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“What does adoption mean to a child?”

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Adoption in Dover, DE

Dover Adoption Agencies, Attorneys and More

Adoption is beautiful and challenging, both a difficult decision and possibly one of the best things you may ever do. It is also confusing — a long, sensitive process involving many complicated steps. Whether you are an expectant mother or hopeful adoptive parents, you probably have a lot of questions if you are considering adoption in Dover, DE. We want to help.

We’ve created this guide to Dover adoption so that you can make a more informed decision about whether or not adoption in Dover is right for you. We’ll cover some of the most important elements of adoption that you should be aware of, but there’s no way we can cover it all. Every situation is unique, which is why no two adoptions look the same. If you have specific questions about what your adoption in Dover could look like with our agency, you can call 1-800-ADOPTION at any time to speak with an adoption specialist.

Before you get to the specifics, it’ll help to understand the big picture. Let’s take a look at that by reading the following guide on adoption in Delaware.

Adoption Agencies in Dover, DE

Adoption isn’t something you have to do on your own. When you choose adoption in Dover, whether you are a prospective birth mother or hopeful adoptive parent, you can work with an adoption agency. There are many advantages to working with an agency, like having a knowledgeable professional to guide you through every step of your Dover adoption. As a full-service, fully-licensed national adoption agency, American Adoptions can provide assistance for your adoption in Dover through services like:

  • Screening prospective birth mothers and adoptive parents

  • Helping adoptive families find adoption opportunities through media profiles and videos

  • 24/7 counseling and support for anyone thinking about adoption in Dover

  • Facilitating pre-placement and post-placement contact

  • Facilitating care and financial assistance for any prospective birth mother

  • Protecting adoptive families’ financial investments

  • And more

The adoption process in Dover can be emotional, and it requires a lot from you. Working with an agency like American Adoptions can help take some of the pressure off. We’ve helped prospective birth mothers and hopeful adoptive parents in thousands of successful adoptions.

Alternatively, you could also choose to work a local adoption agency in Dover. Local agencies are regulated and held to high standards, so you can feel confident that your adoption process is being completed in an ethical way. You may want to consider local adoption agencies in Dover like:

Dover, DE, Adoption Attorneys

There are many legal procedures associated with the adoption process. Prospective birth mothers and hopeful adoptive parents will want to work with a trustworthy attorney for their adoption in Dover. Your adoption attorney helps you navigate all of the legal aspects of adoption, things like the adoption home study for adopting parents, or giving official consent to the adoption for prospective birth mothers.

If you choose to work with American Adoptions, you will be referred to an adoption attorney from our national network. This takes the pressure off you, and you can rest easy knowing you will find an attorney who can be trusted to complete your adoption.

You can also find your own attorney for your adoption in Dover. You could consider attorneys like:

When choosing an attorney for your Dover adoption, ask a lot of questions and do all the research you can. This choice can drastically impact your experience with the adoption process.

Other Ways to Adopt in Dover

American Adoptions works in domestic infant adoption — one of the most common types of adoption in the United States. However, there are other ways you can adopt if you are considering adoption in Dover. Since every situation is unique, we can’t say exactly what is best for you. Even though we only work in domestic infant adoption, we want to help you adopt in any way possible. You could consider two other primary options for your adoption plan.

  1. Foster to adopt in Dover: Foster care adoption in Dover, also called foster to adopt, can be a great way to grow your family. In this process, you will register as a foster parent with the intent to adopt, wait for placement and then proceed with an adoption process that is slightly different than domestic infant adoption. You can learn more about foster care adoption by contacting the Delaware Department of Children, Youth and their Families.

  2. International adoption in Dover: International adoption has experienced a steep decline in the U.S. since 2004, but it could still be a great choice for your family. The most important part of starting an international adoption process is working with an agency you can trust. Research international adoption agencies near you to get started with your international adoption in Dover.

Adoption Home Study Service in Dover

Every hopeful family pursuing adoption in Dover is required to complete an adoption home study, which is a review of a family’s lifestyle, living situation and adoption readiness conducted by a licensed social worker. The home study is a part of the adoption process because it is necessary to ensure that any placement is in the best interests of the child.

When you work with American Adoptions, you will be referred to a local adoption home study provider in Dover. You can also look for an adoption home study provider on your own at

Maternity Hospitals in Dover

As an expectant mother, you are in charge of your Dover adoption process. One of the most important decisions you will make is about the hospital stay. This can be a testing, emotional part of the adoption process. You can choose where you would like to give birth. Some options for your Dover adoption are:

Start Your Dover Adoption Today

You may have a lot more questions about adoption, or you could be ready to start your adoption in Dover today. If you're interested in our agency programs, you can call 1-800-ADOPTION today to speak with an adoption specialist. American Adoptions would love to help you in your Dover adoption.

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