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Marco & Digna

We have an amazing marriage and an incredible group of friends. Six years ago, our beautiful daughter was born, and raising her has been a blessing, we know we make wonderful parents. Through the gift of adoption, we hope to share our life journey with you. We are very excited and grateful that you would consider placing your trust in us. We have lots of love to give!!

About Us

Pilot (Captain)
Stay-at-Home Mom
Vocational Degree in Aviation, Electrical Engineering
High School Diploma
Legally Married

Our Child

Isla and Her Grandfather

We have one daughter, her name is Isla. She has a very loving personality, everyone who meets her mentions how sweet she is. She gets along well with everyone, she loves to smile and give or receive hugs.

She is very engaged in learning about almost anything, and loves to participate in her class activities. Isla is adventurous, she is always looking for new ways to play. She is an animal lover, our two cats adore her and she loves to be around the horses on our ranch.

Isla loves water, we often take her swimming to pools, beaches and water parks. We have a local recreation center close to us, which has four pools, two slides and a variety of water sports. She loves the lazy river that they have there and she is learning to swim on her own.

She is looking forward to welcoming a new family member and having a play partner, we know she will be a great big sister and this child will be absolutely loved by all three of us!

Education We will Provide

Isla in Spain

Education is an important part of our lives, and we are committed to providing the best education we can for our children. We intend to offer our children a wide range of cultures, experiences and ideas and let them decide which appeals to them to most and encourage them in their chosen path.

We realize that education does not start in the classroom, it begins by fostering good values in our children at home, honesty and good morals for example. Some of the things that children should learn are not taught in school and we intend to teach them these skills, for them to have a well-rounded education. It is important to us that our children are bilingual. We plan to raise our children being fluent in at least two languages. Besides English, Digna speaks fluent Spanish and Marco speaks fluent French and German in addition to Spanish as well.

Because music is especially important to Digna, she feels our children should have the opportunity to play any instrument which they may desire, but only if that is something that they want to do. We feel fortunate that we have the resources to allow our children to attend the best schools, the ones of their choosing.

Our Favorite Vacation Spot

On the Pont Des Arts, Paris

While there are many places that we enjoy visiting, our most favorite is France. We have been a number of times. Sometimes we bring Marco's extended family with us because they live nearby and sometimes it is just the three of us.

We love the French culture, history and food, but above all we love to visit the many castles and palaces in the region. We typically fly into Paris and stay there a few days, then either rent a car or take the trains and explore the countryside, traveling to one or two castles a day, before moving on to the next town. In between we have also made visits to Disneyland Paris and went river rafting and cave exploring in the mountains of southern France. On one trip, we also went sailing for a few days from the French Mediterranean coast.

Marco loves to take as many pictures as possible of the many historic buildings as inspiration for the French-style custom home that we are now in the process of building. And Digna enjoys learning more about the local cuisine to expand her list of delicious meals that she likes to cook for our family.


With Isla in Amsterdam, Holland
With Isla in Amsterdam, Holland
Digna and Isla After Swimming
Digna and Isla After Swimming
Playing in a Park
Playing in a Park
Hanging Out in the Living Room
Hanging Out in the Living Room
Ziplining in St. Lucia
Ziplining in St. Lucia
The Cattle on Our Ranch
The Cattle on Our Ranch
Digna Gardening
Digna Gardening
Digna Playing with Isla
Digna Playing with Isla
Hiking in Germany
Hiking in Germany
Isla in the Mediterranean
Isla in the Mediterranean
Marco at Work
Marco at Work
Marco with Our Cat, Fuzzy
Marco with Our Cat, Fuzzy
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With Isla in Amsterdam, Holland
With Isla in Amsterdam, Holland
2 / 12
Digna and Isla After Swimming
Digna and Isla After Swimming
3 / 12
Playing in a Park
Playing in a Park
4 / 12
Hanging Out in the Living Room
Hanging Out in the Living Room
5 / 12
Ziplining in St. Lucia
Ziplining in St. Lucia
6 / 12
The Cattle on Our Ranch
The Cattle on Our Ranch
7 / 12
Digna Gardening
Digna Gardening
8 / 12
Digna Playing with Isla
Digna Playing with Isla
9 / 12
Hiking in Germany
Hiking in Germany
10 / 12
Isla in the Mediterranean
Isla in the Mediterranean
11 / 12
Marco at Work
Marco at Work
12 / 12
Marco with Our Cat, Fuzzy
Marco with Our Cat, Fuzzy

Our Extended Families

Marco's Family

We come from different cultural backgrounds, but one thing that we have in common in both our families is that being supportive and close to each other is most important.

Digna's Father

Some members of our extended families live close to us and others live in Europe. Digna's father lives just a few miles from our home and he visits with us often to play with our daughter and help raise her. He is described by many as one of the kindest people they have ever met. Digna also has several brothers and sisters, some of whom have their own families and live not far from us. We enjoy visiting with them regularly.

Marco's extended family is rather large, consisting of many aunts and uncles and their children. They live in different parts of Europe, and we often take this opportunity to see them and combine these family visits with sightseeing trips to those countries nearby that we have not yet explored that much. He also has one sister who lives in Cologne, Germany. Both of our families are as excited and happy as we are to share our adoption journey with us.

Our House and Neighborhood

Our House

We live in a beautiful 3-bedroom, 2-story home in North Texas in a quiet family-friendly neighborhood. We love to get together with our neighbors for backyard barbecues. Many of them have children themselves and they love to play with our daughter. We have spent many years remodeling and upgrading our home to make it our own.

Some of the highest-rated schools are close to our neighborhood, there is an elementary school a short walking distance from us. Near our home are several shopping centers, parks and a number of playgrounds. One of these parks is a two-minute walk behind our house, it has a large playground and two ponds. We also have a marina and resort nearby, which was built a few years ago, with many shops and restaurants. There are many community events hosted by our town, such as a Fourth of July fireworks and a Christmas market.

We have started to build a new luxury estate on our ranch which we also own, not far from here. We call it an estate because it consists of the large main house, a guest house, a workshop, two barns and a large garage. We are very excited to move here in a few years when the construction is completed. There are already three horses which our daughter loves to learn to ride and twenty-two cows who love to be pet and be given treats. Our neighbors there are very friendly and they are also raising young children.

From Us to You

Thank you for allowing us to introduce ourselves. We are Marco and Digna, along with our daughter Isla. We have been together for eleven years and married for seven years. We are happily married and enjoy spending as much time together as possible. We met when, Marco was attending a restaurant where Digna was working at the time. Digna was previously working in sales for a national beverage company, but she is now a stay-at-home-mum since our daughter was born. We believe it is best for our children to always have at least one of us around to care for them, instead of attending a day care facility.

Digna has a very nurturing personality and is a great mother. Marco is a pilot for one of the largest airlines, he has been a captain for many years and enjoys taking care of his crew and traveling to many countries. Flying is something he wanted to do since being a child and considers it as his dream job. He usually works three days a week and then has four days off, which allows us much time to spend together as a family. Our daughter, who was born six years ago, has been the joy of our life, she is a super sweet girl who is loved by anyone who meets her. Our two beautiful cats, Fuzzy and Luna, share our household with us.

We are a diverse family. Digna's parents, who have been living in Texas for more than thirty years, originally came from Cuba and Mexico and Marco's parents from Germany. We embrace this cultural diversity and continue traditions from both of our families. We are raising our daughter to be bilingual, with English as her first language and Spanish as a second language, which we both speak as well. In addition, Marco also speaks fluent French and German. Because Marco's family still lives in Europe, we frequently travel there and in general all over the world, we even had a destination wedding in the Caribbean, on the island of Barbados.

We feel very fortunate to live a financially independent lifestyle, with a net worth of several million dollars, which allows to afford nearly anything our children may need or want in the future, and we plan to pass that along to our children. But above all, we feel that our children need all the love in the world and feel valued and respected, to grow up living a happy and fulfilled life.

In a few years we plan to move from our suburban home to our new home which is being built now on our ranch not far from here. Life there in the countryside is so peaceful, with the animals who are already there, horses and cows, a private forest, a creek and two large ponds.

Because Digna had a difficult pregnancy and our daughter was born with a genetic condition, we were advised that becoming pregnant again may present those same challenges. But we always knew that we wanted to have more than one child. We are honored and excited about the idea of expanding our family through adoption, we can't wait to start this next chapter of our lives.

Thank you for considering us as potential parents for your precious child. We promise to maintain an open and honest relationship with you. We realize that it is important for you to stay informed about your child's development, growth and milestones. We will regularly send letters, emails and pictures as well as texts, phone calls, and are open to occasional visits if you are comfortable with those as well. We want to be sure that your child understands where he or she came from and understands the love that led to their adoption.

With heartfelt love and gratitude,

Marco & Digna


Bruce Willis
Sean Connery
Nicole Kidman
Emma Thompson
Savannah Cat
Isaac Asimov
Stephen King
Lost on Mars
The Flying Saucer Vision
Candy Bar
Milky Way
Kit Kat
The Simpsons
SpongeBob SquarePants
Childhood Memory
Vacationing in Swiss Alps
Hula Hooping
Childhood Toy
Model Airplane
Children's Book
The Little Engine That Could
Captain Underpants
Little Rock
Classic Movie
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
Star Wars
Day of Week
Creme Brulee
Honeydew Melon Cheesecake
Disney Movie
Beauty and the Beast
Dream Car
Ford F-450
Aston Martin DB11
Dream Job
Art Therapist
Dream Vacation
Maldives Islands
New Orleans
Family Activity
Exploring State Parks
Popcorn Stringing
Flower / Plant
Bird of Paradise
Taco Casserole
Form of Exercise
Valentines Day
Holiday Song
All I Want for Christmas Is You
Winter Winds
Holiday Tradition
Christmas Cards
Scratch Off Cards
Ice Cream
Custard Cherry
Junk Food
French Fries
Fried Pickles
Leisure Activity
Kite Flying
Popular Science
Memory with a Child
Going to Disney World
Going Halloweening
Memory with Spouse
Sailing in Barbados
Vacationing in St. Lucia
The 5th Element
The Zero Theorem
Movie Munchie
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Seasoned Kale Chips
Movie Quote
I'll be back
Why would you like to prove that all is for nothing
Movie Type
The Lion King
Musical Group
VNV Nation
Lana del Rey
Nursery Rhyme
Old MacDonald had a Farm
Three Blind Mice
Olympic Event
Personal Hero
Scott Wadsworth
My Father
Romeo and Juliet
Great Expectations
Oscar Wilde
Emma Donoghue
Quality about my Spouse
Her patience
If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything
You'll nver find me in any of their faces
Benoit Paris
Aspen House
Avocado Wrap
Timothy 6:5
Shopping Store
Home Depot
Tory Burch
Sport to Play
Ping Pong
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Ronald Acuna
Sports Team
San Francisco 49ers
Subject in School
Fine Art
Thing to Cook
Smoked Salmon
Herb-Crusted Pancakes
Time of Day
Decorating the Christmas tree
Baking for holidays
TV Show
Breaking Bad
Party of Five
TV Show Character
Eric Cartman
Jesse Pinkman
Type of Music
Vacation Spot
Video Game
Ghost Recon Breakpoint

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