Katherine's Adoption Story

The summer of 2008, as a single parent of four beautiful teenage children, I found myself in a devastating position…pregnant. I was ashamed and scared. I didn’t know what I was going to do or how I would make it through. I called the father of the baby. He felt very strongly that abortion was our only way. He was not ready to raise a child with me. After failing to make the first abortion appointment and at the insistence of the baby’s father, I made a second one. Sadness overwhelmed me and I felt I could tell no one. I heard an ad for adoption on the radio. The next day one of my clients told of their adult children’s wonderful new baby they adopted. She told me how they had waited for 13 years and how happy they were. I had a co-worker confide in me her abortion story and after years she still mourns and wishes she would have chosen life for her baby girl. The next week I had a new client actually bring her newly adopted 7 month old baby boy to her hour long massage appointment. He was the happiest and most content baby I have ever met. But what captured me the most was the way he looked at his mother, he knew her, he loved her, he trusted her! I had my answer, Adoption! I wanted to give my little baby life. I wanted what was best for this precious life and for my four teenage children. The first adoption agency did not work out. I knew of a couple in my Sunday school class who had adopted two children. They gladly shared their stories and gave me the name of American Adoptions. What an encouragement this adoptive couple was and still is to me. American Adoptions was very easy to work with. The paperwork was understandable and everything I was told was true. Lizzie was my adoption specialist and I am thankful for all the work she did. I am also thankful for the help and encouragement she gave me. Meanwhile my baby was growing and moving and I loved him.

Picking parents was difficult and emotional. My children and I spent hours reading and discussing. To make my long story a little shorter we picked Todd and Jackie. I spoke with them on the phone and they were the right match. It was now the end of March 2009. My due date was May 1st and I usually deliver early. April 18th , 2009 at 1am my water broke. At 2am I called my friend Shelby, then the midwives, then Todd and Jackie. By 3am I had had only a few contractions but knew it was time. Samuel was born at 4:16am. He was a beautiful, perfect, very healthy baby boy! Todd and Jackie arrived safely. My children and I welcomed them into our home. The more we spent time together the more we liked them. For four beautiful blessed days I held and nursed Samuel; so much sadness and happiness all at the same time.

The day of court, as I knew it would be, was extremely hard. I kissed and hugged Samuel one more time and told him I loved him one more time. Todd and Jackie came into the court room and I handed them their new baby boy. They thanked me and promised again to keep in touch and send pictures to me. Samuel is three months old now and looks so cute, happy and healthy in the pictures that they send. I am thankful for the wonderful parents that Todd and Jackie are. I will always and forever hold Samuel in my heart. I am looking forward to the day we will meet again.

I thank God first and foremost. I thank my best friend, Shelby, my adoption worker Lizzie, my friends, Matt and Angie (the adoptive parents) for all of their help and support. Without them I don’t know how I would have made it through.

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