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CJ & Brittany

We have both always hoped to adopt, even before we met each other. We have spent many years together building the optimal life to welcome such a gift. We appreciate your consideration of this road and hope that you might honor us with the gift of your blessing to be parents to your child.

About Us

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
Future Stay-at-Home Mom
Health Sciences
Health Sciences
Legally Married

How We Met

One of Our Favorite Places

The odds of us finding each other were huge but we are so happy that it did happen. While Brittany was living in Pennsylvania and CJ living in England, we connected online in a random chat room entirely by chance. We had a long conversation and realized we connected on many levels so we agreed to stay in touch. This developed into a long distance relationship which we sustained for several years before becoming engaged. During this time we visited multiple times each year alternating who would travel and we got to know each other's families and spent holidays and special occasions together.

Once we were engaged we had to work hard to get CJ a green card status to enable him to move to the USA so we could enjoy the rest of our lives together. We are now approaching our five year anniversary and couldn't be happier that we stayed the course through all these challenges.

Our Leisure Time

Decorating a Vase for the Home

We take enjoyment from a range of activities. We might be relaxing at home playing tabletop games or watching a movie, or we might be out on bigger activities like zip lining and trips to the beach. Some days, we'll simply go out to a park or a restaurant to enjoy time as a family.

A LEGO Masterpiece!

Each of us has our own interests but also a lot we enjoy doing together. Brittany is very artsy, enjoying crafting and painting which she would look forward to sharing with your child. Since moving into our forever home, CJ has been pursuing various DIY projects and is enjoying developing his skills. He also enjoys building Lego. He has fond memories of building Lego with his father and hopes to be able to do the same one day.

Our city, and many others nearby, often arranges special events such as holiday celebrations, parades, and other activities geared toward family fun. We love being a part of these gatherings as a couple and our joy would be even greater to see the happiness they would bring to your child.

Our Professional Lives

Ready for the Next Call!

We both grew up with healthcare influence in the family and we both decided to pursue this field. As such we are both currently registered Emergency Medical Technicians with 911 experience.

In England CJ practically grew up in the water and became a lifeguard. Alongside this, he also used his water skills to teach swimming lessons to children of all ages. He later went on to be a first responder with the ambulance service there, and undertook his EMT certification as one of his first pursuits once he moved to the USA. He achieved a promotion to EMS Manager before we relocated to Florida and he currently works as a provider and trainer with a hospital-based ambulance service.

Brittany began her work in healthcare as a caregiver in an assisted living home, later specializing in dementia care. After seeing how rewarding CJ's work is, Brittany decided to pursue an EMT certification as well, and joined one of the local 911 agencies. Our intention for the future is that Brittany would step away from the ambulance in order to be at home as a full time parent to your child.


Date Night
Date Night
Braving the Zipline
Braving the Zipline
An Evening Out Together
An Evening Out Together
The Happiest Place on Earth
The Happiest Place on Earth
Taking Charm to Play at the Dog Park
Taking Charm to Play at the Dog Park
Ready for the Game
Ready for the Game
Enjoying a Must-See Hotspot
Enjoying a Must-See Hotspot
Kayaking on the Lake
Kayaking on the Lake
Universal Studios, Florida
Universal Studios, Florida
Fun at the Beach
Fun at the Beach
Exploring the Zoo
Exploring the Zoo
Meeting the Grinch!
Meeting the Grinch!
1 / 12
Date Night
Date Night
2 / 12
Braving the Zipline
Braving the Zipline
3 / 12
An Evening Out Together
An Evening Out Together
4 / 12
The Happiest Place on Earth
The Happiest Place on Earth
5 / 12
Taking Charm to Play at the Dog Park
Taking Charm to Play at the Dog Park
6 / 12
Ready for the Game
Ready for the Game
7 / 12
Enjoying a Must-See Hotspot
Enjoying a Must-See Hotspot
8 / 12
Kayaking on the Lake
Kayaking on the Lake
9 / 12
Universal Studios, Florida
Universal Studios, Florida
10 / 12
Fun at the Beach
Fun at the Beach
11 / 12
Exploring the Zoo
Exploring the Zoo
12 / 12
Meeting the Grinch!
Meeting the Grinch!

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We live in Central Florida, in a growing city which is in close range of major locations such as Orlando.

Nearby Play Area

In our neighborhood we see parents with young children, and older children riding their bikes regularly. While our home is in a quiet residential area, the city boasts a large library, multiple parks and other amenities. The city regularly hosts events, from holiday parades and celebrations to farmers' markets and art shows. There are two major hospitals, plus a recreation facility which includes a children's' play area, pool, football field, tennis courts and other sports facilities.

We own our home, which was constructed in 2021, and it is paid off. It is a three bed, two bath home with a two car garage and a spacious fenced backyard. We converted our old game room into a potential nursery for a child. We have lots of potential space for play areas and outside play equipment for a child to enjoy, whatever their preferred play activity is.

Our Extended Families

CJ's Family

We are fortunate to receive the steadfast support of all members of both of our families. Brittany's immediate family lives in Pennsylvania, while CJ's lives in England where he's originally from. Despite the distance we see our family multiple times each year, and we all work hard to stay close and in touch with each other.

Brittany's Family

Our families are fun-loving; We enjoy trips to Disney World and Legoland just as much as we appreciate a good night in playing monopoly or sitting around the fire pit enjoying each other's company.

We have a family tradition of attending the local Christmas lights switch on together regardless of where we may be.

With the close relationship that we have with our family, they have been aware of our hope of adopting for a long time and are keen to support us in any way they can. Of course, our family would extend the same to your child as a part of the family.

From Us to You

We hope that you are doing well, and we truly wish you the best in this time and as you go forward with whatever decision you may make. We imagine that you are dealing with a lot of information and will read many letters like this one, all of which we are sure come from wonderful people. Therefore we are grateful for any time you take to read this letter and perhaps our wider profile.

We are husband and wife Christopher (CJ) and Brittany. We are approaching our fifth anniversary and have been together nearly a decade. From even before we were married we were committed to the dream of adoption as the way in which we would grow our family.

CJ is British and grew up in England. With Brittany growing up in Pennsylvania we are no strangers to commitment as we were in a long distance relationship for several years. We met online and quickly made a connection but it was three years before we became engaged and CJ was able to move to America. Now we are living our almost dream life as homeowners in Florida. All we hope for is the gift of a child to share in everything we have, everything we enjoy, and everything we can offer.

People would describe us as patient, caring and fun loving, and this is reflected in the things that we do. We value our family experiences and activities, we prioritize our time together and would extend that to your child. We can find fun in anything whether we are at home, out walking our dog, or going to the fun packed theme parks Florida has to offer. As everyone knows, Disney World is the happiest place on Earth and we would be so happy to be able to share that joy with your child. In much the same way as nurturing their happiness, we are filled with excitement at the prospect of supporting your child's development and journey into the person they choose to be, whether that be with schooling, life experiences or whatever else they need us to provide for them.

While we do have similar values, we also have our unique interests. Brittany loves to be artsy and enjoys doing any type of craft or painting on any canvas she can find. She is also a book lover and you can often find her reading Harry Potter for the thousandth time. Together you can find us cooking in the kitchen, Brittany is the main chef and has all the recipes or will make something up as she goes along with CJ being the sous chef. CJ loves to teach and encourage, both at work on the ambulance, and outside of his job. He is excited about the prospect of being able to share his knowledge and experience to the benefit of your child.

If adoption with our family is something you choose to consider, we would want you to be as much a part of your child's life as you would wish to be. It would be important to us that your child knows that they had been adopted, from the time they are able to understand the concept, and so it is equally important to us that we make sure that they have the relationship with you that you would like. Whether that be planned in-person visits or just photographs and updates, we would want to be connected if you would. Likewise, you are jointly the most important person in this situation, along with your child, and as such it would mean a lot to us to get to know you also. We hope that by reading this letter you feel you know us a little bit better and although we don't know you yet, we look forward to that possibility if you decide that giving us the gift of parenting your child is the best thing for them.

With our best wishes,

CJ & Brittany


Sir Patrick Stewart
Will Ferrell
Mayim Bialik
Shailene woodley
J.K. Rowling
EMS textbooks
Harry Potter series
Candy Bar
American dad
Childhood Memory
Building Lego with my dad
Always being around my cousins
Children's Book
The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Classic Movie
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Day of Week
Disney Movie
The Lion King
Lilo and stitch
Dream Car
Mini cooper
Kia soul
Dream Job
Stay-at-home mom
Dream Vacation
Family Activity
Playing board games
Flower / Plant
Palm tree
Macaroni cheese and peas
Form of Exercise
Walking our dog
Holiday Song
Do they know its Christmas?
Christmas (baby please come home)
Holiday Tradition
Watching mickeys once upon a Christmas on Christmas day
Polar express on Christmas Eve
Ice Cream
Moose tracks
Junk Food
Leisure Activity
Going to movies
Memory with a Child
Giving a special needs child swimming lessons
Memory with Spouse
Seeing each other for the first time after doing long distance for 3 years
Our wedding day
Hot Fuzz
The Pursuit of Happyness
Movie Munchie
Nerds candy
Movie Quote
Help is on the way dear
Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.
Movie Type
The Book of Mormon
Dear Evan Hanson
Musical Group
Dan & Shay
Nursery Rhyme
Ring Around the Rosey
Old Macdonald Had a Farm
Olympic Event
Personal Hero
Simon (friend)
Shel Silverstein
Quality about my Spouse
Effort to make everyone happy
Love is stronger in survivors
The Cheesecake Factory
The Cheesecake Factory
Tuna salad
Peanut butter and jelly
Shopping Store
Ollies bargain outlet
Home goods
Somewhere only we know
Sport to Watch
Subject in School
English language
Thing to Cook
Full English breakfast
Time of Day
Early morning
Playing ramen fury with family
TV Show
The Big Bang theory
Dance moms
TV Show Character
Ted Mosby
Raymond reddington (blacklist)
Type of Music
Folk rock
Vacation Spot
Video Game
Spyro the dragon
Crash bandicoot

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