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“What does adoption mean to a child?”

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Adoption Opportunities

None Are As Big As The Opportunity To Be Loved

The opportunities provided to a child through adoption are vast and they can vary depending on the adoptive family. The one constant in every adoption, however, is the natural, unconditional love that is experienced by the adopted child.

Whether it’s the birth mother’s selfless act of giving her child a better life, the genuine love that parents show to their adopted child, and the love the adoptee has for his or her adoptive parents and biological parents, love is clearly at the heart of adoption.

No other opportunity can compare to the opportunity of being loved.

Opportunities Provided by an Adoptive Family

Couples join adoption agencies like American Adoptions because there is nothing they want more out of life than to be parents. Thus, after months or years of unsuccessful pregnancies or fertility treatments, when they finally receive a child, it is undoubtedly the happiest moment in either of their lives.

Their joy of becoming parents is reflected in the wealth of opportunities the adopted child is presented: bedtime stories with mom, baseball games with dad, camping trips with grandparents, the opportunity to go to college, and countless others. Each of these moments were once thought unobtainable by the adoptive parents, so they cherish each of them that much more.

And perhaps the biggest benefit of adoption is the opportunity for the child to have a special relationship with his or her father.

Of course, the biggest opportunity is from the birth mother, who puts her child before herself to ensure that the child receives all of the opportunities that he or she deserves in life.

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Opportunities Provided by Birth Mothers

Pregnant women who consider and ultimately choose adoption do so out of love. They are bringing a child into this world and they want to do anything they can to ensure he or she has the best life with the most opportunities possible. There is not a more selfless, loving act than doing this for a child.

Indeed, this initial act by the birth mother is the first of a long list of adoption opportunities that a child will be provided. This one act opens up many doors for the child that may not have been opened if it wasn’t for his or her birth mother’s selflessness.

All of the great opportunities that are waiting to be experienced by the child are contingent on one decision that can only be made by the loving birth mother. This choice is made out of the immeasurable amount of love she has for her child, and for the future she wants her child to live.


Both the adoptive family and birth mother enter into adoption out of love, and the adopted child in return will love both forever because of the opportunity he or she was given for a great life.

The opportunities provided through adoption are truly astounding and can in no way be fully described. The opportunity to attend college, to take vacations and experience new cultures, and to have a two-parent home are obvious, but moments like a child opening his lunchbox and finding a sandwich with a mustard and ketchup smiley face prepared by his mom, a dad buying his child cotton candy at his or her first baseball game, or a child having his or her grandfather help hook a worm on a fishing pole - these moments are almost just as important to a child.

These moments are memories that a child will cherish and remember for a lifetime.

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