Haley's Adoption Story

It is true that placing a child for adoption is one of, if not the hardest decision a person can make. It is not hard to know what is best, it is just hard to overcome all of the emotions involved. Through American Adoptions, my boyfriend, David, and I were able to choose a wonderful family for our son. We do recommend spending time with the baby before you say goodbye, as well as spending time with the adoptive couple. We visited with the couple for three days before they left with Slade and we were so happy to have had those days. It has been two months now and we have continued to keep in contact with John and Tammy and have received many pictures. David and I are both happy and John and Tammy are on cloud nine! This was not really a fun thing to go through at all times, but when it is right, you feel it. Sincerely, Haley

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