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“What does adoption mean to a child?”

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When is Adoption Free?

The Situations in Which Your Adoption is Expense Free

Whether you are a woman considering placing a child for adoption or a family interested in adopting a child, you may be wondering the scenarios in which adoptions are free.

The following explains when adoptions are and are not free for both adoptive parties:

Free Adoption for Birth Mothers

In modern day private domestic adoptions, adoption is always free for birth mothers, with the adopting family usually covering most or all of the expenses.

Some of the free adoption services that birth mothers receive include:

  • Medical expenses

  • Legal expenses

  • Counseling services

  • Living expenses

  • And more

Furthermore, future correspondence between a birth mother, her child and the adopting family is also free for the birth mother. Postage and handling for letters and pictures is often built into the adoptive family’s overall cost of the adoption, so the birth mother will never have to pay to stay in touch with the family and her child.

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Free Adoption for Adoptive Families

It’s no secret that most types of adoptions will cost an adoptive family thousands of dollars, with private domestic adoption and international adoption at the top of the price range because of the number of people and services required.

For adoptive parents who do not have the financial flexibility to grow their families via private and international adoption, there is an alternative to adopt a child for free – foster care adoption.

Foster care adoption is a great way for people to add to or complete their families and may cost anywhere between $0-$1000. Furthermore, many states will provide the family a monthly stipend to help support the needs of the child.

Foster care adoption is usually free for adoptive families because the State wants to encourage the adoption of these children who often come from troubled homes.

Prospective adoptive parents should keep in mind that adopting a baby through foster care is rare; it is much more likely they will adopt a child anywhere between 3 to 18 years old.

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Finally, if you do pursue a non-free type of adoption (private, stepparent, grandparent, relative, adult), you may be eligible for the federal adoption tax credit, which may give you up to $13,190 per child in tax relief. For some families, this tax credit does essentially make their adoptions “free.”

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