Kariane's Adoption Story

I spent months thinking about going through with the adoption process. I talked to many different agencies and social workers, all which gave me more and more to think about. Through it all I kept reminding myself that I was making the choice for my child. Would he be happy and content with me raising him as a single mom? Sure, because he wouldn’t know how it would be to have both a mom and dad raise him. But would I feel that I had done everything I could for him? No, I wouldn’t. I knew as soon as I found out that I was pregnant that I wanted to provide my baby with the best family, the best toys, the best clothes, the best everything. I also knew right away that I wasn’t able to do all of this. Not without giving up other things, such as quality time. I would have to work full time and leave him with babysitters all the time, because I didn’t have family who could take care of a baby. Putting my baby up for adoption was the best way I could give him everything I wanted for him. I don't feel that I actually gave him up. I feel that I have given him more. He now has two mommies and a daddy that love him with all their hearts. I am comforted by the knowledge that he will grow up knowing this.


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