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Brian & Laura

We are Brian, Laura and Samuel from California. Your strength in considering adoption is admirable, and we're grateful to be part of your choice. Our family's journey, enriched by both challenges and joy, has prepared us to welcome another child. We're committed to providing a supportive, loving home. Thank you for considering us.

About Us

Chief Technology Officer, Founder
Occupational Therapist
Master's Degree in Computer Sciece
Master's Degree in Occupational Therapy
Legally Married

Adoption in Our Lives

Beach Sunset

Adoption has deeply touched our lives, particularly through the adoption of our son, Sam.

Initially, we envisioned starting our family biologically, but life led us down a different, yet equally beautiful path. Our journey to adoption was marked by challenges, including the heartbreak of loss and a failed adoption attempt. However, these experiences only strengthened our resolve.

In 2018, we were blessed when Sam's birth mother chose us to be his parents. The moment we held Sam for the first time was indescribable—a mix of joy, gratitude, and a sense of wonder at the selflessness of his birth mother. This profound experience not only shaped our family, but also reinforced our belief in the beauty and significance of adoption. We are excited to be expanding our family through adoption again and we cannot wait to share our lives with another child!

Our Individual Strengths

Happy Together

We each bring distinct strengths to the table as individuals. Laura's unwavering commitment to self-improvement across intellectual, spiritual, and physical realms sets her apart. Her ability to make those around her feel welcomed, loved, and heard is unmatched. She deeply values her connections with friends and family, often putting their needs above her own. Moreover, Laura's adventurous spirit and willingness to embrace new experiences, from travel to surfing and pottery, underscore her dynamic character.

Brian, on the other hand, is celebrated for his spontaneity and creativity, always ready to embark on new adventures and initiate exciting projects. His work ethic is evident not only in his professional endeavors, where he has built a successful company, but also in his dedication to home improvement projects. Brian prioritizes family, ensuring he spends quality one-on-one time with Laura and Sam, further solidifying the family bond.

Our Promise to You:

  • We will protect your child: Our home will be a safe haven, ensuring your child's safety and security in every aspect of their life.
  • We will honor your child: We'll celebrate their unique story and individuality, respecting their heritage and personal journey.
  • We will listen to your child: Their thoughts, feelings, and opinions will be valued and heard, fostering an environment of open communication.
  • We will be open with you about your child: We're committed to maintaining the level of openness and communication with you that you're comfortable with.
  • We will be a rock for your child: We promise to provide unwavering support emotionally, spiritually, and financially, through every chapter of their life.
  • We will never give up caring for your child: In challenging times, our commitment to their well-being will remain steadfast and unchanging.
  • We will provide for your child: We'll nurture their curiosities, support their interests, and guide them with love and care, ensuring a well-rounded upbringing.
  • We will teach your child the difference between right and wrong: We'll instill values of authenticity and character, prioritizing these over superficial measures of worth.
  • We can genuinely promise these things: Our experience with Samuel has prepared us well to extend our love and commitment to your child.
  • Photos

    Camping in Joshua Tree
    Camping in Joshua Tree
    Golfing With Daddy
    Golfing With Daddy
    Building a Sand Crab Hut
    Building a Sand Crab Hut
    Together at a Concert
    Together at a Concert
    Ice Cream Date
    Ice Cream Date
    At Bass Lake
    At Bass Lake
    Camping With Friends
    Camping With Friends
    Bike Rides Around Town
    Bike Rides Around Town
    Day Hike to a Waterfall
    Day Hike to a Waterfall
    Family Hike
    Family Hike
    Hiking in Yosemite
    Hiking in Yosemite
    Trip to Hawaii
    Trip to Hawaii
    1 / 12
    Camping in Joshua Tree
    Camping in Joshua Tree
    2 / 12
    Golfing With Daddy
    Golfing With Daddy
    3 / 12
    Building a Sand Crab Hut
    Building a Sand Crab Hut
    4 / 12
    Together at a Concert
    Together at a Concert
    5 / 12
    Ice Cream Date
    Ice Cream Date
    6 / 12
    At Bass Lake
    At Bass Lake
    7 / 12
    Camping With Friends
    Camping With Friends
    8 / 12
    Bike Rides Around Town
    Bike Rides Around Town
    9 / 12
    Day Hike to a Waterfall
    Day Hike to a Waterfall
    10 / 12
    Family Hike
    Family Hike
    11 / 12
    Hiking in Yosemite
    Hiking in Yosemite
    12 / 12
    Trip to Hawaii
    Trip to Hawaii

    Our House and Neighborhood

    Our Home

    We live in Ventura, where our community is really supportive, thanks to friends from school, church, and our business. Our extended family, including grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins, are all nearby in Southern California, providing a strong network.

    Our son Sam has a great group of friends. They often bump into each other around town, whether at the library, the beach, or just out and about, making for a fun and spontaneous social life.

    We're in an old craftsman house in downtown with four rooms. It's a cozy and safe place that we've filled with love and made our own.

    For outdoor activities, we're spoiled for choice. The beach is just a short walk away, and there are plenty of parks close by. Plus, the mountains right behind our house offer a great escape into nature. This mix of beach, parks, and mountains means there's always something to do outside, making it a great place for a kid to grow up.

    Our Extended Families

    Laura's Family

    Our family values adventure, creativity, and community engagement. Our journey to adoption is a conscious choice, shaped by experiences and a clear vision for our family's future.

    Our home life is active and engaging. We enjoy Lego projects, cooking together, and camping trips, seeing these activities as opportunities for learning and bonding.

    Brian's Family

    Our relationship started on a foundation of friendship, evolving into a partnership with a shared goal of raising children. Sam's arrival was a pivotal moment, reinforcing our decision to expand our family through adoption. Our backgrounds—Laura in pediatric therapy and Brian in entrepreneurship—provide a balanced and stable environment.

    We're supported by a close-knit network of family and friends, ready to welcome another child. Our community is a blend of coastal living and neighborly connections, ideal for family activities and outdoor adventures.

    We're prepared to offer a child a life filled with engaging activities, learning opportunities, a supportive community, and a family filled with faith and love. Thank you for considering us in your decision.

    From Us to You

    We are Brian and Laura, a married couple for 15 years, reaching out to you with open hearts. We don't take the fact that you're reading this lightly, and we've been praying for you to read this letter we've written. We trust your decision, and we want to make it abundantly clear that we support you!

    Our marriage is rooted in love, trust, honesty, and communication, thrives on generosity, community involvement, and a knack for adventure and spontaneity. We've built a life together filled with excitement and meaningful connections, principles we wish to extend to your child.

    Here are commitments we will make to you as adoptive parents of your child:

  • Communication: We are dedicated to sharing your child's journey with you through letters and pictures. We welcome and are open to visits, calls, FaceTime, and text messages, in-person visits, respecting your comfort level with communication.
  • Foundation: Our relationship is the bedrock upon which we build our family. Over 15 years of being together-love, trust, honesty, and open communication-are the same values we promise to provide for your child.
  • Community: Our life is deeply rooted in our community, reflecting our commitment to generosity and service. We believe in teaching your child the importance of giving back and being an active community member.
  • Adventure: We embrace adventure and spontaneity, qualities that keep our family life exciting and fulfilling. We look forward to including your child in our adventures, big and small, and fostering a sense of wonder and curiosity in them.
  • Support: We promise to be the strongest presence in your child's life, offering emotional, spiritual, and financial stability. We understand the importance of being a reliable and constant source of support, no matter the circumstances.
  • Care: Our pledge extends to nurturing your child's curiosities, supporting their hobbies, and guiding them with love and care. We aim to provide a well-rounded upbringing, ensuring they grow into well-adjusted individuals.
  • Moral Compass: Teaching your child the difference between right and wrong is a responsibility we take seriously. We will instill in them the values of authenticity and character, emphasizing the importance of inner qualities over materialistic pursuits.
  • Commitment: Our experience with our son Samuel is a testament to our dedication to parenting. We have embraced the joys and challenges of raising a child with love, patience, and understanding, and we are eager to extend this love to your child.
  • We want you to know that any child welcomed into our home will be cherished as part of our family.

    We are committed to providing a loving, supportive, and engaging environment where your child can thrive. Thank you for considering us as potential parents for your child. We are here to listen and respect your hopes and concerns.


    Brian & Laura


    Will Arnett
    Chris Pratt
    Emma Stone
    I enjoy business books and SciFi
    Candy Bar
    Abba Zabba
    Childhood Memory
    Camping with family
    Childhood Toy
    Cabbage Patch Kid
    Children's Book
    There's a monster at the end of this book!
    Classic Movie
    Day of Week
    Monday - I love new starts
    Peach Cobbler
    Disney Movie
    Dream Car
    70's Porsche
    Westfalia camper van
    Dream Job
    The one I have: owning my own business as the CTO and Co-Founder
    Dream Vacation
    A quiet beach town, maybe in Costa Rica, nice house with a pool, and my loving family with me. Slow
    Costa Rica
    Family Activity
    Beach days or hiking
    Flower / Plant
    Monstera / Swiss cheese plant
    Pho (Vietnamese Soup)
    Form of Exercise
    Kettle bells or a long run
    Card games- Hand and foot
    Basketball, surfing, and business
    Holiday Tradition
    Cozying up with fam
    Ice Cream
    Cookies & Cream
    Mint chip
    Junk Food
    Pirates Booty
    Leisure Activity
    Going to the beach
    Memory with a Child
    Ice cream dates with Sam
    Memory with Spouse
    I just love date nights with the wife, walking down town holding hands and enjoying each others company. We do it many times per month.
    Hiking half dome on our honeymoon
    Shawshank redemption
    Movie Munchie
    Junior mints
    Movie Type
    Sound of music
    Musical Group
    Pearl Jam
    Olympic Event
    Ice skating
    Quality about my Spouse
    Her kindness and thoughtfulness
    Spontaneity, integrity
    Turkey club
    1 Samuel 1:27
    Romans 12:2
    Sport to Play
    Sport to Watch
    Sports Star
    MJ, Kobe, and Lebron
    Subject in School
    Time of Day
    Early mornings
    TV Show
    Lego Masters
    Type of Music
    Acoustic and Jazz
    Vacation Spot
    Video Game
    Mario Kart

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