Kara's Adoption Story


Let me tell you about my story. My name is Kara and on November 18th 2005, I gave birth to a beautiful little boy, who would be named Eli. I came to American Adoptions about 6 months into my pregnancy, homeless and afraid, and they immediately helped me by sending me some families to choose from. I picked John and Shanna, because they, like me, were from the south, and i knew my baby would grow up with the same values that I had. The first time I talked to them on the phone we connected, and a few weeks later, they came to a doctors appointment for an ultrasound. Afterwards, we went out to eat and to the mall, where we built a bear for the baby, they took it home and it went right into his crib. Over the following weeks, we became closer and closer, until one day I called them and said, "get ready he's coming." I was induced on November 17th, and was in labor all night long, through the whole thing, they never left my side, always making sure I was okay and that I didn't need anything. On the 18th at around 3:30 I delivered my son, and they were there to hold my legs, count for me and cut the cord. Those next days in the hospital, we only grew closer, talking about our hopes and dreams for our son. It has been two years almost, and I still talk to them occasionally, and I know my son is in the best place possible. I would recommend American Adoptions to anyone who is alone, afraid, or in need of an option. Adoption was the best decision for me. For anyone out there struggling, I wish you the best of luck, and hope you find the courage to make the best decision possible for you.

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