April's Adoption Story

When I found out I was pregnant I was 20 years old, had a 1 yr old baby, constantly arguing with my boyfriend, and living in a hotel. I obviously was in no mental or financial shape to have another child. 
It was the day after I participated in our blood drive at work. I was not feeling well, so I left work early. I remember going to my aunt's house and her and my grandmother in law telling me I was pregnant. I refused to belive it since I was on the pill. After talking with my boyfriend, Billy, I finally decided to take a pregnancy test. Aunt Lisa and I went to the drug store and bought one of those two packs because I wanted to be sure. I took the first one the next morning and not believing the result took the second. It too was positive. After telling Billy all I did was cry. He tried to comfort me but I knew he was upset too. After seeing the doctor and having it confirmed I started thinking about my options. I knew I could never have an abortion because I just don't believe in that for myself, so I started looking into adoption. I contacted a couple agencies and after a few uncomfortable experiences I found American Adoptions. From the very first time I called I knew I had found the right people to help me with the hardest decision I would ever have to make in my life.
After that first phone call I received a large envelope in the mail with a lot of information about the company and some adoptive family profiles. I read everypage and still have most of it to this day. We decided to meet one couple,"J & C". First we had a conference call with them and our case worker from American Adoptions. By the time we hung up we had set up a dinner meeting with "J & C", but Billy and I knew the meeting was not necessary because these were the people we wanted to raise our daughter. 
We had dinner at a local diner with our 1 yr old son, "J & C", and Billy and I. My son imediately liked them and he was a great judge of character. They were wonderful with him. I knew it that moment that they would be wonderful parents. When we got home that night we called American Adoptions and told them that we wanted to know what the next step was since we found the perfect family.
As the months went by we had little contact with the adoptive parents, but when I went into labor on July 18, 2001 that all changed. My water broke early in the morning and by 1:30 My baby girl Katherine Diane was born weighing 9lbs 4oz. I chose not to see her that day which I have regreted every day since then. That evening "J & C" came to see me in my hospital room and they were wonderful. I could tell we had just made their dreams come true.
The next morning I went to see Katherine in the nursery and didn't want to leave. Leaving that hospital without her was the hardest thing I have ever done, but I know she is happy and has great parents.
Since the adoption was finalized I have kept in contact with Katherine and her family. She is growing into the most beautiful little girl I have ever seen. She has traveled the world, is learing German, tap, ballet and many other wonderful things that I would have never been able to provide for her.
I believe that God has a reason for everything that happens in life. I do believe that I was shown the reason for chosing "J & C" on September 1, 2001. See, "C" worked in World Trade Center Tower 2. The day of the attacks she was home still on leave with Katherine. That day, sadly, many of her co-workers perished, but I believe that Katherine was her angel and save her that day. It doesn't make all the pain go away, but it does help in coping with the choice that we made.
I know that not everyone has the same adoption experience, but we were extremely lucky to find a wonderful family who was willing to have an open adoption so that we will at least know she is OK. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

 I wish you all be best in what ever choice you make.
God Bless you and yours!!

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