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Scott & Jos

We believe it's no coincidence that you're reading this, and we hope you hear our heart in what you're reading. We would love to be your child's parents and give them the best life possible: full of love, fun, happiness, and resources to pursue their dreams. We'd also like to have a relationship with you if you're open to it and hear your dreams for your baby, too.

About Us

Hardware Engineer
CEO/Founder & Strategic Messaging Coach
Master's Degree in in Electrical Engineering
Master's Degree in Human Resources
Legally Married

Adoption in Our Lives

Lily's Puppet Fun Birthday

After 15 years of wanting to build our family and going through 7 rounds of IVF, miscarriage, and ectopic pregnancy, we adopted our daughter Lily Jade. However, she unexpectedly passed away at 16 months old. Her legacy is how she taught us to be parents, navigate open adoption, laugh at ourselves, and appreciate life for every moment that we share together. We experienced deep grief after her death and that loss will always be a part of our lives. Since her passing, we've gotten the professional, peer, and family support we've needed to feel like we're in a place to put our full attention on building our family.

Not only were we gifted the most amazing daughter, but we also were gifted with a loving extended birth family (birth mom, birth dad, and a half-sibling) who stay in contact with us, even after our daughter passed away.

Open adoption has not only affected us; it's affected our whole family and friends' perception of what's possible for raising a child surrounded with love. We tell people that "adoption = love" and "open adoption = double the love". This belief is trickling through our friends and family, some of whom are now considering adopting because of our paradigm about adoption.

Open adoption is one of the best decisions we've ever made, and we're looking forward to doing it again and having a birth mom or birth family create a win-win situation with us.

Our Lifestyle

Jamming at a Family Party

We are big believers in living our passion on a daily basis.

Jos Leading Speaking Training

When Scott was 5 years old, his dad put a University of Illinois Engineering banner in his room, and the more he asked his dad about engineering, the more he came to love it. Fast-forward 35 years, Scott looks forward to going to work every day at Apple, engineering parts of iPhone and iPad that make a difference for millions of people. He is also passionate about playing saxophone, which he started playing in 4th grade. He won a national competition in high school, was in marching and jazz band, and now uses music as a creative outlet to balance the massive amount of technical work he does in his day job. He started the first Music Club at Apple, is currently in multiple jazz bands, and continues to learn new instruments, such as clarinet and flute.

Since the time Jos was in Girl Scouts, she was taught that girls can do anything. She doesn't believe that's just a motto; it's a lifestyle choice. Because of her passion for girls and women empowerment, Jos started her own virtual business at home which helps women entrepreneurs around the world market their business and build relationships with other women. Jos also recently became a #1 international-best-selling author in an anthology. In her free time, she loves to read and write poetry, change the lyrics to songs, put on fun, empowering events, debate with Scott (LOL), and give back.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other

What Scott loves about Jos is how empathetic she is and that she always keeps things interesting. Jos is the kind of person who cries at movies, and even while watching 30-second TV commercials. She feels connected to everyone she comes in contact with, physically and virtually and knows what to say to people that connects with their deepest feelings. She also makes it a point to have her relationship with Scott never get stagnant. She is always looking for new events for them to attend, new personal growth courses for them to do together, new restaurants to try, and even new walking routes in the neighborhood.

What Jos loves about Scott is that he's brilliant, a great listener, her biggest fan, a champion of girls' and women empowerment, and an off-the-charts "serial musician." He plays clarinet, flute, sax, and keyboard and is in multiple bands. Jos loves that he doesn't mind being married to a very independent, powerful and influential woman.


Seeing Six the Musical
Seeing Six the Musical
So In Love
So In Love
Stargazing in Sedona
Stargazing in Sedona
Exploring Arizona
Exploring Arizona
Feeding a Giraffe at a Safari Park
Feeding a Giraffe at a Safari Park
At a Japanese Tea Garden
At a Japanese Tea Garden
Out to Brunch
Out to Brunch
Scott & Our Nephew
Scott & Our Nephew
Jos & Our Niece
Jos & Our Niece
Fondue Night
Fondue Night
1 / 12
Seeing Six the Musical
Seeing Six the Musical
2 / 12
So In Love
So In Love
3 / 12
4 / 12
Stargazing in Sedona
Stargazing in Sedona
5 / 12
Exploring Arizona
Exploring Arizona
6 / 12
7 / 12
Feeding a Giraffe at a Safari Park
Feeding a Giraffe at a Safari Park
8 / 12
At a Japanese Tea Garden
At a Japanese Tea Garden
9 / 12
Out to Brunch
Out to Brunch
10 / 12
Scott & Our Nephew
Scott & Our Nephew
11 / 12
Jos & Our Niece
Jos & Our Niece
12 / 12
Fondue Night
Fondue Night

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We live in a 5-bedroom, single-family home on a cul-de-sac in a beautiful suburban family community in northern California. We live less than a block from the neighborhood elementary school. There's frequently parents walking their kids in strollers, joggers, and kids playing in the community pool just a few doors down.

Our home has a beautiful backyard having a walnut tree, lemon tree, lilacs, roses, and is fenced in with ample room for children to play on the grass. We use also the backyard for Scott's bands to play live music for parties.

Inside our house, the future child will get their own room and has a great view of the majestic walnut tree in the backyard.

We have several parks within walking distance, a dog park, a neighborhood shopping center with a supermarket, pharmacy, several restaurants, and exercise and dance studio just 1 block away. Within 5 minutes' drive, we can get to picnic areas, miles of hiking trails, a YMCA, lots of retail shopping with all the major big-box stores and a large indoor shopping mall.

We have a nearby year-round farmers market, neighborhood events such as July 4 block party, super bowl parties, cookouts. There is also an amazing park with a pond with paddle boats, a kids train, carousel, and outdoor plays. For Halloween, our neighborhood goes all out and even had a trick-or-treat map.

Our neighborhood is very kid-friendly and has the feel of a small tight-knit community while being close to big-city fun.

Our Extended Families

Scott's Family

Our extended family consists of Scott's and Jos' parents, siblings, and nieces/nephews. We also consider the birth family of our deceased adopted daughter Lily as extended family as well.

What also makes our extended family unique is diversity, cultural and religious. Scott's family is Jewish and Hindu. Jos' family is Catholic and Jewish. We are very welcoming of new additions to our family, whatever uniqueness they bring.

Jos' Family

Scott has a sister with 2 young children, and his brother-in-law Santosh is from India. Santosh' extended family includes 3 kids that visit frequently. Scott's family likes to have parties, where he provides musical entertainment with friends. Scott's mom traditionally make gourmet meals, desserts, and unites the family around Jewish meals.

Jos has a sister with 1 young son, and we are also close to her 1st cousins in Florida, as well as her 1st cousin in Illinois who has 2 kids. Jos' family traditionally gets the extended family together for birthdays, Thanksgiving, and Christmas and plays games and laughs together. All members of our extended family support our adoption and are praying and cheering us on!

From Us to You

What does adoption mean to us:

  • It means love, it means vulnerability, it means transparency, it means humility
  • Adoption means openness, withholding judgment, caring, and letting you be you
  • It means doing what's right for everyone at this juncture of our lives, and having hope for the future
  • Adoption is reconceptualizing what it means to be family: it means overcoming myths and misconceptions, and being there for each other
  • Adoption is putting the child first, being comfortable with being uncomfortable, and giving of yourself in a way that's the greatest love of all!
  • Adoption means appreciating the gift that birth parents are giving, and we appreciate You.

    So who are we? We met our freshman year of college at the University of Illinois during chicken-finger night in the dorms. Scott surprised Jos by proposing to her at Denny's on their 5-year dating anniversary, and we have now been together for 24 years, married almost 18.

    We have a very fun and loving relationship, and we both love kids, because we're both kids at heart :)

    Scott loves singing nursery rhymes, playing lullabies on his saxophone, taking children to live concerts (including his own), and traveling the world. Jos is looking forward to infant cuddles, throwing themed birthday parties, playing games, and reading thought-provoking educational children's books.

    We're excited about raising a child to be an independent thinker, who lives their passion, has strong values/ethics, appreciates diverse perspectives, is raised with abundant love, and role-models bettering the world.

    Although we've had our share of fun times, life has not always been easy for us. We have shed many tears and gone through many challenges that other relationships might not have been able to withstand, and are stronger because of them. Certainly the death of our daughter Lily Jade was our biggest loss.

    We have also done a lot of personal development work over the last decade, so we have tools to deal with our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in constructive ways that we're committing to pass down. It's a blessing that our extended family is extremely supportive of open adoption, and will do everything they can to welcome an adopted child into the family with open arms.

    We feel like we not only have chosen adoption; adoption has chosen us. We've had fertility issues for over 15 years. After Jos had an ectopic pregnancy, a miscarriage, and 7 failed rounds of IVF, we really felt in our hearts that the universe was pointing us in another direction: being parents via adoption. Our daughter Lily Jade's adoption was one of the best decisions both of us have made in our lives, and we want to do it again.

    We're ready to be second-time parents, and want to support you in fulfilling your dreams for the baby and having as open of a relationship as you want. At a minimum, we would be happy to provide annual letters and pictures of the child's development, and we're open to more contact such as e-mails, phone calls, and future visits.

    It's important to us that adoption means having a win/win/win relationship: we want it to be a win for you, for our family, and above all else, a win for the child. We're excited to have a conversation with you about what having a "winning" relationship with us would look like.


    Scott & Jos


    Matt Damon
    George Clooney
    Natalie Portman
    Julia Roberts
    Dave Asprey
    Books by Women authors, Sheryl Sandburg
    Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes
    Lean In by Sheryl Sandburg and The High-5 Habit by Mel Robbins
    Candy Bar
    Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    She-ra, Heathcliff, Tiny toons, Smurfs
    Childhood Memory
    In 2nd grade, walking around with my best friend at recess, discussing what the perfect day would be like
    Going to Disney and seeing my extended family in FL, Competing in lipsync contests, ice skating competitions, and girl scouts
    Childhood Toy
    My little ponies and transformers
    Children's Book
    The Giving Tree, Judy Blume Books
    Berenstein Bears, Dr Seuss, and Shel Silverstein, Wait til Helen Comes, Christopher Pike, RL Stein
    San Diego, Denver, Chicago
    San Diego
    Classic Movie
    The Usual Suspects, The Matrix
    Breakfast at Tiffany's
    Electric Blue
    Day of Week
    Adam's Reese Peanut Butter Pie from The Cheesecake Factory
    Apple Pie w/ Cookie Dough Ice Cream
    Disney Movie
    Lion King, Moana, Mulan, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and Frozen
    Dream Car
    Flying car or my own personal jet
    Limo w/ my own driver
    Dream Job
    Chef Technology Officer of a Silicon Valley startup
    My own company helping women market their business
    Dream Vacation
    Cruise around the world
    Travel around the world
    Family Activity
    Dining out for dinner in the city and watching a play
    Going to Parks/Zoo/Museums/Movies/Concerts/Musicals
    Flower / Plant
    Calalillies and Lilacs
    Veal Parmesan
    Form of Exercise
    Hot Yoga, Pickleball, Hiking
    Zumba, Yin Yoga, U Jam, Hot Yoga
    Honeycrisp Apple
    Final Fantasy series
    Peek-a-boo, Scrabble, Hang Man, and Rummy
    Playing jazz sax, clarinet, piano, flute in big-bands, and pickleball pick-up games
    Writing poetry and reading/listening to audible, supporting women entrepreneurs, speaking, putting on events, philantrophy
    Christmas / Hanukkah
    My birthday, and Christmas/Hanukkah
    Holiday Song
    A Hamilton Chaukkah by the Maccabeats
    All I want for Christmas is You - Mariah Carey
    Holiday Tradition
    Lighting the menorah
    Open gifts on Christmas Eve, doing stockings on Christmas morning, lighting the menorah for 8 nights
    Ice Cream
    Oreo and Cookie Dough and Pralines 'n Cream
    Vanilla, Cookie Dough, or Green Tea Gelato
    Junk Food
    Mozzarella Sticks
    Skinny Pop popcorn, choc-zero chocolate bars, and hard cheeses
    Leisure Activity
    Watching netflix
    Listen to music, audio books on Audible, Going to Parks
    Consumer reports
    I only read the covers in check-out lines, Time Magazine, and I love good quizzes
    Memory with a Child
    The day I met my adopted daughter, Lily Jade
    Meeting up with our daughter Lily's birthmom at the Jacksonville Zoo
    Memory with Spouse
    Jos walking down the ausle at our wedding
    Having husband propose to me at Denny's
    Jason Bourne movies
    My Best Friend's Wedding, Brigette Jones' Diary, Moulin Rouge, Meet the Parents
    Movie Munchie
    Popcorn w/ extra butter and a diet coke
    Movie Quote
    The Great Trick the Devil Ever Pulled Was Convincing the World He Did Not Exist - Usual Suspects
    There's no place like home. - The Wizard of Oz,
    Movie Type
    Action / Thriller
    Romantic Comedy
    Six, Annie, Mama Mia, Mary Poppins, Hairspray, Movin' Out, and Hamilton
    Musical Group
    Billy Joel
    Meghan Trainor, Toby Keith
    Nursery Rhyme
    Baby Shark
    Bingo and I'm a Little Teapot
    Olympic Event
    Figure Skating (Individual and Pair) and Gymnastics
    Personal Hero
    My Mom and Sheryl Sandburg
    Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
    Amanda Gorman
    Quality about my Spouse
    She always keeps things interesting
    Intelligent and supportive
    It's not that hard
    Remember the little things, for one day they'll be the big things
    The Olive Garden
    Boston Market
    Chicken parm sub
    Treat others as you would like others to treat you
    God grant us the serenity of mind to accept that which cannot be changed; courage to change that which can be changed, and wisdom to know the one from the other.
    Shopping Store
    Best buy
    Kohls, Bookstores
    Somewhere out there (An American Tale)
    That's Life by Katherine McPhee
    Sport to Play
    Pickleball, Table Tennis, Basketball
    Bags, Ice Skating, Badminton
    Sport to Watch
    Basketball, Football
    Ice Skating
    Sports Star
    Michael Jordan
    Kristi Yamaguchi
    Sports Team
    Chicago Bulls, SF 49ers
    Chicago White Sox
    Subject in School
    Math / Computer Science
    English and choir
    The Flash
    Wonder Woman
    Thing to Cook
    Chicken Parmesan
    Nothing - I excel at microwaving
    Time of Day
    Late morning on weekends
    Spending time with our family in Chicago over the holidays
    Going to Chicago twice a year to see extended family, Going for Sunday brunch
    TV Show
    Mission Impossible, Macgyver
    Abbott Elementary, Mr Iglesias, The Mindy Project
    TV Show Character
    Donatello, the ninja turtle
    Mindy from the Mindy Project
    Type of Music
    Video Game Music, Modern Rock, and Musicals
    Country, Oldies/Rock 'n Roll, Pop, and jazzy song my husband Scott's band is playing
    Vacation Spot
    Xcaret Resort and Parks in Mexico
    Disney World and plans to visit the US' 50 largest cities
    Video Game
    The Final Fantasy Series
    Mario Brothers

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