Danniele's Adoption Story

I am 25 years old and I have given 3 of our children to a very special couple whom we origanally met through an agency. We became very close the very first meeting with them in person. We also spoke to them on the phone several times prior to the birth. We just knew we were making a very hard decision but a but a decision I will never regret.

I gave birth to their baby girl in May.of (00) They had been through so much before we met them I knew I had to this for them they were such a great couple with so much love for each other and so much more love to give to our child. They were so happy to see thier new baby girl I was so happy to be the one to start thier family yet I felt so empty inside and especially when I went home.

For 2 weeks I cried everywhere in the stores, in the car at home especially at night I always woke up to check on someone who was so many states away with her new mommy and daddy. The love of my life helped me more than anything to be strong for our children and us. He took it hard also but he wanted to be strong for me. Well we got through with the adoptive right there for any time of the day or night.

I became pregnant again in (01) I wasn't sure what we were gonna do. We were just beginning to do o.k. with our already large family. I let the adoptive mother know I was expecting she was excited for us but she also let me know they would be there if we decided adoption. My boyfriend and I talked of our options and we decided to give the same couple another baby they were so surprised and so ecstatic over our decision. I gave birth to another beautiful baby girl all for them to love. We became so close I started calling her my mom she has been there for me like a real mother to talk to listen or just be there anyway she could anytime or place. We always discuss personal things troubles the kids anything at all.

Which while I grew up I never had my mother as my mother I saw her sometimes but she was more of a friend or something I lived with my father after being with every member I finally stayed with my dad we had it rough pretty soon my brothers had to come live with us so I became mom and sis to them. My dad drank alot and worked alot so we did whatever we wanted to basicaly. We got into lot's of trouble at the age of 12 for me I went to a juvenile place for a min. I ran away at 16 with the man I'm still with almost 9 yrs. now we've been together I was lost when I met him and he made me a better person and made me a mother and showed me what love is.

So the couple we gave children to are very greatful but I'm so greatful to them cause they gave me a second chance to have a family and show me what families are. I became pregnant again in (02) I at first thought we could give this one up, but 4 months into the pregnancy I began having dreams I heard my child crying and I couldn't touch or find him he was out of my reach. I told L the other mother that I think we are going to keep this baby something just told me this baby is for you guys so love him and keep him. I did give birth to a baby boy he was so precious we were so glad we decided to keep him in our home with us. They were so happy for us and bought our new baby all kinds of gifts and got us a car seat stroller all in one set for his arrival they are just so great.

We got even closer we now had our 3 kids and they had 2 girls I became pregnant again in (03) And they let us know they were still there for any decision and they would love to have another baby so we discussed our options and we did not want to overwhelm them with so many kids at once but she assured me she was ready and would be delighted to have another baby so.

We had another baby girl in Feb. (04) this time she arrived early they got a midnight call from us to state this was it we had to go the hospital my due date was the 12th of Feb. We were due to leave for there state the 2nd, but she arrived on the 1st so all the plans were a mess they had to take a flight and come meet there baby girlso they came here spent a few days in our state spent everyday with us while they were there. So now they have 3 girls and they call us by our names but they don't keep nothing from them they give info. as they ask the oldest does know she grew in my belly they know our children and us very well they are always gonna know they have 2 sets of parents who love them very much. This past Aug. they came down and we were invited to go to Disney all the kids and all of us had such a great time together. They are far away but they all stay close in our hearts everyday. And we are so glad it turned out so great they are very much feeling the parent thing and they do such a great job.

Thank you for reading my story


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