Mary's Adoption Scholarship Story

I didn’t find out I was pregnant until 7 months in. All the symptoms could be explained away until my stomach started getting very hard. I was very scared at first as I did not have the means to support myself let alone take care of a baby. I never had planned on having a child so it was a big surprise. When I found out I was pregnant I realized I had to quickly gather my thoughts and look for an adoptive couple for my baby. From the first e-mail with the adoptive couple I felt a bond with them that only grew stronger the more we communicated. At the time I lived with a friend and due to the circumstances I was unable to tell any of my friends that lived close to me. Through the entire pregnancy I had to take care of everything and had little emotional support from anyone besides the family, American Adoptions, and a few friends who lived further away. It was very hard but incredibly rewarding to know I was making such a loving decision. I don’t regret one minute of it. I love Tom and Linda and feel so blessed to have found them. I know the baby will always be loved and supported in whatever he chooses to do. He now has so many opportunities that I could have never been able to provide for him. Seeing them with him made me so happy. It’s an amazing feeling being able to do something so life changing for someone else. It also pushed me to want to make something better of my life. The adoption is open so when my son wants to make contact I will be able to show him his adoption story and where he was born. I will be able to show him that adoption not only gave him a great life but also helped me to make more of my life.

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