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Courtney & Caroline

We're a fun-loving couple who finds joy both in cozy nights at home and sunny days by the beach! We are very grateful for the gift of adoption and the opportunity to grow our family in this way. We have so much love and energy to give and we're ready to nurture a child's dreams and curiosities in order to help them grow into the amazing person they'll become!

About Us

Company Vice President
Company President
Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education
Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology
Legally Married

Our Lifestyle

At the Local Park Near Our Home

Our lifestyle is a wonderful combination of active and restful. We love spending time at the beach, playing pickleball, riding bikes, exploring museums, attending concerts and sporting events, and eating at restaurants. We also really love to be at home! We enjoy spending time in our cozy home and all of the different spaces we have. We love to be with our dogs on the couch cuddling, reading or watching a movie. In our open concept home, we are able to still be close to one another when Caroline is cooking in the kitchen and Courtney is cuddling the dogs on the couch. Or when Courtney is baking and Caroline is working in the backyard. We enjoy traveling, especially road trips when we can bring the dogs along. We have some favorite places we visit every year and we're looking forward to continuing to travel as a family and showing a child many different parts of the world.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other

Together at Home

Courtney About Caroline: Caroline is incredibly kind, generous, and thoughtful. She is truly the best person I have ever known and I love her so deeply. She is always thinking of ways to show others she cares with small gifts or acts of service. She is very empathetic and able to examine any circumstance with an open heart and mind. Caroline is a strong leader and a problem solver, to her core. She is beyond intelligent and is able to think about issues in a variety of ways, and always able to find an effective and fair solution. She is always supportive and encouraging, and allows us to bring our dreams to fruition through her thoughtful organization and ambitious attitude. She is the "feet on the ground" to my "head in the sky" and we make an amazing team. She makes me laugh every day and we always have fun together, no matter what we are doing. The way Caroline cares for herself, me, our pups, and her family and friends, is a strong testament to what an amazing mom she will be. I can't wait to begin our parenting journey together!

Caroline About Courtney: I am completely in love with Courtney and feel so lucky to have found the type of fulfilling, caring, deep partnership that we share. She cares deeply for her friends, her family, and every animal on earth. She dreams so big and has ambitions to start non-profit organizations, create businesses and volunteer to help all types and groups of people and animals (and she's accomplished so much in these areas already!). Her imagination and creativity combined with her genuine and honest desire to help out, truly make her a special addition to the world. She has a unique perspective that allows her to step outside, and up above, the hum drum of daily life and really look for the sparkle in everything around her. I know how well-liked and well-respected she was during her teaching career; the stories and testimonials I've heard from her past students and colleagues speak volumes and I greatly respect her as an individual. It's incredible to be her partner and I can't wait to be mothers together!

What It Means to Become Parents

Courtney & Our Nephews

Being a parent is the most important honor we will have and is a role we take very seriously. We understand it is our duty to embrace, love, and accept a child for whoever they are and support them in discovering their true selves and following their dreams. We will provide opportunities for learning and growth, while allowing them to explore and discover their own path. We will love and protect them fiercely, and support them in every way. We will instill our family values of kindness, love, honesty, dedication, and humor in all we do. We are looking forward to traveling and exploring new places and cultures as a family, cuddling for movie nights, and reading bedtime stories. We are excited to be involved in extracurriculars and dedicate time to their interests. We will make sure there is fun and laughter in all that we do, and good music in the background!


Caroline Taking a Break From Snowboarding
Caroline Taking a Break From Snowboarding
Caroline Getting Ready to Surf
Caroline Getting Ready to Surf
Our Pups - Fancy & Phoebe
Our Pups - Fancy & Phoebe
Coach Caroline & Her Kindergarten Team
Coach Caroline & Her Kindergarten Team
Together in Austin, Texas - Courtney's Hometown
Together in Austin, Texas - Courtney's Hometown
Courtney & Her Students
Courtney & Her Students
On Our Rooftop Deck
On Our Rooftop Deck
Courtney at the Kids Table During Friendsgiving
Courtney at the Kids Table During Friendsgiving
Lounging at the Colorado Family Cabin
Lounging at the Colorado Family Cabin
With Our Niece During Her Annual Visit to California ('Camp Cali')
With Our Niece During Her Annual Visit to California ("Camp Cali")
Our Wedding Day With Our Flower Girl & Ring Bearer
Our Wedding Day With Our Flower Girl & Ring Bearer
Taking a Walk Through a Local Beach Resort
Taking a Walk Through a Local Beach Resort
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Caroline Taking a Break From Snowboarding
Caroline Taking a Break From Snowboarding
2 / 12
Caroline Getting Ready to Surf
Caroline Getting Ready to Surf
3 / 12
Our Pups - Fancy & Phoebe
Our Pups - Fancy & Phoebe
4 / 12
Coach Caroline & Her Kindergarten Team
Coach Caroline & Her Kindergarten Team
5 / 12
Together in Austin, Texas - Courtney's Hometown
Together in Austin, Texas - Courtney's Hometown
6 / 12
Courtney & Her Students
Courtney & Her Students
7 / 12
On Our Rooftop Deck
On Our Rooftop Deck
8 / 12
Courtney at the Kids Table During Friendsgiving
Courtney at the Kids Table During Friendsgiving
9 / 12
Lounging at the Colorado Family Cabin
Lounging at the Colorado Family Cabin
10 / 12
With Our Niece During Her Annual Visit to California ('Camp Cali')
With Our Niece During Her Annual Visit to California ("Camp Cali")
11 / 12
Our Wedding Day With Our Flower Girl & Ring Bearer
Our Wedding Day With Our Flower Girl & Ring Bearer
12 / 12
Taking a Walk Through a Local Beach Resort
Taking a Walk Through a Local Beach Resort

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We live in a small beach town outside of Los Angeles, California. We own a two-story, four-bedroom home that we call our cozy "fortress." We absolutely love our home and have put a lot of time and energy into making it our favorite place to be. We have two large, fenced yards, three balconies and a rooftop deck – which is our favorite spot! We love spending time on the rooftop reading, laying in the shade, playing with our dogs and watching the gorgeous west coast sunsets. We go up every night together as a family when we get the "sunset alert"! We spend a lot of time in our open concept living and kitchen space – we love to host friends and family for dinner parties like "Friendsgiving" and sports like college football and NHL hockey. We are a block away from an elementary school and a middle school and our neighborhood is very safe and walkable. We take morning walks through the neighborhood for exercise and we take our dogs for "sniff walks" most afternoons! We are half a mile from many shops, a movie theater, four small parks/playgrounds, and a walking + biking path that connects these all together. We spend much of our time at the beach and a nearby greenbelt path; both are a quick five-minute drive away. There are a ton of friendly families and young children on our block. We appreciate the diversity that exists in our neighborhood, it's a wonderful place to raise a child!

Our Extended Families

Courtney & Her Mom

We both come from loving and supportive families and everyone is excited to add a child to the fun! We live less than ten minutes from Caroline's parents and Courtney's mom, and all future grandparents are retired! Caroline has a twin brother who lives in our family cabin a few hours away and an older sister who lives in Denver, Colorado with her husband (they are expecting a baby in October!). We love visiting them every May for a concert at Red Rocks and some cousin time. Courtney is an only child and as a result is incredibly entertaining and independent! Both of our families enjoy great food, sporting events, live music, and the beach. Caroline's parents are wonderful cooks and we often gather over a meal at their home to enjoy their backyard and pool! We get together several times a week with Courtney's mom for a meal out or a beach walk and we see Caroline's siblings several times a year for fun in the mountains. Both families have blended together beautifully and we feel so fortunate. We also have a large "chosen family" made up of friends and their children across California, Arizona, Colorado and Texas. We have annual trips planned with these friends; and they often request to come out to California for a visit here! Our two pups, Fancy and Phoebe Midge, complete our family and both are so excited to welcome a child! We know any child will be loved so deeply by our entire family.

Caroline's Family

From Us to You

We want to start by acknowledging you and expressing the love and gratitude we have for you, already. We know you are faced with a difficult decision and we imagine that considering an adoption plan for your baby may be challenging. You are very brave and we support you.

We have been through a lot as a couple and we feel very confident about becoming new moms together. We met in 2017 while working together at a startup family fitness center. We instantly connected and quickly became best friends. We were very close friends for about a year before we started dating and we fell deeply in love along the way. In 2018, while taking a road trip from Austin to Boston, we decided to be together and we have been very happily in love ever since! We got engaged in 2020, bought our first home together, and decided to make the adventurous move to California! In 2022, we had a small wedding with our closest friends and family in northern California and bought our current home that we love dearly and still live in today.

We both have extensive backgrounds working with children of all ages and we feel very confident in our ability to create a great life for a child. Courtney has a degree in Early Childhood Education and she taught Pre-K and Kindergarten for 10 years before becoming the Youth Programs Director at a large facility. She has many teaching certifications and has also been a private nanny and Summer Camp owner. Caroline has worked with children since she was in high school and began teaching private swim lessons. She has been a soccer coach for various youth leagues, including a small group of Courtney's Kindergarten students, and she became part of the family helping a single-mom with two daughters as their nanny while she was in college. Together, we have many friends with young children and we love spending time and traveling with them. Every summer we host "Camp Cali" for our family friend's young daughter as an opportunity for her to visit us (all by herself!) for a few days and explore California. It has become such a special tradition for all three of us and has allowed us to practice our parenting skills! We're also greatly looking forward to becoming aunties in Caroline's sister's life – she's due with her first child in October!

We now operate an Audio Visual Technology company together out of our home as company President and Vice President. We love our jobs for many reasons, with one of the biggest being the flexibility that we have. We are our own bosses and are able to create our own schedule that works best for our family on any given day, month, or year. We can work when we want to and focus on family when we need to. We plan to keep the new baby at home with us until they are a few years old and Courtney plans to scale back to part-time work in order to focus on caregiving and the child's education. We have two eager sets of grandparents in the same town who are excited to be a big part of our growing family!

We both plan to be very hands-on parents and share the responsibilities and caregiving equally. You have our most sincere commitment. As the child grows, we promise to support them in their development and growth towards becoming their authentic self. We will provide opportunities for self-discovery and exploration and will nurture their talents and interests. We will love them always and unconditionally for exactly who they are. We will make sure they always lead with love, acceptance, kindness, and honesty. We will help build their confidence to advocate for themselves and speak up for what is right. We will listen to them and respect their opinions, preferences, and needs. We will have so much fun and our home will always be filled with laughter, music, and delicious food. We will take them to the beach often, to visit with friends and family regularly, and to explore the world around us always. We will provide a fun and loving childhood with all of the love we have to give!

We want to assure you that we will honor you and your role in the family story every day. We will make sure your child knows how loved they are by all of their families, how special you are to us, and how grateful we are for this incredible gift you have given us – the gift of a family. We will integrate your family history, culture and traditions into our daily lives as much as you are comfortable with, and nurture the relationship between all of us as it ebbs and flows. We will keep open communication with you in whatever capacity you are comfortable with. We will send photos, letters, and updates often and are also open to email and phone contact, as well as in-person visits.

Thank you for your time and interest in our profile, we would love the opportunity to get to know you more and answer any questions you have. You are in our thoughts and we wish you all of the very best on this journey!

Courtney & Caroline


Pedro Pascal
Matthew McConaughey
Kate Winslet
Julia Roberts
Elizabeth Gilbert
Glennon Doyle
Hunger Games
Candy Bar
Childhood Memory
Movie Theater with my Mom
Boogie Boarding at the Beach
Childhood Toy
Lite Brite
Children's Book
Don't Let The Pigeon Stay Up Late by Mo Willems
Where The Wild Things Are
Austin, TX
Palm Springs, CA
Classic Movie
Sound Of Music
Sky Blue
Day of Week
Cherry Pie
Disney Movie
Inside Out
Dream Car
Rolls Royce
Porsche 911
Dream Job
Music Journalist
Professional Soccer Player
Dream Vacation
Bora Bora
Family Activity
Beach Picnic
Flower / Plant
Form of Exercise
Weight Lifting
Heads Up
Heads Up
Holiday Song
All I Want For Christmas Is You
Up On The Housetop
Holiday Tradition
Christmas Eve neighborhood walk to look at Christmas lights
Christmas Day Beach Walk
Ice Cream
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Junk Food
Cool Ranch Doritos
Leisure Activity
Watching movies
Outdoor Walking
Rolling Stone
Cooking Light
Memory with a Child
Teaching Kindergarten
Teaching Children's Swim Lessons
Memory with Spouse
First trip to Palm Springs
Cross Country Road Trip
Movie Munchie
Popcorn (extra butter)
Sour Patch Kids
Movie Quote
"If you're a bird, I'm a bird" - The Notebook
"Just Keep Swimming" - Finding Nemo
Movie Type
Musical Group
Kacey Musgraves
Nursery Rhyme
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Itsy Bitsy Spider
Olympic Event
Track and Field
Personal Hero
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Sally Ride
Sweeney Todd
Cirque du Soleil
Mary Oliver
Shel Silverstein
Quality about my Spouse
"Breathe easy, think slowly, dream focused"
"To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all."
P.F. Changs
Peanut Butter and Banana
Shopping Store
"This Must Be The Place" - Talk Heads
"Exile" - Taylor Swift
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Megan Rapinoe
Abby Wambach
Sports Team
Angel City
LA Kings
Subject in School
Thing to Cook
Chicken and Vegetable Soup
Breakfast Burritos
Time of Day
Early Morning
"Beach Mondays"
"Beach Mondays"
TV Show
TV Show Character
Janine Teagues (from Abbott Elementary)
Phoebe (from Friends)
Type of Music
All music!
Vacation Spot
Palm Springs
June Lake, CA
Video Game
Mario Kart
Guitar Hero

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