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Rob & Katie

We know this is hard! We have had struggles of our own the last few years. It will get better, and everything will work out. Don't put too much pressure on yourself. Thank you for considering us and reading our profile. To be your child's parents would be our honor and privilege. You have a lot of big decisions. Take your time. Please let us know if we can help.

About Us

Financial Advisor
Operations Specialist
Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration
Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education
Legally Married

Why We Chose Adoption

Our Family

We have a 10-year-old daughter named Emily. Emily loves to swim and do handstands and flips in the pool! She plays basketball on a team part of the year, but we play in the driveway all year. She also does gymnastics most of the year. She loves rollerblading, riding her bike, and riding her scooter. She loves playing with all the neighborhood kids, but it bothers her that she is the only one that doesn't have siblings. Emily has been waiting to be a big sister for years, so she is very excited about this child!

We love being parents and have always envisioned our lives with more than one child. We had our daughter Emily in 2012 and started trying to have another child in 2014. By 2017, when we had already had one miscarriage but no second child, we began working with a fertility clinic. We tried various medical procedures, but unfortunately they did not work. We now know that it is impossible for us to have any more biological children.

However, we also know that becoming parents to a second child was something we were called to do. When we started researching everything about growing our family through adoption, it just felt right. It wasn't even a question for us. We are excited about the opportunity to grow our family through adoption and to provide the love and support that we know we have available to give another child.

Our Adventures

Hiking in Maui

One of our favorite things to do as a family is traveling. We generally go on one or two more significant trips yearly and maybe one or two smaller ones. It is fun to see new places and have new experiences as a family, and we look forward to creating many memorable vacation memories with this child. In just the last few years, we have visited San Diego, California, Riviera Maya, Mexico, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and Disney World in Florida, but our favorite in the last few years was Maui, Hawaii! It was unlike any place we have ever been, and it is hard to believe it is even a part of the United States.

Some of our shorter vacations the last few years have been Sheboygan, Wisconsin, French Lick, Indiana, Cincinnati, Ohio, Louisville, Kentucky, and Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

Neither of our families traveled much when we were children, so one of the things that is very important to us is to make sure any children we raise travel extensively. When we travel, we usually go someplace with a beach and ocean. The exception to that has been Disney World. Even though there is no beach in Orlando, it was a lot of fun and someplace we plan to revisit several times.

Adoption in Our Family

Adoption has affected us personally because our brother-in-law and his sister were adopted as children. We are very close to our sister and brother-in-law, so we have seen his relationship with his adoptive and birth parents. He is an adult, yet his adoptive and birth parents are both in his life. They all come to family functions and holidays and visit with our nieces and nephews as their grandparents. This is how things have always been for them, so they don't think there is anything unusual about the arrangement, and it just means they have even more grandparents!

It has helped our brother-in-law have a stronger sense of identity. He knows why he has certain facial features, why he is tall, and even his birth family's medical history. It has also helped his children to have that same sense of identity. They all know where their dad came from and how all of his parents fit into the picture. The whole thing is what you would hold up as an example of how adoption can work out very well for everyone involved.


All Dressed Up in Maui
All Dressed Up in Maui
Rob & Emily Canoeing
Rob & Emily Canoeing
Katie & Emily Selfie
Katie & Emily Selfie
Fun at Disney World
Fun at Disney World
Exploring Balboa Park
Exploring Balboa Park
Nightitme on the Beach in San Diego
Nightitme on the Beach in San Diego
Sunset at Lake Geneva
Sunset at Lake Geneva
By the Woods Near Our House
By the Woods Near Our House
Our Dogs - Lily & Darla
Our Dogs - Lily & Darla
Rob & Emily Playing Basketball in Our Driveway
Rob & Emily Playing Basketball in Our Driveway
Christmas Lights in the Park
Christmas Lights in the Park
Our Wedding Day
Our Wedding Day
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All Dressed Up in Maui
All Dressed Up in Maui
2 / 12
Rob & Emily Canoeing
Rob & Emily Canoeing
3 / 12
Katie & Emily Selfie
Katie & Emily Selfie
4 / 12
Fun at Disney World
Fun at Disney World
5 / 12
Exploring Balboa Park
Exploring Balboa Park
6 / 12
Nightitme on the Beach in San Diego
Nightitme on the Beach in San Diego
7 / 12
Sunset at Lake Geneva
Sunset at Lake Geneva
8 / 12
By the Woods Near Our House
By the Woods Near Our House
9 / 12
Our Dogs - Lily & Darla
Our Dogs - Lily & Darla
10 / 12
Rob & Emily Playing Basketball in Our Driveway
Rob & Emily Playing Basketball in Our Driveway
11 / 12
Christmas Lights in the Park
Christmas Lights in the Park
12 / 12
Our Wedding Day
Our Wedding Day

Our House and Neighborhood

Home Sweet Home

We live in a town of roughly 20,000 people in Illinois. The location is excellent because we are within two hours of St. Louis to the west and Indianapolis to the east, and we are less than three hours from Chicago. It gives us many options for day trips to different city zoos, children's museums, outstanding parks, and other fun city activities. We are close enough that, when we are done, we drive home to our friendly, quiet town.

We live in a three-bedroom, two-bathroom house at the end of a peaceful and safe cul-de-sac. It is perfect for us to play basketball in the driveway, ride bikes, or skate because there is no traffic. Our daughter Emily loves playing with the many neighborhood children. They range in age from middle school to newborns. With so many young families in the neighborhood, the number of kids will probably keep growing! It is a highly family friendly town and neighborhood.

One of our favorite activities is going swimming at the pool. There are always kids to play with, and having the lifeguard that is always there gives us additional peace of mind.

There are many great parks and playgrounds, including a brand new one with a zipline by the lake.

Our daughter attends a private, Christian K-8 school, and we love the level of education and attention they provide with such small class sizes.

Our Extended Families

Rob's Family

We are both close with our families. Katie has a younger sister, and Rob has an older sister and two younger brothers. We live within two hours of every member of both of our families, so we see everyone pretty often. We have five nieces and nephews combined and a ten-year-old daughter named Emily, who can't want to be a big sister. We go to Katie's Aunt and Uncle's house every year for their Fourth of July barbecue. We all love it because all our cousins, nephews, nieces, and friends come together to celebrate simultaneously. We play in the pool and hot tub, play bags and other yard games, and eat way too much food! The house is so close to the city's fireworks display that we always end the celebration by sitting in the front yard in lawn chairs and blankets, watching the fireworks.

Katie's Family

This past Fourth of July, we got to share with our families that we plan to adopt a child. They all know that we have been trying to have a second child for about eight years but were unable to biologically, so they were all thrilled for us to grow our family another way. We can't wait to add this child to our holiday and other family traditions and watch our family and friends love and embrace the child you have blessed us with.

From Us to You

These letters are probably all starting to sound the same, huh? "We are so grateful to you for giving our family this gift." "We can't imagine how hard this must be for you." Those things are true, and the people writing them are well-intentioned, but we doubt it is helping you very much. Everyone writing those letters wants the same thing. They want you to choose them to parent your child. You probably want to know that you are choosing the best possible family for your child, and it is hard to tell if one family will be better than another. We don't know if this letter will make your decision any easier, but we will try to help as much as possible. If you have questions you want to ask us, we are happy to answer anything. We promise we won't lie to you, and we won't make any promises we can't keep.

We have been married for almost 11 years, but we dated for 6 years before that, so we have been together for 17 years altogether. We feel old just typing that, but we started dating in our early twenties. We both grew up in the suburbs of St. Louis, but we moved to a middle-sized college town about 7 years ago. It doesn't have as many restaurants and shopping options as living in a bigger city, but it is a great place to raise kids. We live in one of those neighborhoods with kids of every age just running around everywhere playing. It is like going back in time 30 years, when kids actually played outside. In the summer, they will come into our backyard and catch lightning bugs after they are done riding bikes or playing tag or whatever. We weren't sure how we would feel about living someplace like this at first, but now we love it! If we need more shopping or restaurant choices, it is only about a 35-minute drive to a city with all those things.

We have a 10-year-old daughter named Emily that just started 5th grade. She loves playing basketball, which is awesome because we love basketball, so it gives us an easy way to be interested in something she is interested in. She can't wait to be a big sister. We are not exaggerating when we tell you that she asks us how this is going every single day. She is very excited.

When we are not outside, we like to watch movies. Our daughter is still pretty young, so it is usually Disney movies and those kinds of things. When it is just the two of us, we like comedies mostly. We know everyone loves the Marvel superhero movies right now, but we have just never gotten into them.

As far as how we would communicate with you in the future, we would really like to leave that up to whatever you are comfortable with. We have a brother-in-law who was adopted and has regular contact with his biological family, so we have seen that it can work well for some people, but we don't want to tell you what should work for you. Of course, we are happy to send letters and pictures at a minimum, but we are also open to calls, texts, e-mails, Facetime, visits, etc. You don't have to decide on those things now; we know what works for you could change over time. Please know that we are ready to talk about it when you are, and we are willing to be flexible.

We can't promise you that every moment of your child's life will be happy if you choose us. No one can promise that. We promise to do everything we can to make as many of their moments as happy as possible. We promise that every conversation we ever have with your child about adoption will use positive language, and we will try to make them understand that they are loved by you and by us.

Rob & Katie


Brad Pitt
Tom Hanks
Anne Hathaway
Viola Davis
George Orwell
Hoda Kotb
Ten Years Later: Six People Who Faced Adversity and Transformed Their Lives
Candy Bar
Butter Finger
Milky Way Midnight
The Simpsons
Garfield and Friends
Childhood Memory
Fishing with Dad and Grandpa
Family Christmases
Childhood Toy
He-man and GI Joe Action Figures
Big Bird Plush Toy
Children's Book
Oh the Places You'll Go
The Day the Crayons Quit
Vienna Austria
St. Louis
Classic Movie
Wizard of Oz
Day of Week
Carrot Cake
Dove Dark Chocolates
Disney Movie
Beauty and the Beast
Dream Car
Yukon XL
Ford Mustang
Dream Job
NBA Player
Dream Vacation
New Zealand
Maui Hawaii
Family Activity
Board Games
Movie Night
Flower / Plant
Form of Exercise
Circuit Training
Trivial Pursuit
Apples to Apples
Holiday Song
This is Halloween
The Christmas Song Nate King Cole
Holiday Tradition
Trick or Treating
Christmas morning with Mom and Dad
Ice Cream
Rocky Road
Mint Chip Ice Cream
Junk Food
Leisure Activity
Red Book
Memory with a Child
Our daughter Emily jumping in the pool for the first time
The day our daughter Emily was born
Memory with Spouse
Our first date.
Our honeymoon in Myrtle Beach
Groundhog Day
You've Got Mail
Movie Munchie
Nestle Crunch Bites
Movie Quote
"You had me at hello." - Jerry Maguire
I don't have all the answers. In life, to be honest, I have failed as much as I have succeeded. But I love my life. I love my wife. And I wish you my kind of success.
Movie Type
Romantic Comedy
Romantic Comedies
The Music Man
Phantom of the Opera
Musical Group
The Beatles
Nursery Rhyme
London Bridge is Falling Down
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Olympic Event
Personal Hero
Bill Gates
Oprah Winfrey
Jersey Boys
Jersey Boys
Edgar Allan Poe
Maya Angelou
Quality about my Spouse
Her organization and self-discipline
Sense of Humor
2. No! Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try. - Yoda
Be the change you wish to see in the world - Mahatma Gandhi
Taco Bell
Turkey on wheat
No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money. Matthew 6:24
Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness. Isaiah 41:10
Shopping Store
Something - The Beatles
Beast of Burden - Rolling Stones
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Larry Johnson
Yadier Molina
Sports Team
Chicago Bulls
St. Louis Cardinals
Subject in School
Language Arts
Thing to Cook
Breakfast Casserole
Time of Day
Homework with Emily after school
Christmas Day at Rob's Mom's House
TV Show
The Office
Sex and the City
TV Show Character
Dwight Schrute
Carrie Bradshaw
Type of Music
90's R&B
Vacation Spot
Myrtle Beach
Myrtle Beach
Video Game
Bubble Shooter
Candy Crush

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