Shanna's Story

I was in a realy unpredictable place of uncertainty at the very end of last year . It became very clear that this little bundle of joy in my belly needed more of a promising future. So I went online found Angel Adoption which found Melissa and John. They came in town to meet me and we realy clicked. I truly thought I was making the right decision after that. They were so real and down to earth. I could picture them protecting , loving and securing Misty's future. So I desided to move forth with the adoption.

Angel Adoption sent my case over to American Adoption to handle all the legal processing that is required. Melissa always listened to me. She realy felt like a mom with her soft voice and sincere nature. John was so tall very intimidating which will be benificial to run off the bad guys when shes older! He seems like a very layed back but structured guy perfect for her to call him daddy. That was the most important part as her birth father no longer cared.

So with a few false alarms and 2 weeks of standing on our toes. She was born March 23rd 2009, 6Lbs. 11.2Ozs. of cuteness. Unfortunatly the plan for them to be there for her birth didnt happen as they lived out of state. My water broke in the middle of the night at 2:30A.M.

I took one look at her and the love was instantly embedded! I knew though no matter how hard this was gonna be I had to spend as much time with her as possible to put my peace to it my own way. No matter how attached I got I knew there was gonna be a time I had to let her go! I cried every day even when I was holding her.

It took all the strength in me to sign that piece of paper promising her a future in my eyes. I felt fortunate to have all the support I had making this one decision. I consider the hardest one I have ever faced or ever will make. The pain of letting go burned like nothing else I know as I signed my rights away. As we all call it a selfless sacrifice for love I hold dear to my heart. So with all this pain and disapointment of this situation on my side I can cope . 

I trust that Melissa and John will provide the proper enviroment for her to have the best possible future. It still hurts, though time will heal. They will be sending pics frequently with updates. It is a bueatiful thing Melissa has agreed to send what she can of her cuteness.

They have to come back in 6 months to finalize the adoption. They plan to let me see her. By this time I should have my G.E.D. and be just about certified with the Medical Billing Program. This is my motivation to push forth with my goals to prove myself.

Thank god for adoption. Thank you Angel Adoption and American Adoption for making this all possible. Most of all Melissa and John, Thank You for taking my little Angel in as your own with the unconditional love I already have seen first hand you have for her.

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