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Jonathan & Gloria

We know this is not an easy decision, and we admire your selflessness and strength. We can't tell you how much we appreciate you considering us to be your child's parent. We hope that you can see through our profile the love we have for each other and the love, support, and happiness we will provide our child. We hope you will consider us for this amazing gift.

About Us

Assistant Director - Event and Venue Marketing
Assistant Director - Enrollment Management Marketing
Master of Business Administration
Master of Business Administration
Legally Married

Our Leisure Time

We Made It to the Top!

We love to spend time together and we have a ton of similar interests and hobbies so most of our leisure time is spent together. We both love being in nature and going on little adventures. Luckily, our city has an award-winning parks department. We love exploring the 100+ parks within our community and traveling around the state to other state parks, hiking, kayaking, camping, or tending to our garden. We both have some amazing childhood memories of exploring wooded and nature areas, and we're excited to share this with our child and experience the magic of nature from our child's perspective. 

When we're not among the trees, we're probably in the kitchen. We both love to cook and bake, and are always making things together. Jonathan is an amazing baker and cannot wait to share his love of baking with our child. Gloria is always creating her own recipes and wants to share with our child her love of connecting with people through food.  

Gloria loves to read and has an extensive book collection. She's very excited to share her love of reading with our child, and both her and Jonathan look forward to having quality time reading books to them at bedtime. Jonathan enjoys photography in his spare time, and both he and Gloria are excited to share their love of music with our child, whether it's a visit to the symphony or having a picnic while watching the free, outdoor concerts at our city's amazing amphitheater.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other

Always Smiling When We're Together!

Gloria About Jonathan: The things I love most about Jonathan are his kindness, empathy, and unconditional support. I've never had someone in my life that has been so supportive of all my dreams. Jonathan is very in tune with his feelings and other people's feelings. His ability to be empathetic and to feel his emotions is such a rare gift to find in a person. I know that he will always support and love our child and will help them through anything they are going through in life because he has already done that so much for me.    

Jonathan About Gloria: Gloria is such a kind and thoughtful person. She always wants to make sure everyone feels included and valued. She has a fun-loving spirit, and is always able to put a smile on my face. Gloria understands that our marriage is a partnership and is the best partner that I could have asked for. She's great at communicating, which allows us to work through anything together. I know she'll bring that sense of loyalty and communication into her relationship with our child, making sure they always know they are safe, loved and valued. Gloria is especially patient and nurturing with our young nephews and our friends' children and I can just see that she will make an amazing mother.  

Our Family Traditions

Ready for Trick-or-Treaters

Our two favorite holidays are Christmas and Halloween. We have a ton of little traditions we do each year for both, including decorating, movie nights, themed crafts and celebrations with friends and family.

We LOVE having trick-or-treaters, and we're officially the "cool house" in our neighborhood at Halloween. We've built a ten-foot-long treat chute so we can slide candy down for the kids to catch at the end of the driveway! The neighborhood kids get so excited for it each year.  

On Christmas, we spend the morning and afternoon with our extended families. When we come home, Gloria makes a Christmas lasagna and we open presents with each other and have our pets "open" their stockings while listening to Christmas music on our record player. We both work for a university, and get nearly two weeks off around Christmas, so that will give us extra quality time around the holidays to do lots of activities with our child!

Other traditions we have include taking time to be in nature, either from going on day hikes, visiting local parks or camping. We also really enjoy treating ourselves to a nice sushi dinner whenever we have something to celebrate. Something we both value is spending quality time together, and we think the perfect way to do this is to take a minute to celebrate the small joys in life. We can't wait to include our child in these traditions, and create more special traditions as a family!


We Love Seeing Live Theater
We Love Seeing Live Theater
Marathon Finisher!
Marathon Finisher!
At a Summer Concert With Our Dog, Roxxanne
At a Summer Concert With Our Dog, Roxxanne
All Dressed Up
All Dressed Up
Enjoying the Sunflowers
Enjoying the Sunflowers
Visiting the World's Largest Aquarium
Visiting the World's Largest Aquarium
A Day in Nature Is the Best Kind of Day!
A Day in Nature Is the Best Kind of Day!
Dog Day at the Ballpark
Dog Day at the Ballpark
Enjoying the Sea Breeze
Enjoying the Sea Breeze
Ready for Santa!
Ready for Santa!
1 / 12
We Love Seeing Live Theater
We Love Seeing Live Theater
2 / 12
Marathon Finisher!
Marathon Finisher!
3 / 12
4 / 12
At a Summer Concert With Our Dog, Roxxanne
At a Summer Concert With Our Dog, Roxxanne
5 / 12
All Dressed Up
All Dressed Up
6 / 12
Enjoying the Sunflowers
Enjoying the Sunflowers
7 / 12
8 / 12
Visiting the World's Largest Aquarium
Visiting the World's Largest Aquarium
9 / 12
A Day in Nature Is the Best Kind of Day!
A Day in Nature Is the Best Kind of Day!
10 / 12
Dog Day at the Ballpark
Dog Day at the Ballpark
11 / 12
Enjoying the Sea Breeze
Enjoying the Sea Breeze
12 / 12
Ready for Santa!
Ready for Santa!

Our House and Neighborhood

Home Sweet Home

We live in a wonderfully charming neighborhood that is just a short walk from a local park and elementary school. We love our neighborhood because of its diversity and family friendliness. Being so close to a park, there are always children playing and riding bikes. Two of the things we love so much about living in our city, are their award-winning parks and amazing public libraries. On the weekends or after work, we take what we call "parkventures" and explore all the wonderful parks in our city. We so excited to share our love of nature and sense of adventure with our child. There are two libraries close to our house. In addition to the great selection of books, our libraries regularly put on arts and crafts and storytime programs for kids that will be so much fun to attend with our child! 

Our house is on a quiet street in our neighborhood. We love the location because there is not a lot of traffic and it is very safe and child friendly. We live in a three-bedroom, two-bathroom house with a large fenced in backyard, with our dog and two cats. We love to cook, and have a large kitchen attached to an open family room. We picture our child playing in the family room while we prepare meals together. Gloria's favorite room of the house is our library, and Jonathan loves spending time in the backyard, tending to our garden and watching the birds. 

Our Extended Families

With Family

We are very fortunate that our large support system of family and friends lives near us. Our family and friends are very important to us, and seeing their excitement for our adoption just reassures us of the love our child will get from us and from everyone in our lives.  

We regularly have dinners with Gloria's parents and grandparents. Gloria's parents live nearby and cannot wait to be called Granny and Gramps. We are also very close with Gloria's childhood best friend, Maranda, and her husband and two sons. We love when they come over to play and do crafts. 

Jonathan & His Dad

Jonathan's dad and younger brother also live nearby, and we love getting together to share a meal and play board games. Jonathan's dad loves babies and children, and always seeks them out to play whenever we have family get-togethers. Since he is retired, he's very much looking forward to spending lots of quality time with his future grandchild.  

We love having our friends and family over to our house. In the summer, we like to grill and play yard games in our big backyard. When the weather is cooler, we'll have game nights inside. Jonathan always bakes bread and Gloria will bake a dessert or make a lasagna when we have friends and family over. We're so excited to include our child in these traditions and have them experience all the laughter, love and support that our family and friends bring to our lives. 

From Us to You

Thank you so much for taking the time to explore our profile. After reading through it, we hope you have been able to get a small glimpse into our lives, the love we have for each other and the love we will give to a child. We cannot express the amount of joy we feel to be taking this next step in growing our family.

We know that this is a big decision to make. We want you to know how excited we are to welcome a child into our family, and we're excited to welcome you, too. We want to make sure you feel connected to your child and share in their growth, development and achievements. We look forward to sharing phone calls, letters, photos and more with you. We know it will take some time to find the right balance in communication and that this relationship will ebb and flow with time. We want you to know that we are committed to figuring out how to best support you and this child. Being open with their adoption story from an early age is something very special we plan to on sharing with this child. They will know you and know about the brave decision you made for them. They will be encouraged to explore and share all the feeling they have about being an adopted child, and as a family we will navigate all of their complex emotions.

Now that you know a bit more about how we see our relationship with you and have a little insight to how we plan to be as parents. We want to share with you more about each of us and our life together.

It feels like we've known each other our whole lives. We met in college and became quick friends. After we both graduated and our friend group got a little smaller, we started spending more time together and one day everything kind of clicked into place and we knew we wanted to be together. From that moment we've shared a sense of adventure, a love of music and laughter, and enjoy each other's company to no end. We've been married for almost five years, and have been together for almost ten years. Our relationship is built on unconditional love and support. We've had many ups and downs in our life together but have always had each other to lean on.

Together, we've worked to reach our academic and professional goals. We recently graduated with our master's degrees and feel so lucky that we both have built careers that we love, working at a public university. Not only are our careers at the university professionally fulfilling for us, but we get to be a part of an incredible campus community that shares our values when it comes to having a great work/life balance and very family-friendly policies. Gloria has secured a flexible and hybrid work schedule and works from home three days a week. Jonathan anticipates getting approval for a similar work schedule in the near future to be able to be home just as much for this child. We love the generous amount of paid holiday, vacation and sick time we both received working for a public institution. It has allowed us to take long vacations and we're always able to see family during the holidays. We very excited to get to spend as much time as possible with our child and to be able to experience them grow and develop.

We have created such an incredible life together. We're excited to journey into this next chapter of our lives together and to grow our family. Our family currently consists of the two of us and our three pets; Roxxanne - our 11-year-old miniature dachshund, Pond – our 10-year-old calico cat, and Stormageddon – our 9-year-old gray tabby. They're so gentle and affectionate, and fill our lives with so much love and joy. We can only imagine the love and joy a child will bring into our little family.

Thank you again for reading over our profile and for considering us.

Jonathan & Gloria


Orlando Bloom
Ryan Reynolds
Kristen Wiig
J R R Tolkien
Sarah J. Mass
The Hobbit
Gone Girl
Candy Bar
3 Musketeers
Batman: The Animated Series
Childhood Memory
Having pizza and watching TV with my family every Friday night.
Going to McDonalds with my mom every Friday and getting a Happy Meal and playing in the play area
Childhood Toy
Ninja Turtles action figures
Children's Book
Goodnight Moon
The Little Prince
Austin, TX
Austin, TX
Classic Movie
Mary Poppins
Day of Week
Apple pie (my Mom's recipe)
Strawberry cake
Disney Movie
Little Mermaid
Dream Car
Big luxury RV for travel
2000 Z28 Camero
Dream Job
Coffee shop owner
VP of Marketing and Communications for a public university or non-profit
Dream Vacation
Alaskan cruise
Tour of Ireland
Family Activity
Going to the park
Nature walks
Flower / Plant
Form of Exercise
Ticket to Ride
Crafting or cooking
Holiday Song
Carol of the Bells
Wonderful Christmastime
Holiday Tradition
Driving around the neighborhood looking at Christmas lights and drinking hot chocolate
Making a Christmas lasagna
Ice Cream
Black cherry vanilla
Cookies n/ Cream
Junk Food
Lays Baked BBQ potato chips
BBQ Chips
Leisure Activity
Popular Photography
Memory with a Child
Playing with my nephew at the park
Having summer water days in our backyard with our friends' children, we have water balloon fights, run through sprinkler and eat home-made popsicles
Memory with Spouse
Our wedding day.
Anytime we go on a hiking adventure.
The Princess Bride
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Movie Munchie
Kettle corn
Butter popcorn
Movie Quote
"I have found it is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love."
Movie Type
Musical Group
Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls
Matt and Kim
Nursery Rhyme
This Little Piggy
You Are My Sunshine
Olympic Event
Personal Hero
My Mom
My papa
Twelfth Night
Twelfth Night
Oscar Wilde
Rupi Kaur
Quality about my Spouse
Her thoughtfulness
His kind heart
"If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world."
With great power, comes great responsibility.
Piranha Sushi
Spice, it's a local Thai restaurant
Turkey and avocado on sourdough bread
Grilled cheese
Love one another
Shopping Store
Friday I'm in Love
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Adrian Beltre
Michael Jordan
Sports Team
Texas Rangers
Dallas Stars
Subject in School
Anything creative
Thing to Cook
Al Pastor Tacos
Time of Day
Late morning
Movie night with Gloria and our pets and some homemade popcorn.
Dressing up and handing out candy on Halloween
TV Show
The Office
Vampire Diaries
TV Show Character
Ted Lasso
Ted Lasso
Type of Music
Indie Rock
Vacation Spot
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Video Game
Mario Kart

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