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From Five of Our Families

When you’re thinking about choosing adoption, you’re probably wondering what to expect. Adoption can be complex, but, with the right resources, you’ll be ready for everything that adoption has to offer.

One of the best ways to learn about adoption is through people who have experienced it themselves. That’s why we’ve compiled five adoption stories on YouTube to help you better understand it.

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5 Heartfelt Adoption Stories on YouTube

Many of our families have shared their stories through adoption videos to educate and help adoptive families going through the process. Whether you’re already an adoptive parent or are hoping to adopt a child, these five heartfelt adoption stories on YouTube are a great way to familiarize yourself with the adoption process.

1. Daniel and Andrea’s Adoption Story

Daniel and Andrea always knew that they wanted to start a family together. In early 2017, they were chosen by a prospective birth mother with the hopes of adopting her son. By having an open adoption relationship, they could keep in touch over the phone leading up to her delivery.

When the baby was born, they were able to have skin-to-skin contact and take care of the baby for a few days. But, on the morning of discharge, the birth mother changed her mind and decided to parent.

“These things are real, these things happen. How can you feel bad for us knowing what the birth mother was about to go through,” Daniel said. “I wouldn’t change it. It’s that old saying: better to have loved and lost then to have never loved at all.”

They relied on each other for support during this bump in the road. But they realized that these things happen and thought about what the birth mom was about to go through. They wouldn’t have changed anything and cherish the 48 hours they had with the baby.

Daniel and Andrea decided to pursue adoption again, and they were driving back from a vacation when they got a call from their social worker. There was an adoption opportunity, and the birth mom was going into labor. Less than 24 hours later, they were on their way home with their baby, Cooper.

“I can’t imagine my life with anyone but Cooper,” Daniel said. “To think that we had another opportunity that failed before that it’s almost like it happened on purpose.” 

Watch Daniel and Andrea’s full adoption story video here.

2. Andrea and Louis’s Adoption Story

Andrea and Louis knew adoption was the best choice for them. After several fertility treatments, they took the plunge. They wanted to be parents and were willing to do anything to make that happen. When Andrea and Louis were matched with the birth mother, they were her first choice.

“We always wanted a family right from the start and it couldn’t get here soon enough,” Andrea said. ”Naturally adoption was always in the back of our minds and once we decided to close the door on fertility treatments, we wholeheartedly dove into adoption.”

They realized how much of a sacrifice the birth mother had to make, and they’re extremely grateful. Now they have a beautiful daughter and get to watch her grow every day. They’re amazed with every milestone and are constantly thankful for the birth mother.

Everything about the adoption process was so natural for Andrea and Louis. They do admit that parenting comes with a learning curve, but they wouldn’t change anything about their experience.

“Every day she’s learning something new and saying a new word; it’s just so amazing to see,” Andrea said. “Even though we didn’t conceive her or give birth to her, she just fits perfectly. That laughter is just everything”

Watch Andrea and Louis’ full adoption story video here.

3. Neal and Tara’s Adoption Story

Neal and Tara tried to conceive naturally for five years before they started the adoption process. After their family profile went live, they waited two years before finding an adoption opportunity. But life had other plans when they experienced an adoption disruption.

“Nature had its different way and wanted to do a different story where the birth mom wanted to keep him,” Tara said. “She’s allowed and it’s alright but it was still heartbreaking and sad.”

As hard as it was, Neal and Tara knew that that was perfectly OK. Through the heartbreak of it all, they almost stopped trying to adopt. But, with the support of their adoption specialist, they decided to try again. The minute they saw their daughter for the first time, they knew that she was meant to be theirs.

“Immediately, we knew that she was our forever baby,” Tara said. “It’s our happy story, and it couldn’t be better. We have American Adoptions to thank for that 110%.”

Watch Neal and Tara’s full adoption story video here.

4. Elizabeth and Heather’s Adoption Story

As a same sex female couple, Elizabeth and Heather still find it hard to believe that people think gay shouldn’t raise children. They wish that anyone who didn’t support them would see just how incredible their children are.

They’re both grateful for adoption for giving them the chance to become parents. Elizabeth and Heather strive to be open with their children about their adoption journey in a way they can understand. Incorporating adoption into their children’s lives is incredibly important to them.

“Talking about it with your kid and the families that are in your kid’s life that do support your family is really important,” Elizabeth said. “It’s also just a way to tell your kid how much you love them.”

It was clear to Elizabeth and Heather that the birth mothers who chose them put a lot of thought and care into their decision. And, because of this, they have a complete family.

“Anybody who has a family or loves somebody else in their life knows that love is the same no matter who you are,” Elizabeth said. “If you love a kid, it’s the same for straight couples as it is for gay couples.”

Watch Elizabeth and Heather’s full adoption story video here.

5. Michelle and Ilya’s Adoption Story

Michelle and Ilya went through many years of infertility before they decided to pursue adoption. They went active with American Adoptions and, a few weeks later, got the call about an adoption opportunity. Michelle will never forget the moment when the birth mother asked if she wanted to hold her baby.

“It was a really special thing we were able to keep her in our room and the birth mom was selfless and brave. She allowed us to do that,” Michelle said. “Going up to say the goodbyes was another moment in my life that I will never forget because it was so bittersweet.”

One thing that adoption didn’t prepare them for was saying goodbye to the birth mother. Even though they knew the birth mother for only a short time, they are forever grateful that she gave them this opportunity. Every milestone that their daughter went through is something they will never forget.

Shortly after their first adoption, Michelle and Ilya decided that they wanted to pursue adoption again. Three weeks later, there was an adoption opportunity. They got to welcome a baby boy into their home, and both of their children immediately gravitated toward each other. Adoption has allowed them to grow their family, and they couldn’t be more thankful.

“I think it was the greatest thing to ever happen to us,” Michelle said. “Both of our circumstances happened very quickly, and we were very blessed. My days are complete, and we are now living the dream. We are so thankful and so grateful.”

Watch Michelle and Ilya’s full adoption story video here.

If you’re interested in watching more adoption videos, then visit our YouTube page. If you’re interested in beginning the adoption process with our agency, then fill out this contact form to get more free information now. 

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