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Josh & Abby

Adoption is the answer to our prayers in having a family. We hope when learning about us, you will see that we cannot wait to raise a child in our home - we are ready for a lifetime of love, family, education and fun. We thank you for your commitment to the adoption process, and we hope you choose us for this wonderful opportunity.

About Us

Master of Business Administration
Law Degree
Legally Married

Our Favorite Vacation Spot

Meeting Mickey

We love to go to Florida and go to Walt Disney World parks. This is something Abby has done with her family since childhood, and now Josh loves it, too. We enjoy visiting family and close friends in Florida, but also going to the Disney parks for family-friendly fun and entertainment. There is nothing like the magic of the parks for a young child, and we dream of taking our child here to watch their sense of joy and wonder at the parks. The music and fireworks shows are amazing every night. Also, the children's movies coming to life on rides and musical performances help keep everyone's creativity flowing and inspiration! Florida has some wonderful Spanish/Cuban food, which we also make a priority on our trips south. Generally, our trips have a mix of enjoying food, fun, and staying active on vacations... or perhaps just a day at the pool.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other

At a Friend's Wedding

We both are committed to our marriage and creating a strong family environment.

For Josh, he is a tall, strong man who physically presents as a protector of the family. In his education and work, he is extremely hard-working and devoted. He is talented at accounting and budgeting - both at work and in the home life. He is sensitive and caring, and always has a kind, listening ear. He is goofy and fun, and cannot wait to be a dad. He is a godfather to his nephew and such a caring uncle to all his nieces and nephews. He is especially attentive to his special needs nephew, who requires specific types of interactions. We have traveled on group family trips with Josh's family to Charleston and Kiawah Island, South Carolina, where Josh loves to play in the pool with the kids and on the beach.

For Abby, she is highly emotionally and socially intelligent, in addition to being academic and book-smart. She is hard-working both at her job, with clients, and around the home. She is somehow able to manage so many things with grace. She is a beautiful with a great sense of style. Abby has a great sense of humor and is witty when telling jokes and having fun. She is a lot of fun to be around. She is a connector when it comes to her family, always keeping everyone informed and planning fun activities to get together and spend time.

Our Cultural Heritage

Abby is a Cuban-American (Cuban on her mother's side) with European mixture on her other side. Her extended family came from Spain to Cuba. Abby's maternal grandparents lived in Cuba and returned to the USA during the Cuban revolution. Abby celebrates her Cuban/Spanish heritage most-often through cooking and family gatherings with Cuban relatives. We often cook marinated meats with mojo (citrus/garlic) sauce, paella and sangria or Spanish wines. It's important to honor long-time traditions, but also create our own family traditions along the way.

Josh has French-German heritage on his side -and we enjoy attending the German heritage society events locally, including the German Christmas Kristkindlmart for warm mulled wine and crafts around the holiday season.

Whatever the background of our adopted child, we plan to honor and incorporate our child's cultural heritage however we are able. This will be another important piece to our growing family heritage. We enjoy foods and celebrations from many different cultures, and we love to continue to educate ourselves and learn as a family through travel, festivals, cooking, museums, and history.


Epcot at Night
Epcot at Night
Our Pups - Midas & Zeus
Our Pups - Midas & Zeus
At the Beach
At the Beach
Abby & Her Sisters
Abby & Her Sisters
Star Wars Fans
Star Wars Fans
In Paris
In Paris
Josh Camping With a Friend
Josh Camping With a Friend
At the Colosseum in Rome
At the Colosseum in Rome
At Abby's Sister's Art Show
At Abby's Sister's Art Show
Christmas Time
Christmas Time
At the Monet Museum
At the Monet Museum
NASA & Space Fans
NASA & Space Fans
1 / 12
Epcot at Night
Epcot at Night
2 / 12
Our Pups - Midas & Zeus
Our Pups - Midas & Zeus
3 / 12
At the Beach
At the Beach
4 / 12
Abby & Her Sisters
Abby & Her Sisters
5 / 12
Star Wars Fans
Star Wars Fans
6 / 12
In Paris
In Paris
7 / 12
Josh Camping With a Friend
Josh Camping With a Friend
8 / 12
At the Colosseum in Rome
At the Colosseum in Rome
9 / 12
At Abby's Sister's Art Show
At Abby's Sister's Art Show
10 / 12
Christmas Time
Christmas Time
11 / 12
At the Monet Museum
At the Monet Museum
12 / 12
NASA & Space Fans
NASA & Space Fans

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We have a beautiful brick home built in 1980's in a neighborhood called "Thousand Oaks" as it has hundreds, maybe thousands of mature trees. This shaded neighborhood is quiet and private. We have almost an acre of property where we have gardens with lilacs and allium flowers, to name a few. Our home is a four bedroom home, with three and a half bathrooms. We have a large living room in the first floor that connects in an open floor plan to the kitchen, so you can enjoy cooking and watching the family relax in the living room without missing a beat. There is a TV in that room so you do not miss any big games or Thanksgiving-Day-parade while you cook! We also have a room where we have french doors you can close to enjoy a quiet puzzle, read a book, or complete a drawing or painting. We have art supplies for dabbling in painting or drawing. This will be a nice quiet room for homework in the future as well for our child when it comes time for schoolwork or playing music. You will often find our two King Charles Cavalier Spaniel dogs sleeping on the rugs or on the couches snuggling up for a movie with us. They are so sweet and loving and cannot wait to snuggle up with a young child. Our neighbors on both sides have young children and play-sets in their yards, so any child would have a built in friend nearby!

Our Extended Families

With Abby's Family

We both love to spend time with family - as Abby's parents live just 10 minutes away, along with her sister, Ana, a short drive away. Family is important and remains at the center of our lives. Josh's family lives further away in Louisville area, there is no shortage of family events.On a local level, every fall we go apple-picking at the local orchard about 20 minutes away. You can do a U-Pick and try all the different apples fresh-picked from the trees. There are fresh-baked treats - local apple ciders, cider donuts, to name a few. We go every fall also to pick pumpkins to decorate or carve for Halloween. There is a petting zoo of small farm animals, including goats you can feed. We cannot wait to share this tradition with our child. There is no doubt when you go to the apple orchard with our child, the entire family may join in on the fun and treats! This would be such a joy every fall.

At the Local Orchard

From Us to You

We would love for you to consider choosing us for adoptive parents of your child! We (Josh & Abby) have been together for 8+ years, and married for 5 years. We are both born and raised in the Midwest (Josh in southern Indiana/Kentucky area, Abby from Illinois). We both attended post-graduate studies in Chicago, IL, which is the city where we met and fell in love. We currently live in Peoria, IL, which is a mid-sized city in Illinois.

In our lives, we maintain strong professional careers, and have a commitment to family life - which currently includes our two cavalier dogs (Midas & Zeus)/extended families. We both share the same values and were both raised Catholic and were married in the church. We moved into a beautiful brick home recently, where we have lots of space for a child and for hosting family get togethers - such as Thanksgiving/Christmas. With Abby's parents living in town, we frequently get together for family meals and events. Our family cannot wait for a future child to welcome!

We have always wanted to become parents. Unfortunately, during our marriage, we have had fertility/medical hurdles and sadness in trying to expand our family naturally. With that said, we are thankful and excited to adopt a child and welcome that child into our loving home as our very own. We have a child's room ready, even with some clothes, books and stuffed animals - as we had hoped we would be blessed with the gift of a child for years. You could be the one(s) who give us the miracle of a child to care for and raise as our own. For that, we are truly thankful. You are doing something selfless for your child, but also for us - and you could make us the parents we have been waiting and preparing for years to be.

It is our goal to raise our child with a focus on a strong education, and give them every opportunity to pursue their dreams and creativity. There is no question that any child in our home will be supported, protected, respected, and loved. We want to give this child every advantage we can, but also keep them grounded in an appreciation for where they come from, and the importance of right vs. wrong. We have so many exciting and fun activities ahead for our future child! We really cannot wait for the time when that can become a reality for us.

The adoption process and decision-making is probably overwhelming or draining to you, on top of being pregnant. Just know that in choosing us, you will not have to worry that your baby will be in a loving and caring home. Your baby will never find themselves in a situation where they feel unsupported or unloved. We promise as parents to give your baby the most wonderful life and the best opportunities that we can provide. Once adopted, our child will know their adoption story, and we plan to be open and honest about the process. We value honesty and truth, which includes our child knowing as much as we can share about their birth parents. If you choose us, you will be giving us the greatest gift you can imagine, and we will not forget that, nor will our child.

Josh & Abby


Jim Carrey
Christian Bale
Jennifer Aniston
Penelope Cruz
Lord of the Rings
Harry Potter
Candy Bar
Reeses Pieces
Coco (Disney/Pixar)
Childhood Memory
Christmas tree farm
Apple picking at the orchard
Childhood Toy
Teenage mutant ninja turtles
Children's Book
Green Eggs & Ham
How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Chicago, IL
Venice, Italy
Classic Movie
James Bond
Day of Week
Coconut Cake
Disney Movie
Toy Story
Star Wars
Dream Car
Aston Martin
Dream Job
Dream Vacation
African Safari
Italian tour
Family Activity
Disney World
Disney World
Flower / Plant
Aloe Plant
Form of Exercise
Weight lifting
The Game of Life
Holiday Song
Oh Holy Night
Last Christmas by Wham
Holiday Tradition
Christmas family gathering we host annually
Singing Christmas carols
Ice Cream
Cookies N Cream
Mint Chocolate Chip
Junk Food
Gummy Bears
Leisure Activity
Listening to music
Golf Digest
Memory with a Child
watching Disney movies with my younger brother when he was younger (big age gap)
Playing barbies with my sisters when they were young (big age gap)
Memory with Spouse
Honeymoon snorkeling
Chicago Kriskindlmarket (German Christmas market)
Apollo 13
Rocky IV
Movie Munchie
Movie Quote
Life is like a box of chocolates - you never know what you are gonna get
May the Force Be With You
Movie Type
Les Miserables
Musical Group
Nursery Rhyme
Jack and Jill
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
Olympic Event
Ice Skating
Personal Hero
Neil Armstrong
My Mom
Wizard of Oz
Robert Frost
Shakespeare's Sonnets
Quality about my Spouse
I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.
Nothing can bring you peace but yourself. -Emerson
Quartino, Chicago (Italian Tapas) or Toledo (Spanish)
Italian nightclub
Meatball sandwich
I am the bread of life, whoever comes to me will never be hungry and whoever believes in me will never be thirtsy (John 6:35)
Love is patient, love is kind (1st Corinthians)
Shopping Store
Nordstrom Rack
Viva La Vida - Coldplay
Don't Stop Believin' - Journey
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
College basketball
Sports Star
Tiger Woods
Lionel Messi
Sports Team
Indiana Hoosiers
Chicago Blackhawks
Subject in School
Iron Man
Thing to Cook
Hamburgers on the grill
Tortilla Soup
Time of Day
Decorating the Christmas tree
Decorating and Dyeing Easter eggs
TV Show
The Mandolorian
TV Show Character
Cassian Andor
Baby Yoda (Grogu)
Type of Music
Dance music
Vacation Spot
Nashville, TN
Orlando, Florida
Video Game

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