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“What does adoption mean to a child?”

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Our Domestic Adoption Program

How Infant Adoption Works with American Adoptions

An adoption program is an adoption agency’s unique structure for the adoption process. While there are laws and regulations that every process follows, each agency brings its own distinct approach to this journey. As someone considering adoption, it will be of great benefit to understand our agency’s adoption program.

American Adoptions is a fully licensed national adoption agency. We have provided service for prospective birth mothers and hopeful adoptive parents for more than 25 years. In that time, we have continued to refine our domestic adoption programs, creating a system that gives everyone involved the best experience possible.

A complete guide to the adoption process for prospective birth mothers can be found here. You can also complete our free online form to connect with a professional to get more information on starting your adoption journey today.

Here’s what makes American Adoptions’ adoption programs and services stand out from the rest.

Our Domestic Adoption Program for Hopeful Parents

American Adoptions provides services for domestic infant adoption. This type of adoption involves a prospective birth mother who chooses to create an adoption plan. A prospective birth mother will choose a hopeful adoptive family, and the newborn baby will (typically) be placed with the family at the hospital.

You can learn more about what the adoption process is like from our in-depth guide on the subject. Here, we are going to consider several elements of our adoption program that make the journey you will experience with American Adoptions different from other agencies.

Parent Screening and Eligibility

We screen hopeful parents to ensure that our adoption program is the best fit for your family and that we are the best agency to meet your needs. This protects prospective birth mothers, adoptive parents and children. Our application and screening process is designed to ensure that you feel ready to develop a partnership with us, while also allowing us the opportunity to ensure that your expectations align with ours and that both parties will be a good fit for one another. We believe this mutual assessment process is a key element in building a partnership with our adoptive families. 

Along with screening conducted by an adoption specialist, our domestic adoption program asks that hopeful adoptive parents meet certain age, marriage and citizenship requirements. For the most updated information about our current adoption program requirements, request free information here.

The Adoption Planning Questionnaire (APQ)

As part of the process to join American Adoptions' program, one of your first steps will be to complete an Adoption Planning Questionnaire. The APQ is your roadmap to adoption as hopeful parents. Here, you will work with an adoption specialist to lay out what you are open to and what you are not open to. Parts of the APQ may feel uncomfortable, but it’s important to be completely honest. The APQ is another important piece of the application process to ensure our domestic adoption program can meet your needs and wishes for your adoption.

You will answer questions about the budget you are able to work within, the races of children you are open to, disabilities and medical needs you feel prepared to handle, and more. With these guidelines, your adoption specialist can seek out prospective birth mothers who may want you to adopt their baby.

Average Wait for the Adoption Program

It’s one of the most common questions we hear from families who are preparing to adopt.

How long am I going to wait?

While each adoption is different, our child adoption program does offer a shorter average wait than many others. This is due to our experience, practices and national scope. For our domestic adoption program, families can expect to wait 1-24 months to adopt after joining the agency.

For those participating in this adoption program, 75% experience wait times within these averages.

Encouraging Openness

Our adoption program encourages openness in adoption with direct contact between the prospective birth parent(s) and adoptive parents. More than 90% of domestic adoptions are at least semi-open, and research has shown that open adoption is beneficial to everyone involved.

How the Adoption Program Supports Prospective Birth Mothers

Our domestic adoption program for prospective birth mothers is similarly designed to make her process a smooth, peaceful journey. If you are considering adoption for your baby, you can rest assured that:

The child adoption program is always free for you. You will never incur costs from our organization during adoption. You are making a brave and difficult decision when you choose adoption, and you deserve to be free from financial pressure during the journey.

You are in control of your adoption. Our adoption program places you in the driver’s seat. You will make decisions like:

  • Choosing an adoptive family

  • Deciding on a level of openness

  • Creating a hospital plan for birth and placement

The domestic infant adoption program at American Adoptions is designed to help you feel encouraged, supported and confident.

You will most likely be eligible to receive financial assistance. Each state has its own laws about adoption. Depending on the laws of your state, you will be eligible to receive financial assistance for certain pregnancy-related expenses. Our adoption program ensures you will receive all of the allowable assistance you need, including costs related to medical care, legal fees, rent, transportation and more.

Unique Benefits of Our Adoption Program

There are many things an agency can do to create an adoption program that benefits adoptive parents and prospective birth mothers. These are several facets of our domestic infant adoption program that create peace of mind and confidence:

Risk-Sharing Program

Adoption requires a serious financial commitment from hopeful parents. With some adoption programs, an adoption disruption could result in an emotional and financial loss.

But not with us. American Adoptions protects families through our Risk-Sharing Program, giving you financial peace and preparing you to get back on your feet if a disruption does occur.

24/7 Availability for Potential Birth Parents

Your needs don’t follow a 9 to 5 schedule, and neither do we. If you need assistance, we will be here. Our adoption specialists are available 24/7 to provide the support you need during the adoption process.

Openness in Adoption

Not only is openness encouraged — our adoption programs specifically equip prospective birth parents and adoptive parents to have successful communication. We provide support and educational materials that can aid you in your relationship as you develop direct communication.

Learn More about American Adoptions’ Domestic Adoption Program

For more information about our domestic adoption programs and services, request free information here.

Prospective birth moms, remember to fill out this form to get connected to one of our experienced professionals today.

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