Can You Place a Sick or Disabled Child for Adoption?

If you are considering adoption, you want your child to have the love and care he or she needs and deserves. But if your child has significant medical, developmental or other special needs, you may feel that you cannot provide for him or her. You might be wondering: Can I put a sick baby up for adoption? What if my child has special needs?

While most of American Adoptions’ placements are of healthy newborns and infants, we have also helped many new and expectant mothers make an adoption plan for their sick or special needs children. If this describes your situation, read on to learn more about the process of placing a special needs baby for adoption.   

Can I place a special needs baby for adoption with American Adoptions?

During the adoption planning process, we ask all of our waiting families to indicate the types of adoption opportunities they are interested in, including the types of needs they feel they can meet. Many of our hopeful parents are open to adopting children with a variety of special needs.

Regardless of your circumstances or your child’s specific needs, you can contact American Adoptions at any time to speak with an adoption specialist, for free and with no obligation. We will gather some background information about you, your baby and your circumstances and provide any services we can to help you, free of charge.

However, in some cases where the child has very significant needs, American Adoptions may not be the best resource to make an adoption plan for him or her. If we feel that we are not the best professional to assist you, we will provide referrals to help you find the specialized professionals who are. 

Even if an adoption specialist determines that we are not the best professional to meet your needs, we believe that there is a home for every child. There are many professionals specializing in the placement of children with special needs, including: 

How can I put a disabled child up for adoption?

With American Adoptions, the process of putting a disabled baby up for adoption is not much different than for a woman placing any other baby. You will still have the same rights, choices and access to services as any other expectant mother who works with our agency, including:

  • Control of the Adoption Process – You can determine the type of adoption experience you want for yourself and your baby

  • Professional Counseling – You will have access to 24/7 counseling and support services, so you can receive the information and emotional support you need during and after the adoption process

  • Free Adoption Services – All of your legal and counseling costs will be covered for you, and you may also receive assistance with medical and living expenses during your pregnancy

  • Post-Adoption Contact – You may choose to maintain a relationship with your child and the adoptive family with an open or semi-open adoption

  • Your Own Adoption Specialist – As a prospective birth mother, you will work with your own licensed adoption specialist to guide you through each step of the process of placing a sick child for adoption

Choosing adoption for your child is rarely easy. But with the right adoption professional, you can get the support and services you need to ensure your baby is placed with a loving family who is equipped to meet his or her needs.

To learn how American Adoptions can help you place a sick or special needs child for adoption, or to discuss your other options and resources, you can reach a licensed adoption specialist any time at 1-800-ADOPTION. Your call is free and does not commit you to the adoption process. 

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