Keyana's Adoption Story




I really don't know where to start, my journey started a long time ago. I was a 17-year-old run away drop out. I eventually moved back home once I found out I was preganant. My home life was extremely disfuntional with no support. Not sure when I decided to place my son for adoption, or even how the thought entered my mind, but I knew I couldn't allow his life to be like mine. I am of black heritage and placing a child for adoption isn't common in the black culture. Although I had no support to make this decision my son motivated me to move forward. Where I was weak I found strength in him. I wanted a better life for him. I am now 35 and preganant and in a wonderful relationship. Placing my son for adoption changed me and touched my soul in so many ways. He can never know the saddeness I feel to this day. Shortly afterward his birth and placement I obtained my GED and eventually graduated from college. I thought I could never have children again because of the hurt, fear, and emptyness. Yet I would do it all over again because in my heart of hearts I made the right decision. My son was placed with a caucasian family that myself and the birth father picked. The race was never a issue for me, only the quality of their family. He is now going to be 15 years old and will have a little sister soon. This was a closed adoption but I was able to know his name. I LOVE YOU ALWAYS JORDON.

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