Ashlee's Adoption Story

When I found out that I was pregnant, I was really happy, but then the father and I had split up. I then realized that I had absolutely no connection to the baby. I felt very bad that I felt this way, but then I thought there are millions of people that can’t have children. I called American Adoptions and they were friendly and very helpful. They sent me files of the people and I picked three of them. The first two were taken, but the third one was the one I got. I was very nervous when we talked on the phone the first time. It was like we were all one of the same. We had the same ideas about the child. They had asked me why adoption, I told them I’ve had a really hard time taking care of one child by myself and I couldn’t do two kids alone. I didn’t want the baby to feel neglected even though I wouldn’t try to do it. The more I talked with the adoptive family the more I knew I had made the right decision. We had gotten to the point when we’d just talk all by ourselves. I met them and I basically fell in love with them and they were so good to my son. They brought him a birthday present too.

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