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Adoption in Juneau

Juneau Adoption Agencies, Attorneys and More

Juneau, AK, is a beautiful city. Bordered on the west by water and the east by a mountain range, Juneau is a great place to raise a family with the community of a small town and the scenery of a nature documentary. And there are many people in Juneau considering adoption.

Whether you are an expectant mother trying to do what is best for your baby or hopeful adoptive parents dreaming of starting a family, adoption in Juneau could be the right choice for you. Adoption isn’t always easy. It can be an emotional experience for everyone involved, and it takes a lot of hard work. But adoption can also be the best thing you ever do.

When you're ready to begin your adoptoin journey today, you can reach out to our adoption specialists at any time.

This guide to adoption in Juneau will help you understand what is involved in the adoption process, who can help you during the adoption and what other options you have for an adoption in Juneau. Every adoption is unique, so we won’t be able to cover all of the questions you have. We will, however, answer the big ones.

Take your time reading, and ask yourself as many questions as you can. It’s important to be 100 percent committed to adoption before deciding it is right for you.

Adoption Agencies in Juneau

There is a lot going on during the adoption process. It can be a highly emotional time. Meanwhile, there are many specific requirements that must be completed. That’s why it is so helpful to work with a qualified adoption agency that will guide you through the process.

American Adoptions is a full-service national adoption agency. We can serve you at every step of the process for your adoption in Juneau, just like we’ve done for birth mothers and adoptive families over 25 years of work. When you work with a full-service agency, you know exactly who to call with any questions during the process. Our services include things like:

  • 24/7 counseling and support

  • A dedicated adoption specialist

  • Guidance in creating the right adoption plan

  • Facilitating pre-placement and post-placement communication

  • Screening potential adoptive families

  • And more

You may want to research other types of adoption professionals, too. You could choose to work with a local adoption agency for your adoption in Juneau. While there are not too many agencies located nearby, you could consider an organization like Catholic Social Services for your Juneau adoption.

Adoption Attorneys in Juneau

After your adoption agency, your attorney is your go-to contact during the adoption process. Almost every step requires legal work of some sort, which is why working with a good attorney is required for a successful adoption in Juneau. When you work with American Adoptions, an adoption attorney can be referred to you by your adoption specialist. You could also research your own adoption attorneys nearby and find someone you would like to work with. If you do this, it’s important to conduct as much review as possible and make a good decision. Some attorneys you could look into for your Juneau adoption are:

Foster Care Adoption in Juneau

Foster care is a national system run by local departments. In Alaska, there are more than 3,000 children in foster care. Many of those children are not available for adoption, because the goal is still to reunite them with their parents. However, there are hundreds of children who need adoption because reunification is impossible. As hopeful parents pursuing adoption in Juneau, you could become foster parents with the intent to adopt.

Even though American Adoptions only works with adoptive parents in domestic infant adoption, we want you to fulfill your dreams of becoming a parent in whatever way is best for you. This can be an amazing opportunity to grow your family while doing a lot of good for a child currently in the foster care system. If you’d like to learn more about foster care adoption in Juneau, you should reach out to your local Office of Children’s Services.

International Adoption in Juneau

If neither domestic infant adoption nor foster care adoption is right for your family, you could also consider international adoption. This process comes with unique challenges, but it can also be a beautiful way to grow your family. The international adoption process can be even more complex than other adoptions because it involves the laws of two separate nations. Working with a trustworthy international adoption agency is necessary, and researching agencies is a good place to start.

Home Study for Adoption in Juneau

Every type of adoption in Juneau requires a home study, which is a review of the hopeful adoptive parents’ life by a social worker. This happens through an in-home visit, interviews and review of documents. If you work with American Adoptions, your adoption specialist will guide you through the home study as well as connect you with the home study provider in your area. If you would like to research home study providers near you, you could consider Catholic Social Services or other Alaska home study providers.

Maternity Hospitals in Juneau

As an expectant mother, you are in charge of your adoption plan. This includes the hospital stay. Details like how long you will spend with the baby before placement and how much contact you will have with the adoptive parents are up to you, as is the choice of hospital where you would like to give birth. An adoption specialist will help you create this plan and guide you toward the best decisions. For your Juneau adoption, you could choose a couple different maternity hospitals:

Begin Your Juneau Adoption Today

Adoption won’t necessarily be easy, but it can be one of the best things you’ll ever do. If you have more questions about adoption in Juneau with our agency, or if you are ready to begin your Juneau adoption today, you can call 1-800-ADOPTION to speak with an adoption specialist at any time. 

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