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Adoption in San Diego, CA

San Diego Adoption Agencies, Attorneys and More

When you're a San Diegan pursuing adoption, it can be hard to find resources that are dedicated specifically to your location. It can be hard to understand the adoption process when an article is written in another state, especially since adoption laws change across state lines. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of resources specifically designed to help you learn about adoption in San Diego.

San Diego Adoption Agencies

As a full-service national adoption agency, we’re a little partial to our own services at American Adoptions. These range from the basics, like counseling pregnant women and helping birth parents and adoptive parents communicate after a baby is placed, to a number of unique services you won't find at smaller, local professionals, including:

  • 24/7 support for prospective birth parents and women searching for unbiased information about their unplanned pregnancy options
  • An industry-leading risk-sharing program that provides financial protection to hopeful parents in the event of an adoption disruption
  • Custom video profiles for every adoptive family that help attract potential birth parents and give them a better picture of the adoptive parents they're considering
  • Nationwide advertising, which leads to more choices for prospective birth mothers, increasing their chances of finding the perfect family for their baby
  • Nationwide advertising, which leads to more adoption opportunities and lower average wait times for hopeful adoptive parents
  • Financial support for prospective birth parents to assist them with adoption-related expenses throughout their pregnancy
  • And more

American Adoptions can offer all of these services and more to potential birth parents and waiting families in San Diego - and you don't have to sacrifice the convenience of working with a local professional to take advantage of our adoption program. In fact, American Adoptions has offices located just a couple hours away in sunny Los Angeles, which means we have the same local expertise you'd expect from a smaller regional agency. Our LA offices are located at: 

633 West 5th Street
26th and 27th Floors
Los Angeles, CA 90071

When you are ready to start your San Diego adoption journey, American Adoptions would be honored to help. You can contact us any time to learn more about our services by calling 1-800-ADOPTION or requesting free information online.

San Diego Adoption Attorneys

Attorneys are an important part of the adoption process, both for pregnant women and adoptive parents. You’ll want to work with a trusted professional who makes sure you understand each part of the legal process. In San Diego, you may work with:

San Diego Foster Care Professionals

American Adoptions doesn’t complete adoptions from the foster care system, but we’re happy to point you in the direction of people who do. If you’re interested in foster parenting or adopting from foster care in San Diego, contact any of the following professionals:

San Diego Home Study Providers

Before a couple is eligible to adopt in San Diego, they must complete a home study. This ensures that everyone in their home is ready for adoption as well as checking to make sure the house is prepared for an infant.  American Adoptions is a licensed home study provider in the state of California. We have streamlined the process to save you time and money – allowing you to focus on the next step of your adoption process. 

Follow this link to begin your home study and to learn more about the services we offer.

San Diego International Adoption Agencies

If you’re interested in pursuing an international adoption in San Diego, your first task is to decide what country you’d like to adopt from. Once that’s done, you can begin talking to the following adoption agencies:

San Diego Hospitals

If you’re a prospective birth mother living in San Diego, or if you’re a hopeful parent traveling from out of town to pursue a San Diego adoption, you can expect to travel to one of the following locations to meet your baby:

San Diego Courts

To legally finalize an adoption in San Diego, adoptive parents will have a finalization hearing at the San Diego County Court.

Visiting San Diego

If you’re traveling from out of town for a San Diego adoption, you’re in luck. The area is rich with culture and tourist attractions. Don’t forget to incorporate a few of these sites into your trip!

To learn more about adoption in San Diego with American Adoptions or to get started on the process today, call 1-800-ADOPTION for free, unbiased advice. 

Information available through these links is the sole property of the companies and organizations listed therein. American Adoptions provides this information as a courtesy and is in no way responsible for its content or accuracy.

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