Why All American Adoptions Families Have a Video Profile

The Benefits of Adoptive Family Video Profiles

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American Adoptions believes the only way to form healthy, long-lasting relationships is with trust. The best way for you to build this trust is to learn everything you can about an adoptive family.

Our Adoptive Family Video Profiles are the best way for you to learn a lot about adoptive parents within only a few minutes. In each family’s video profile, you will learn about their:

  • personalities and how they interact with each other and with a child

  • house, neighborhood and community

  • traditions, like family dinners, vacations or other hobbies to share with a child

  • excitement in becoming parents through adoption

As you can see in the video above, our video profiles are not slideshows like many other agencies’ adoption videos. Our video profiles are actual profiles because you get a snapshot into families’ lives with footage they have filmed themselves. There is no better way to help you find a family for adoption.

American Adoptions is currently the only national adoption agency where every family has a video profile. With over 200 video profiles on our website at a time, you are assured to find a family who perfectly matches the life you want for your baby.

Our families truly want to get to know you, but for that to happen, you must first get to know them. This is why video profiles are the future of adoption, and why American Adoptions is the leader in video profile production.

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