Katie T.'s Adoption Story

On September 17, 2007 I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy in Overland Park, KS. I was 21 at the tine and I was struggling in every way imaginable and couldn't bare the thought of not being able to give my child the love and needs he deserves. I wanted to get back in college, get a good job, and raise him the way I had been loved and taken care of. I couldn't ask for anymore help than I already had with friends, family, ect. They had already done enough. It was the most difficult decision I have ever made in my life, but I've always know it was the right decision. I was able to weigh the pro's and con's of my situation and came to the conclusion that was best for me and my baby. I had been seeing the OB for awhile and that question finally came up. What were my plans? I was very firm with my decision and I told her I was looking into adoption. To my amazement she didn't look down upon me at all she actually suggested American Adoptions. She gave me all kinds of paperwork that I immediately filled out. It wasn't to long before I was receiving information about my adoption specialist and further explanations of the process. My specialist was very wonderful and helpful. She gave me many different brochures of different family's that were ready to adopt. Then came the hard part; picking out the family. There was something about this family. I just knew they were the right one. Just reading there brochure made me feel like I had know them my whole life which made the process become more easier than I expected. I wanted my baby to have a mother and a father that gave unconditional love and support no mater what. Its like a light bulb went off in my bead and I knew they were the ones. The many months of the kicking, the swollen feet, and the never ending appetite it was finally time to come to an end and have the baby. I was set up to have a C-Section due to some medical reasons but I was excited and ready, finally he was here. He was a tiny little thing with piercing blue eyes and a full set of hair. He was beautiful. We stayed in the hospital for three or four days, awaiting the arrival of the adopted parents. Eager to see there baby boy, they came in loving and hugging on me and my family. They were simply amazing and I knew I was doing a very heartless thing for them, which made me feel all kinds of greatness inside. They handed me this little bag, inside of it was a locket necklace that they had bought me and put my baby's little finger print inside for me to keep and always remember him. I swore that I was not going to cry but that really hit home for me. It was hard going home without him. My decision was final. Being that I am adopted myself made the grieving process a lot easier. My mother had told me the stories of how she got me and how God blessed her with such selfless people and I knew from that moment that making the decision to give up my child was one of my greatest accomplishments. That is what I wanted for my child because I knew that I could not offer him the chance for a good life at that point in my life. Since then the adoption process has been great. I had an open adoption, and the family sends monthly pictures of him for a year. They shoot off emails once a week, and give me updates on him. They are a very wonderful couple and now a very happy Family. I am proud to have given them the gift of life they always wanted.

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