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Adoption Disruption Insurance

How American Adoptions' Risk-Sharing Program Protects Families

Nationally, research shows that 10-25% of adoptions don’t work out. When that happens, the adoptive family may have already invested significant resources into the process.

What happens to those funds when an adoption disrupts?

With most professionals, your money is lost, and you are left with the emotional pain of a disruption and a drained adoption budget. But not with us.

We understand how much of a commitment adoption is for adoptive families, which is why we have put the best protections in place, like adoption insurance for adoptive families who invest emotionally and financially into the adoption process.

Why Choose American Adoptions?

  • Short wait times
  • We protect your budget
  • A licensed, regulated agency

Learn more about the advantages of choosing American Adoptions, here.

Why Does American Adoptions Offer Adoption Insurance?

The adoption process can be expensive. Many of the families who have worked with American Adoptions have saved up for years to grow their families through adoption.

And as with anything where this much investment is necessary, you may have concerns about what will happen to your finances in case of an unexpected event, like an adoption disruption — when a planned adoption isn’t completed.

While adoption disruptions are not too common, when they do happen, they can leave hopeful adoptive families in an extremely difficult place.

Some adoption opportunities are disrupted when families have already spent thousands of dollars and have become hopeful for an adoption opportunity.

Most adoption agencies largely offer one of two responses:

  • There is no insurance, and there is no way to refund your money

  • The money will be rolled over into a different adoption opportunity with the same agency

But these responses aren’t really pro-family. They don’t give total peace of mind to hopeful parents in the case of an adoption disruption.

That’s why American Adoptions launched a better version of adoption disruption insurance that gives families control of their finances, even in the unfortunate case of a disruption.

This financial protection gives families confidence and security when an adoption doesn’t work out, and it has saved families more than $4.6 million since 2009.

You can click here to see what this meant for five real families.

We will share information on how we limit adoption disruptions as well as our unique approach to adoption disruption insurance below.

While this guide covers the topic of adoption disruption insurance for families, if you're a prospective birth mother searching for information on adoption costs, reach out to one of our professionals today.

You can get important information on the adoption process and how you can receive financial assistance for pregnancy-related expenses when working with us.

We also have a guide for placing a baby for adoption with little or no health insurance, which you can find by clicking this link.

What Are Adoption Disruptions and Why Do They Happen?

Before we get into how we approach adoption insurance, you may be wondering why an adoption disruption would occur during the adoption process.

Let’s take a look at that before we talk about adoption disruption insurance.

Adoption disruptions are instances when a planned adoption doesn’t get completed, and they can happen for a variety of reasons.

An expectant parent may decide to choose parenting, another family, or another agency. It is also possible to have unexpected changes to the pregnancy, or pregnancy loss.

While American Adoptions takes every possible precaution to prevent adoption disruptions, is inevitable that a percentage of adoptions aren’t completed, and some women pursuing adoption change their minds and decide to parent.

If a prospective birth mother changes her mind before official consent to the adoption has been given, she is completely within her rights to decide to parent her baby, even if an adoptive family has already been chosen.

While we always support a birth parent’s decision, this is obviously a very sad, disappointing moment for the hopeful adoptive parents who do experience a disruption.

How Does American Adoptions Financially Protect Families from an Adoption Disruption?

As we mentioned earlier, an adoptive family may have already invested significant funds in the adoption process when a disruption occurs.

What happens to that money in the case of a disruption?

To ensure adoptive families in this position have another chance at adoption, we developed our Risk-Sharing Program.

Since its inception, this adoption disruption insurance has refunded 100% of the lost fees in 98% of those families’ adoptions.

Adoption Disruption Insurance Refunds:

In the event of an adoption disruption, your money is refunded directly back to you so you can adopt again or take a break from pursuing adoption.

While we can’t eliminate emotional disappointments, our adoption disruption insurance through the Risk-Sharing Program can eliminate financial disappointments.

This program has saved adoptive families over $4.6 million dollars since it began, and has given many families another chance to adopt.

How is Our Risk-Sharing Program Different?

If you work with many adoption agencies, and they offer a refund, it is typically a “rollover” policy, which means the agency will keep your money but put it toward another adoption opportunity.

However, rollover takes away financial freedom and flexibility from the family.

A family may want to work with a different agency or take a break from the adoption process, but the rollover policy doesn’t allow a family to do this without losing all of their money that has already been put into the disrupted adoption.

American Adoptions believes in putting families first, which is why we don’t use the rollover policy. Instead, we return funds directly to the potential adoptive family in cases of disruption.

Our Risk-Sharing Program is the best adoption disruption insurance for the hopeful adoptive families we serve.

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