including families and friends. Dinners are frequently capped with merengue/salsa dancing. They are very excited to hear about our family's plans for expanding through adoption.

We also have many close friends, all of whom are very excited and encouraged to hear about our family plans to expand through adoption.

From Us to You

Thank you for your considering us in your decision as you search for a prospective adoptive family.

We have known each other for over nine years and have been married for nearly seven years. The strength of our family lies in our faith in God, and in our profound love, devotion, and commitment to one another. As a reflection of our faith, we see adoption as a bridge between our family and yours, as a way to further expand the love we have been given.

Since our first day of marriage, we have had to manage many challenges. Yet these circumstances have allowed us to discover a previously unknown characteristic we share in common: our strength to confront adversity. We recognize the adversity that you may find yourself in and want to extend our lifelong support, commitment, and devotion to you and to your child.

Our first priority is for your child to understand the courage of your decision and the profoundness of your love for him/her. Your child will always know to hold you in the utmost regard as his/her biological mother. To do so, we look forward to exchanging pictures to keep you informed of your child's development.

Christine has a long and wonderful history of working with children. In fact, she has been working with children since she was a certified babysitter at age 11! Since her early high school years she was highly involved in virtue formation, character development and leadership training for youth and adolescents throughout the United States, Mexico, and Spain. During those years, Christine served as a guidance counselor, leadership coach, teacher, and principal in various private schools. Christine was fortunate to learn fluent Spanish, having been in Mexico and Spain for a combined total of seven years. Christine's motivation to go into this type of work was out of a love for children, and a desire to help them be the best version of themselves. We believe, amongst others, that this kind of long-term, hands-on experience will help us to be more aware of our child's daily emotional and academic needs.

Brian was born and raised in Bogota, Colombia. It was in Colombia where he first learned the critical importance of the life-long bonds of family. Through his early years all daily activities were done with his extended family including supermarket trips, excursions, holiday celebrations, birthdays and vacations. Through his American mother and grandparents he learned sacrifice, self-determination and the importance of hard work. Brian played a major role in raising his niece in the role of her godfather for over 20 years. He was instrumental in teaching her how to read, ride a bike, swim, and most importantly in her religious education. This experience created a tremendous impact in his desire to be a father.

Our greatest expectation is to inculcate in our prospective child a love for God, the highest respect for others, enthusiasm for academic excellence, sports, music, culture, the arts and travel. We will also instill in him/her how to cherish and grow in stewardship for what he/she has been given by having an awareness of the needs of others.

Together we offer you one of our greatest strengths: teamwork. Throughout the years we have had to jointly develop and employ practical and problem-solving skills which have greatly helped us to confront life's challenges.

We value and appreciate the magnitude of the decision you are considering making. We recognize you have many choices. Know that we will give everything we have and everything we are to ensure that your son/daughter enjoys the best possible life that we can offer.

Thank you for considering us as potential parents for your child and, no matter what your decision is, may God always bless you with peace and happiness!


Brian & Christine


Harrison Ford
Great White Shark
Pope Benedict XVI
Adriana Trigiani
Salt of the Earth
Candy Bar
The Flinstones
Childhood Memory
Vacationing in the Islands off the coast of Colombia
Family dinners
Childhood Toy
Star Wars
My cabbage patch dolls
Children's Book
Tin Tin
Books by Tomie de Paola (Strega Nona) and Fancy Nancy books
Vienna, Austria
Classic Movie
The Sound of Music
Day of Week
Ice cream
Disney Movie
The Empire Strikes Back
Beauty and the Beast
Dream Car
BMW SUV with kids in the back seat
Dream Job
Film Maker
Stay-at-Home Mom
Dream Vacation
South America
Family Activity
Flower / Plant
Palm tree
Linguini and clams
Form of Exercise
The Game of Things
The Game of Things
Arts and Crafts
Holiday Song
The Messiah
Holiday Tradition
Decorating the Christmas Tree
Christmas Baking and Decorating the Tree
Ice Cream
Peanut Butter
Chocolate Chip Mint
Junk Food
French Fires
French fries
Leisure Activity
Meditation/ Prayer
Kayaking - anything near water
Outside Magazine
Memory with a Child
Swimming with my niece
Reading together, and teaching children how to read
Memory with Spouse
Meeting in the Cascade Mountains
Our first date
Ben Hur
Movie Munchie
Caramel corn
Movie Quote
"I could've been a contender...."
Movie Type
Vintage Classics
Marriage of Figaro
The Sound of Music
Musical Group
Olympic Event
100 m dash in track
Personal Hero
Dr. Charles Stanley
Mother Teresa of Calcutta
Man of la Mancha
The Man from La Mancha
Quality about my Spouse
Her love and kindness
Obey God and Leave the Consequences to Him
"I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples." Mother Teresa
Cactus Cantina
Grilled Cheese
Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.
1 Corinthians 13
Shopping Store
Anthropologie, Lily Pulitzer
Any song by Rikarena
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Usain Bolt
Sports Team
Colombia soccer team "los Cafeteros"
Subject in School
Physical Science
My wife (Christine)
Thing to Cook
Linguini and clams
Time of Day
Early morning at sunrise
Lighting of advent candles
Christmas Cookie Decorating, Stockings, Decorating the Tree
TV Show
American Ninja
Netflix: The Crown
Type of Music
Latin salsa / merengue
Vacation Spot
The Caribbean
Dominican Republic
Video Game
Mario Brothers

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