Dealing with Unsupportive Parents and Other Family Members

How to Make Them Understand Your Adoption Plan

Some expectant mothers worry that once they put their ideal adoption plan into place, unsupportive parents or family members will try to stop the adoption from happening.

Your parents and family cannot prevent you from following through with your adoption plan. Whether you choose to parent or place your child for adoption is a decision that only you are allowed to make.

However, parents who are unsupportive of adoption can affect your overall adoption experience. Because adoption is such an emotional time for everyone involved, particularly for you, it is in everyone’s best interest for your parents to provide adoption support.

So how do you turn parents who are unsupportive of adoption into parents who will be an important part of your adoption support system?

The best way is through education. Make sure they understand all of the benefits of adoption and that you are in full control of your adoption plan. Tell your parents that:

  • You select the adoptive family – You are able to choose a family who is perfect for your baby. If you feel comfortable with it, your parents can even help you choose the family.

  • You will receive financial assistance – American Adoptions will cover you adoption expenses, such as medical, legal and counseling expenses. In many situations, you are also allowed living expenses to help you with rent, utilities and other bills.

  • You have goals that wouldn’t be possible to achieve while raising a child – Whether you have dreams of earning a college degree or beginning a career, adding a child to your life could put those goals on hold indefinitely. Regardless of your reason for choosing adoption, make sure your parents understand how your life will be positively affected by adoption.

  • You choose the amount of contact – You will receive letters and pictures, emails and any other types of contact with the adoptive family that is important to you. Your parents can also stay updated by being sent pictures and letters of their grandchild.

Above all, make sure your parents understand that no matter how they feel, you are moving on with your adoption plan. Remind them of all of the reasons you are choosing adoption, and reiterate how much their support would mean to you.

Remember, our Adoption Specialists are always available to help you determine how to approach unsupportive friends and family members. If you are pursuing adoption and need help assistance on how to talk to someone specifically, call 1-800-ADOPTION or click the following for free adoption information.

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