Tonya's Adoption Story

How could I give up a child that I carried for nine months and gave birth to? What would my baby think of me as she got older? These are some of the questions I was asking myself as I was trying to make the hardest and best decision of my life.

As I thought long and hard about my decision, paced the floors and had long talks with loved ones, I came to the decision that adoption was the best route for me to take. Because, if I kept her, I thought I’d feel some remorse toward her just because of her father. If I chose abortion, I would have to live with the fact that I killed an innocent child that had every right to live. So adoption was the way to go, but it was going to be a long, hard road.

I started out by calling American Adoptions to get information. As I began looking into the adoption process, I started feeling good about my decision. I started looking through all of the profiles and I came across one that I knew I’d love. They had previously adopted their son and I think what turned me to them was the fact that I was having a girl. I’ve always wanted the “big brother” environment and now I knew it was possible for my baby girl.

The first time I spoke with them over the phone, I knew I was making the best decision. This family made me feel loved and I knew they would give my baby girl the best life possible.

On April 24th, I was called into labor and delivery because the baby didn’t have enough amniotic fluid and she hadn’t been growing the way she should have been. My doctor decided to induce labor and Olivia was born on April 25th, 2007. A day I will never forget!

About two hours later, Patty (new mom) arrived at the hospital. As she walked in, she brightened up the room with her beautiful smile and very loving, outgoing personality. It was like I was reconnecting with a long lost friend. I knew then that God was with me and I was making a decision I wouldn’t regret.

When I handed my little girl over to her new mom, I didn’t have any second thoughts. I knew I was doing what was best for the both of us. After leaving the hospital, I had a few down moments, but I knew deep down that she was going to have so many opportunities in life that I couldn’t have provided. After hanging out and having lunch with Mark, Patty, Nicholas and Olivia, I was able to get closure.

I can honestly say I have no regrets dealing with this whole process. I encourage any young woman to not look over adoption as an option because it might just be the best decision you’ve ever made.

I had such a great experience working with American Adoptions. I absolutely love that they are always there and willing to help anytime if you need it. As for the family I chose, I love and cherish them very much. I am glad to say that I made them “whole.”

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