Lindsay's Adoption Story

One day my parents went to the doctor and she told them about a couple she knew that found out they couldn't have children. My dad told the doctor to give the couple our number. Less than two hours after they got home Kyna called. That was just the beginning.

We met at a lake the following weekend. After the initial visit, I was very impressed by them. We all met again about a few weeks later. Then when Lizzie took the time to drive all the way across the state to meet with me, it made me feel that I had made the right decision. We met with Doug and Kyna every month when I had doctor visits. Lizzie called almost every week to see how I was doing. I was glad she did, because I was so confused and worried about everything. We are still close with Doug and Kyna and talk to them frequently. I am very glad that we found them and am very thankful.

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