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Shiva & Adrianna

We are a fun-loving couple living in San Diego with our two fur boys, TinTin and Sherlock, who mean the world to us. We have been planning to expand our family through adoption for some time, and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for reading our profile.

About Us

Chief Operating Officer
Assistant Director, Patents
Doctoral Degree
Doctoral Degree
Legally Married

Our Cultural Heritage

On Our Way to Covent Garden in London

We are an inter-racial couple. Adrianna was born in Beijing, China, and moved to the U.S. at the age of 10. Shiva was born in Kolkata, India, and moved to the U.S. for his graduate studies.

Although our cultural heritage has deep roots in Asia, our work and lifestyle is very multi-cultural. We are as much Asian as mainstream American. For example, our favorite cuisine is Korean, which is a heritage that neither of us belong to; but we also enjoy traditional American cuisine. For example, Shiva loves old-fashioned BBQ ribs and burgers; while Adrianna is partial to Southern fried chicken and grits. We also enjoy trying out new food and new neighborhood eateries, whether they be Italian, French, Persian, Greek, Mediterranean, or Nigerian.

We celebrate our heritage as Asians, but we also recognize that we are Americans with American values. Our child will grow up being exposed to American, Chinese, and Indian cultural heritages, and learn to be proud of inheriting a unique blend of cultural heritages.

Our Leisure Time

Beach Outing

In our downtime, most of our activities are planned around our two fur boys, a 5-year-old Labradoodle named TinTin and a 1-year-old Sheepadoodle named Sherlock. The boys mean everything to us! When we stay at home, we enjoy watching movies together, particularly family movie nights over the weekends and over the holidays in December. Adrianna prefers detective/mystery and sci-fi movies while Shiva enjoys documentaries and comedies. We have play time after dinner, where Adrianna plays with the boys after a long day from work. On the weekends, we take the boys out for long walks and hikes, so that they can relax and enjoy meeting other fur friends. We also like going to the beach to see the sunset or sit on the beach to see the waves crashing on the beach. Most of our vacations are also planned around the boys, with long road trips to different areas within the state or to nearby states.

Apart from activities with our boys, we have started cooking and baking more often. During the last two years, Adrianna has become an expert in baking nice French sourdough breads. At the same time, Shiva has learned to make "hand-made" ice creams, for which he will pass on the "secret recipe" to our child!

Our Professional Lives

We both work in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry. Although we both started out in the life sciences, Adrianna has transitioned into the intellectual property area at a noted pharmaceutical company. Shiva stayed in research by starting a biotech company with two other partners focusing on developing drugs to treat and cure cancer. One of the reasons Shiva started the company is because he lost a cousin he was very close to to lung cancer and he wants to defeat cancer so that other families will not live with the pain that he experienced.

Both of our education decisions have been to some degree influenced by our respective parents as well as by our environments while growing up. While we recognize the importance of higher education, we also understand that a particular career choice does not define a person, nor can it be forced upon a person. Rather, it is the love for the subject itself that makes a person successful. As such, we want to pass on to our child that he/she can make his/her own choices and we will support him/her one hundred percent.


Best Friends
Best Friends
Adrianna & TinTin on a Walk
Adrianna & TinTin on a Walk
Enjoying a Flower Field in Carlsbad
Enjoying a Flower Field in Carlsbad
Looking for the Perfect Shot
Looking for the Perfect Shot
An Afternoon Walk With Sherlock
An Afternoon Walk With Sherlock
Bengali Rice Ceremony With a Friend's Son
Bengali Rice Ceremony With a Friend's Son
TinTin's First Time to See the Snow
TinTin's First Time to See the Snow
Celebrating TinTin's 4th Birthday
Celebrating TinTin's 4th Birthday
Visiting Hallgrimskirkja Cathedral in Reykjavik, Iceland
Visiting Hallgrimskirkja Cathedral in Reykjavik, Iceland
Meeting Friends in Cambridge, UK
Meeting Friends in Cambridge, UK
Shiva Mountain Biking
Shiva Mountain Biking
Conquering Diamond Beach, Iceland
Conquering Diamond Beach, Iceland
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Best Friends
Best Friends
2 / 12
Adrianna & TinTin on a Walk
Adrianna & TinTin on a Walk
3 / 12
Enjoying a Flower Field in Carlsbad
Enjoying a Flower Field in Carlsbad
4 / 12
Looking for the Perfect Shot
Looking for the Perfect Shot
5 / 12
An Afternoon Walk With Sherlock
An Afternoon Walk With Sherlock
6 / 12
Bengali Rice Ceremony With a Friend's Son
Bengali Rice Ceremony With a Friend's Son
7 / 12
TinTin's First Time to See the Snow
TinTin's First Time to See the Snow
8 / 12
Celebrating TinTin's 4th Birthday
Celebrating TinTin's 4th Birthday
9 / 12
Visiting Hallgrimskirkja Cathedral in Reykjavik, Iceland
Visiting Hallgrimskirkja Cathedral in Reykjavik, Iceland
10 / 12
Meeting Friends in Cambridge, UK
Meeting Friends in Cambridge, UK
11 / 12
Shiva Mountain Biking
Shiva Mountain Biking
12 / 12
Conquering Diamond Beach, Iceland
Conquering Diamond Beach, Iceland

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We live in a multi-cultural and diverse neighborhood where there are kids and pets to play with. Our immediate neighbors consist of two older couples who have lived here for close to 30 years and who love our two fur boys. There are also families our age with young children and younger couples who are just starting their families.

We live in a 1,500 square-foot condo. The condo has three bedrooms and two baths and is single floor. The condo contains a large, cozy living room where we enjoy movie nights and generally being goofy; a comfy kitchen for cooking a variety of international foods (Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Indian, and a smattering of French); and a long hallway for playing indoor fetch.

Our neighborhood has a community pool, a jacuzzi, a tennis court, and a racquetball court. There are also several community parks nearby where we can take our child to play and run around with our two fur boys.

Our Extended Families

With Family in Tahoe

Shiva comes from a family of three siblings, with an older brother and a younger sister. Adrianna is an only child. We have one niece and one nephew, both 8 years old. Since they do not live in San Diego, we video call weekly to catch up.

Fun With Our Niece

When we visit our parents, the visits often involve a lot of delicious traditional foods centered around different holidays. For example, Bengali New Year typically occurs during April and this is the time when a lot of yummy fried food are served, such as crispy fried fish head curry (a favorite of Shiva's father), hilsa (a type of sweet freshwater fish) curry, prawn curry, and paired with a variety of vegetable curries and bread such as naans. Durga puja, the biggest celebration in Kolkata, occurs in October, and the houses are typically draped in lights and gifts are exchanged between family members. Typically Chinese New Year occurs in February, and homemade dumplings are traditionally eaten on the morning of New Year's day. September is usually when the Chinese Moon Festival occurs, and moon cakes are exchanged among family members and red envelops filled with money are given to the children.

Our child will grow up surrounded with indulging grandparents, an aunt, uncle and loving cousins. Our extended family is very supportive of our adoption and they are looking forward to bonding with him/her in their life.

From Us to You

Thank you for taking the time to read through our profile and for considering us. We are excited for this opportunity to tell you more about us.

As a Chinese American growing up in Chicago and an Indian American starting out in Indiana, we always joked that it was a miracle to have met each other across the country in San Diego 10 years ago. When we first met each other, we were surprised that each of us had the desire to adopt a child into our home. As we started our marriage journey, our decision to adopt was delayed as we took time to truly get to know each other, settle into our respective careers, enjoy married life, and built a stable and fun home together. Over the last 10 years, we are proud to say that we have built a comfortable and stable home supported by wonderful friends and family, and where we are confident that a child will grow up in a very happy environment.

We live in a condominium community with multiethnic and multi-age neighbors. Several of our neighbors have pre-school and elementary school aged children who love and often play with our dogs. The community has a heated pool, jacuzzi, tennis court, and racquetball court. Several nearby community parks are within driving distance. There are also hiking trails and horseback riding about 10-20 minutes away.

In our downtime, we enjoy sampling the various ethnic food scenes that Southern California has to offer, be it Persian, Mediterranean, Mexican, Korean, Japanese, English, or fusion; exploring new ice cream shops throughout the state; taking long walks by the beach with our fur boys; relaxing at home with movie nights; or simply being silly by singing old Indian songs from the 80s while cooking or doing other house chores.

As an inter-racial family, we recognize that each of our heritage is an important aspect of our makeup. We celebrate Chinese New Year's, Dorga purja, and Bengali New Year's, along with Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other American holidays. We video-chat with our families and friends often since they live in different parts of the world. When we can, we travel to meet with our families and friends, whether they are in Chicago, London, Kolkata, or other regions of the world.

Through our individual journeys and our nine years of marriage so far, we have learned that family is essential, it is the everyday moments that are precious, and always keep an open mind. We plan to share these life lessons with your child and we know that you and your child will have so much to teach us as well.

We look forward to sharing the many memorable milestones of your child with you through an open adoption. We plan to send you photos, emails, and letters; and have video chats and in-person hang-outs if desired to commemorate these exciting milestones.

Thank you again for reading through our profile. We look forward to meeting and getting to know you, as well as sharing this exciting, sometimes unknown, but always loving journey together.

Shiva & Adrianna


Tom Hanks
Benedict Cumberbatch
Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie
Dogs, Elephant, Horse
Dogs, panda, tapir
Agatha Christie, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Economics, Business, Non-Fiction
Hercule Poirot's books
Candy Bar
Xocolatl Mexico
Mozartkugel (Mozart chocolate from Austria)
Charlie Brown, Tintin
The original X-men
Childhood Memory
Kasha - my neighborhood dog who loved me and I loved her
Childhood Toy
Stuffed Panda from my grandfather
Children's Book
Feluda by Satyajit Ray
Chronicles of Narnia
San Diego, Tel Aviv, London
Classic Movie
Where Were You When the Lights Went Out, Forrest Gump
Sherlock Holmes
Day of Week
Ice Cream
Something with chocolate
Disney Movie
Finding Nemo
Dream Car
A motorcycle
Dream Job
Writing crime novels on the beach
Dream Vacation
Iceland, Nordic Countries, Cambria
Family Activity
Spend time with TinTin and Sherlock, our two fur boys
Watching movies
Flower / Plant
Ice Cream
Good food
Form of Exercise
Holiday Song
Christmas Carols
Christmas Carols
Holiday Tradition
Watching movies; Going to Cambria, CA
Watching movies
Ice Cream
All flavors
Anything with chocolate
Junk Food
Leisure Activity
Watching movies
Reading books
Memory with a Child
Felt the heart beat of my friend's kid who was a month old - he is my favorite
Memory with Spouse
Watching movies
Action, Documentary, Comedy
Action, Mystery, Thriller
Olympic Event
Figure Skating
Any type as long as the food is good
Chicken pesto or fresh mozzarella with grilled pepper
Shopping Store
Subject in School
Thing to Cook
TV Show
Friends, Seinfeld
TV Show Character
Charlie Brown
Type of Music
Rock, Classic Rock, Indian and Western Classical Music
Vacation Spot
Cambria, CA
By the ocean

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