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Kenny & Teresa

We want to thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. We are very excited about adopting and bringing a child into our family! We hope our story will help your choice. Please know that whatever choice you make we wish you and your child the best. This profile will give you a glimpse into our lives and family, we look forward to meeting you.

About Us

Practice Manager
Sales Representative
Bachelor's Degree in Business
High School
Legally Married

Our Leisure Time

Making Memories in Hawaii

We would describe ourselves as easy going and goal driven. We absolutely love the outdoors, so when we are not at work, we usually find a reason to be outside. Working in the yard, gardening and maintaining our chicken coop may seem like chores to most, but to us it is an opportunity to be in nature and to get some sun. We believe that being in nature is good for the soul and teaches patience and understanding. We cannot wait to share these experiences with our future children.

Teresa's favorite hobbies are reading, gardening, baking, playing with her chickens and decorating for Christmas! Kenny's hobbies are hiking, fishing, barbecuing, archery and watching football.

Together we love to see and experience new places, people, and foods. We appreciate the beauty of the world around us and want to learn about people and where they come from. We love to go on road trips together, gather with our friends and families, go camping, explore new cities, cook and enjoy trying new foods. We also appreciate little things like sunsets, coffee dates, taking our dogs for walks, going to the movies and game nights.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other

Our Wedding Day

Kenny About Teresa: Teresa is my partner in life. I love her very much. She is one of the most generous, caring, loving and thoughtful people I know. She makes me a better person and continually motivates me through our life. Teresa is always willing to help anyone in need and has an immense ability to relate to anyone. She is very family orientated and cannot wait to be able to pass down her many family traditions and create new ones. My wish for her is to have the opportunity to be a mother. There is no doubt that she will be a fabulous one and that we will make and outstanding team as parents.

Teresa About Kenny: Kenny is a wonderful husband and partner. We talk, laugh, and play with our pups together daily. He is my everything! He is strong, goal driven, understanding and loving. I know that he cannot wait to pass down knowledge and legacy to our child. If I ever doubt myself or get discouraged, he is always there. He always helps me whether it is doing laundry, cleaning the dishes, opening a jar, or letting me vent! I truly love him and can't imagine my life without him. The bond we share is unlike any other. He will be an outstanding father.

Our Pets

At the Park With Duke & Penny

Kenny has worked in the veterinary industry for over 20 years now and animals have always played a major role in our lives.

Together we have two dogs and 6 chickens. They are a huge part of our daily lives and are truly part of our family, we enjoy every minute with them. Each one of them has their own personality.

Quality Time With Buffy

Our dogs, Duke and Penny, spend most of the day chasing squirrels and waiting for us to come home. It is amazing how much love and laughter they bring into our lives and even how much closer we become with each other because of them.

Pets will always be part of our lives and we hope to teach that same love and affection for them to our future children.


Listening to Country Music in Nashville
Listening to Country Music in Nashville
Baking a Yummy Apple Pie
Baking a Yummy Apple Pie
At the Family Ranch in Texas
At the Family Ranch in Texas
Visiting Family in Illinois
Visiting Family in Illinois
Playing Guitar
Playing Guitar
Christmas at Our Home
Christmas at Our Home
Walking at the Family Ranch
Walking at the Family Ranch
Celebrating Our Nephew's Communion
Celebrating Our Nephew's Communion
Disney Adventures With Our Niece
Disney Adventures With Our Niece
Smoking Ribs for a Family Dinner
Smoking Ribs for a Family Dinner
Cuddling With Our Great Niece
Cuddling With Our Great Niece
Downtown Big Bear
Downtown Big Bear
1 / 12
Listening to Country Music in Nashville
Listening to Country Music in Nashville
2 / 12
Baking a Yummy Apple Pie
Baking a Yummy Apple Pie
3 / 12
At the Family Ranch in Texas
At the Family Ranch in Texas
4 / 12
Visiting Family in Illinois
Visiting Family in Illinois
5 / 12
Playing Guitar
Playing Guitar
6 / 12
Christmas at Our Home
Christmas at Our Home
7 / 12
Walking at the Family Ranch
Walking at the Family Ranch
8 / 12
Celebrating Our Nephew's Communion
Celebrating Our Nephew's Communion
9 / 12
Disney Adventures With Our Niece
Disney Adventures With Our Niece
10 / 12
Smoking Ribs for a Family Dinner
Smoking Ribs for a Family Dinner
11 / 12
Cuddling With Our Great Niece
Cuddling With Our Great Niece
12 / 12
Downtown Big Bear
Downtown Big Bear

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We live in a family-oriented neighborhood with many parks, trails, and amusements within driving distance. Our home is a one-story ranch, it has 4 large bedrooms and a pool. Our favorite place in our house is our large backyard because it is set up for family fun.

Planting Cucumbers in Our Garden

Down the street is the famous Victoria Ave. It lined with citrus trees and old oaks. It is designed for everyone to take a stroll, walk their dogs, ride their bikes and you will even see the nearby cowboys riding their horses. It is a definitely a neighborhood favorite.

Our neighborhood embraces all the major Holiday's but it really goes all in for Christmas. The biggest tradition is the Christmas lighting of The Mission Inn Hotel. Visitors from all over the state come visit the Inn and surrounding businesses during Christmas. They have everything from ice skating, Christmas Carolers and homemade hot chocolate. The community has a blast participating. It's one of our favorite places to spend an evening.

Our Extended Families

Family Reunion in Texas

Kenny has a huge and loving family. Every other year we gather for a family reunion on his family ranch in Texas. He has 18 aunts and uncles and 32 cousins. His cousins meet for a destination concert somewhere in the U.S. every year. His family comes from both California and Texas. His family in California is all within a one-hour drive and his parents live a few miles down the road.

With Our Nieces

Teresa's family is originally from Poland and they have spread out around the world over the years. Some still live in Poland, but others are in Miami, Chicago, Las Vegas and Nashville. Despite the distance, they all find a way to meet regularly. They take turns traveling to each-others homes around the holiday's and always meet at her parents' house in Las Vegas every year for the Super Bowl.

From Us to You

We first want to start off by saying how brave and courageous you are. We can't think of anything more honorable and selfless than what you are considering for your baby. We want you to know that if you choose us to adopt your child, we will always honor you in our household for your decision.

We have attempted to have children for close to five years now (both naturally and medically) but were never fortunate enough to conceive. When we were told by our doctors that we wouldn't be able to have children we were heartbroken and devastated. We had been on an emotional five yearlong rollercoaster that finally ended. We felt like our dream of becoming parents was over. But, after many long talks with some of our family members and friends who have adopted their children, we realized that we didn't need to have our own conceived child to be a parent, so we decided to pursue the gift of adoption. Afterall, we weren't just looking to have a child. We wanted to be able to teach, nurture and provide opportunities that maybe we never had.

We have always dreamed about being parents and raising a child in our loving home. We are very excited about adopting and have much love to share with a child as we expand our family. Please always know that we will unconditionally love and cherish your child and will make sure that they will be proud to be adopted. We want you to know that we are prepared to do everything in our power to give your child every opportunity to have a wonderful and prosperous life.

Family is very important to us, and we believe we have great one. Our family is scattered all across the world and we are excited to take our little one to visit all of them. We would be proud to teach them all about our family traditions and to learn all about the world's different cultures. And while we believe having all of these experiences is important, we think it is crucial for them to know how to appreciate the simple things. Being in nature, having pets and weekend family barbecues are the foundation for life-long memories. We have many adopted children in our family, so our child will be raised in an understanding family and they will never feel out of place. Our dream is to watch our child grow, be happy, and to follow their dreams. Whether it is sports or the band, science club or dance, we want them to know they can do anything they want in their life and we will love and support them every step of the way.

We respect your thoughts and feelings about future communications and don't want you to feel any unwanted pressure. Just know that we are an open book and would welcome you to be part of their life journey. We will always stay in contact with pictures, emails and are even open to in person visits when appropriate. We want our child to know all about you and where they came from. We believe this to be an essential part of their own adoption story and that it contributes to healthy growth for them.

We hope this profile gave you a look at our lives, and we look forward to meeting you. Thank you for taking time to get to know us.


Kenny & Teresa


Denzel Washingtoin
Jim Parsons
Francis McDormand
Sandra Bullock
Dan Flores
Elle Kennedy
Empire of the Summer Moon
The Grand Effect
Candy Bar
Baby Ruth
Milky Way Midnight
Tom and Jerry
The Flintstones
Childhood Memory
Camping with my Family
Making mud pies.
Childhood Toy
My Bike
Paper Dolls
Children's Book
Where the Sidewalk Ends
Charlotte's Web
Classic Movie
Pretty Woman
Day of Week
Ice Cream
White Cake with White Frosting
Disney Movie
Beauty and the Beast
Little Mermaid
Dream Car
Porsche 911
Chevy Chevelle SS
Dream Job
Fishing Guide
Stay at home Mom
Dream Vacation
Family Activity
Family Reunions
Flower / Plant
Mexican Food
Form of Exercise
Row Machine
Connect 4
Holiday Song
Jingle Bell Rock
The Christmas Shoes
Holiday Tradition
Thanksgiving Dinner
Christmas Dinner
Ice Cream
Turtle/Caramel Pecan
Cookie's and Cream
Junk Food
Chile Dogs
Tacos from Del Taco
Leisure Activity
Men's Health
Country Living
Memory with a Child
First words
Any Baby Giggle
Memory with Spouse
Going to country music concerts
Sitting on the couch holding hands.
The Little Mermaid
Movie Munchie
red Vines
Movie Quote
"I'll be back"
"Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get"
Movie Type
The Blues Brothers
Mamma Mia
Musical Group
The Beatles
Zac Brown Band
Nursery Rhyme
Old MacDonald had a Farm
Itsy Bitsy Spider
Olympic Event
100M Dash
Personal Hero
My Grandfather
My Dad
A Christmas Carol
Lion King
Robert Frost
Shel Silverstein
Quality about my Spouse
Caring to everyone
"For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness"
"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened"
Fogo de Chao
Wang Cho
Turkey and Cheese
Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong- Corithians 16:13
Love is patient, love is kind it keeps no record of wrong (Corinthians 13:4-8)
Shopping Store
Bass Pro Shop
I Should have been a Cowboy, By Toby Keith
Sand in my Boots, By Morgan Wallen
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Kobe Bryant
Wayne Gretzky
Sports Team
Las Vegas Raiders
L.A. Kings
Subject in School
The Incredible Hulk
Captain America
Thing to Cook
Time of Day
Family Reunions
Family Reunions
TV Show
The Big Bang Theory
TV Show Character
Saul Goodman
Sheldon Cooper
Type of Music
Vacation Spot
Video Game
Mario Cart
Duck Hunt

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