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3 Heartwarming Open Adoption Stories

From Adoptive Parents Who Have Worked With Our Agency

Whether you’re considering adoption or are in the middle of the process, you’re probably wondering what an open adoption looks like. This type of adoption can take many forms.

There’s no better way to learn about open adoption than from adoptive families that have been in your shoes. Below are three open adoption stories to help you understand how open adoption can be the path to something beautiful.

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3 Heartwarming Open Adoption Stories from Adoptive Parents

Although every adoption journey is different, these three open adoption stories will help you understand what this type of adoption relationship is like. From semi-open adoption to fully open adoption stories, read the experiences of those who have been in your shoes.

1. Misty, Mike and Clara’s Open Adoption Story

Misty and Mike went active with American Adoptions at the end of 2019. They chose our agency because of the inclusivity toward adoptive parents, our Risk Sharing program and the high number of adoptions we complete each year. Misty and Mike knew that the wait time to adopt a child through our agency was an average of 12 months, and they spent the next few months researching the adoption process.

“We had such a long road, and we were so used to getting bad news, that we were gearing ourselves for that,” Mike said. “But allow yourself to have some hope, because sometimes these opportunities can be just as fast and work out absolutely amazing.”

Just a few months after becoming an active family, they got a call from their adoption specialist. A prospective birth mother had chosen them, but their Adoption Planning Questionnaire didn’t include an open relationship. After a long conversation, they decided to move forward and respect the birth mother’s open adoption decision.

Quickly after Misty and Mike got the phone call, the birth mother went into labor. They packed their bags and boarded a flight right away.

The prospective birth mother had wanted Misty and Mike to spend time in the hospital with her and her daughter once they arrived. She even sent them photos while they were traveling. Because of COVID-19, the hospital’s policies were rapidly changing, and the prospective birth mother could have only one guest in her room. To help out, the nurses video-chatted the couple when their daughter Clara received her first bath.

Because of their open adoption, the birth grandmother visited Misty and Mike in their hotel and invited them over for coffee after discharge. This was when they got the opportunity to get to know the birth mother and other extended family members. Looking back at their adoption journey, Misty and Mike are thankful for their open adoption story.

“I think sometimes we become afraid, like, ‘it will be so hard to bond with the birth family,’ but sometimes it’s just sitting down with coffee and getting to know people,” Mike said. “It was so easy… it felt like we knew them already.”

Read more of Misty and Mike’s open adoption story here.

2. Lindsey, Michael and Dominic’s Open Adoption Story

It’s been two years since Lindsey and Michael first welcomed their son Dominic into their lives. One of the most important aspects that they look back on is their open adoption contact. Like many adoptive parents, Lindsey and Michael were unsure about the realities of an open adoption, but they knew it would be the best choice for their child.

“I just wish I had known it wasn’t as daunting as I thought it would be,” Lindsey said. “I’m glad everything happened the way it did, because we were matched with our son, and I feel like it was meant to be.”

After looking into open adoption, they learned that many studies show open adoption is often the best path for everyone involved. Lindsey and Michael were active for just over a week when a prospective birth mother who lived four hours away selected their profile. Being in the same state, the prospective birth mother suggested that they meet in person for dinner before delivery.

Lindsey and Mike were relieved after meeting the prospective birth mother, and they could even see themselves meeting up more than once a year. Because they met beforehand, Lindsey believes their hospital stay went as smooth as possible.

After placement, contact with Dominic’s birth mother was frequent and easy. Lindsey and Mike are forever grateful for the birth mother and always try to keep a positive outlook on their open adoption relationship.

“The birth parent is a person just like you; they’re going through a lot,” Lindsey said. “Open adoption looks differently than I thought it would in my head, but that doesn’t mean it won’t look different in the future. He’s only two years old, so it might ebb and flow quite a bit for the rest of our lives. My general advice is to be open and flexible to whatever the birth parent is comfortable with and try to go with the flow as best as you can.”

Read more of Lindsey and Michael’s open adoption story here.

3. Andrea, Robert and Parker’s Open Adoption Story

By the time Andrea and Robert were ready to start a family, they ultimately decided that adoption would be the way to go. Andrea’s brother had been adopted more than 30 years ago in a closed adoption, so they didn’t really understand the concept of open adoption. But, when they were chosen by a prospective birth mother, they realized they had nothing to worry about.

During their first conference call with the prospective birth mother, they didn’t realize how easy open adoption can be. From there, the relationship grew naturally as they got to know each other through texts and emails, asking the birth mother how she’s doing and showing her pictures of the nursery.

“It’s so often in this process that you don’t know what to expect, but even that was very natural. It was like visiting a friend and bringing our daughter over to meet a friend,” Andrea said. “The birth mother was very brave, and we were both very appreciative of the opportunity.”

Once the birth mother went into labor, Andrea and Robert met her at the hospital. That’s where Andrea discovered some exciting news: The birth mother had changed her hospital plan to allow Andrea into the room during delivery.

Andrea got to support the birth mother during delivery and was even able to cut the umbilical cord. Between the hospital discharge and ICPC clearance, Andrea and Robert had more than a week to bond with their daughter Parker.

Now back in their own home, they take the time to maintain a meaningful relationship with Parker’s birth mother. There’s still a bit about open adoption that they’re not familiar with, but Andrea and Robert are committed to respecting her wishes.

“I think we had this kind of close-minded idea that it would be difficult to manage [an open adoption relationship],” Andrea said. “I think I ignorantly assumed that any relationship with her birth mother might damage or confuse my mothering, but I legitimately feel like these are people who are part of Parker’s story and genuinely love her. I don’t feel like any less of a mother with a birth mother in the equation.”

Read more of Andrea and Robert’s open adoption story here.

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